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  1. How many scholarships will the women's programs be allowed?
  2. Another DI program!!! Why no coverage? https://athletics.bellarmine.edu/news/2019/6/18/general-bellarmine-accepts-asun-invitation-knights-will-rise-to-ncaa-division-i-in-2020.aspx
  3. Below are the Texas Wrestlers who competed in the NCAA Championships in St Louis Big Ten ChampionshipAllen’s Bo Nickal (184) (SO) of Penn State Nittany Lions takes a 3rd place finish. Atlantic Conference ChampionshipTCA’S Jack Mueller (125) (FR) of Virginia Cavaliers takes 3rd at the ACC championships, Highland Park’s Nick Reenan (174) (FR) takes 4th for North Carolina State Wolfpack Southern Conference ChampionshipSan Antonio Judson’s Aaron Walker (157) (RS SR) of The Citadel takes 3rd Arlington HS’s Quentin Perez (165) (SO) of Campbell takes 1st. helps give Coach Kolat and Campbell their first SCC Championship
  4. If anything I'd like to see the NAIA add a 235 lb weight class like the NCWA.
  5. Great news!!! How many NCAA colleges have women's wrestling? How many teams are needed to petition the NCAA to classify women's wrestling as an emerging sport? Does NCWA & WCWA women's teams both factor into the number?
  6. http://www.americanwrestler.com/uncateg ... 014-07-227
  7. We all need to support the United States Wrestling Foundation, they are providing the start up funds for many of the new college programs. https://www.facebook.com/USWFoundation http://uswrestlingfoundation.com/
  8. Any news??? Or does anyone know the timeline for the University to report their findings on whether it's viable to bring the program back?
  9. Jeffm


    I'm having difficulty locating the website, can someone help me out?
  10. Jeffm

    Dixie St

    I see they competed in the NCWA this year will they be a NCAA DII program in the near future? I remember reading someone donated money to build a on campus wrestling facility a couple years ago.
  11. Tony Ferguson, National Champion from GVSU, won submission of the night
  12. It's a logistical issue, what NJCAA wrestling programs are within 500 miles of MMI? If competing in the NJCAA made sense they would just like the rest of the athletic department.
  13. Marion Military competes in the NCWA, they are fully funded through the athletic department. Excellent coaches, the Hazewinkel Brothers. I was told once there's more kids on scholarship in MMI room than any NCAA D1 room. Down side in the middle of no where and very few females.
  14. CollegeWrestling4444, all I ever see from your list of college programs and what's wrong with sport and what others should be doing. Why do go out of your way to bash 1500 college kids, plus volunteers who make up the NCWA?
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