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  1. I just watched 19 hours of TV coverage from 1 tournament! Not to mention a seasons worth on BTN, and Outstanding coverage by FLO! Definitely a Golden Age for Fans!
  2. Sometimes what we think of as new is not as new as we think... Here is a superduck from 1990 world team trials: here is a funk roll / leg pass from 1991 big 10 finals: http://splicd.com/qf0eKJfTSGA/379/390
  3. Thanks Andy! Good stuff! I'd love to see a similar study with larger sample. Makes me wonder about the Fireman's carry. It seems to me that with all the funk counters to leg attacks that we see now, that the fireman's carry would start to make a comeback. I'd also like to see a similar study for other levels (USA wrestling Olympic level!), or even high school. I imagine they have been done by someone. Google hasn't been helping me though... Do you have anything similar with D3?
  4. Does anyone know of where I can find USA wrestling's break down of scoring moves? There was a link to a break down of scoring moves from the NCAA Quarter finals on here that a forum poster did. I lost the link and can't remember who did it. It had some good info in it. Does anyone know where I can find this?
  5. I've heard people say that the most effective take down in wrestling is the head inside single leg (I have also heard it was the high crotch). I've heard the top pinning combination is the half nelson (I have also heard it was the cradle). The wrestler that scores the first take down ends up winning a certain percentage of the time? Is there any long term studies, any concrete data or statistics for wrestling? Either High school, college or international? I'm not interested in opinions, just looking for statistical data. I know there was a break down of scoring from the NCAA quarterfinals a while back on here, I cant find it now though... It was interesting, although I'd like to see a larger sample, over many years. Any data or stats welcome. Thank you!
  6. I was wondering how Jordan Burrough's current streak compares to other international wrestlers? Whats the longest unbeaten streak in years, and number of matches?
  7. Kolat hit a back flip in the Pennsylvania State Finals for gosh sakes!
  8. Dake needs to drop to 145 and start winning world medals at different weights.
  9. well, I've been in about 12 different weight classes! Impressed? Try that! Oh, I'm super impressed! Just that the different weight classes is a side note to me. If he can beat Taylor, again!!?????? the other weights don't matter!
  10. "Re: Am I onlyone not impressed by 4 different weights? by Old_Marine_Wrestler » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:57 pm How is this for perspective: has any other wrestler AA'd at 4 different weights?" I asked that as well. I would like to know. How many have actually competed at 4 different weights?? Dake has obviously been growing. To me Oliver jumping 2 weights in one season after being fully grown is more impressive (as far as different weight classes) I guess I am the only one... Obviously he has had one of the best careers of anyone ever, even if he loses the next 3 and finishes 6th! To me, if he can win this year over Caldwell and Taylor that totally trumps the 4 weight classes!
  11. 4 NCAA Titles is awesome! But each year is a different bracket, what difference does it make if its in 4 different weight classes? If Cael was growing, who doesnt think he could have won in 4 different weights? Although, I'll admit if he pulls off this years, moving up to a weight with Caldwell and Dake... That is impressive! The other weight class changes mean he was growing. I changed weight classes a lot too :) . Has there ever been anyone to AA in 4 different weights?
  12. Greg Jones with an awesome duckunder....almost a super duck...quick 9 second clip:
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