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    Jeffm reacted to nickp in Tamara Mensah-Stock gold medal match   
    Tamyra Mensah Stock is amazing! Her interview after winning the gold was one of the best I've ever heard from any athlete
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    Jeffm got a reaction from nom in Wrestling gifts   
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    Jeffm reacted to nom in Goodbye Non-Revenue Sports   
    I think many fully support college athletics ... just in a more modest approach.  Coaches need not get paid more than a professor.  The facilities need not be gold star.  Bring it back to the idea of an extra curricular activity that provides many benefits to a young person's development while they pursue a degree that will support a career in a choosen field.  
    No need to have athletics distort the academic mission of the 'non-profit' universities.  And the kind of money involved in football naturally does distort things.  
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    Jeffm reacted to BootScoot122 in NCWA is the future of college wrestling   
    I have wrestled D1, I have coached NCWA. Many of my NCWA athletes got a better college experience, to prepare them for life, than I did. They wrestled in D1 opens. They defeated D2,D3 and NAIA All-Americans,. The reason we want people wrestling in college is for intangibles. So they build skills for life. NCWA guys CAN get 90% of D1 guys get for life. It doesn't matter, at all, that they don't get nearly the same wrestling specific skills.  Comparing NBA guys to rec leagues is the false comparison.  NBA guys are not in it for personal development, they are in it for money. Rec basketball guys are mostly in it for fun from their normal lives. Being the most competitive wrestler in the country, does not even make for the best Doctors or Engineers. I would hire an NCWA national champ, who did some research and some internships, over an NCAA national champ who did nothing but wrestle for 5 years of college, while getting tutored in his classes. That NCWA guy had far less resources and still had to rise above his peers. In the finance world, that ultra-competitiveness of D1 is admittedly useful, but not in most other industries. 
    The benefits of D1 have very little do to with the athletes, it is mostly about the fans. Fans like it because of their connection to their school and the appearance that it is the highest level. High school teams pack gyms and HS states fill arenas, even though on an absolute scale, the skills are low. Fans only care about their connection to the school and how competitive the teams are relative to each other.  D1 champs of the past were successful in life, even though their skills are lower, on average, than today.
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    Jeffm reacted to Glane18 in Is someone willing to write in some bios of the National Finalists?   
    I watched the Senior Nationals live today and I didn't know who half of the people were or what college they went to (or currently attend).   I know that Vito, Massa, and Valencia still have eligibility, but was there anybody else?  Any bio/background information put together would be appreciated by all.  Thank you
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    Jeffm reacted to VakAttack in Jordan Burroughs commits murder   
    I don't want this to get lost on only the International forum.  It's the most smack I think a non-Downey, non-Dake wrestler has talked in years.  RIP to David Taylor.
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    Jeffm reacted to gimpeltf in Did Notre Dame Football just save UVA and Duke Wrestling?   
    Actually, Notre Dame football killed Notre Dame wrestling.
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    Jeffm reacted to gimpeltf in Today we have a new Division-I program in Kentucky   
    Yes, they were pretty much the last event.
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    Jeffm reacted to 1032004 in Today we have a new Division-I program in Kentucky   
    NCWA is the one that still held nationals after covid right?
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    Jeffm reacted to WarhawkUSF141C in Today we have a new Division-I program in Kentucky   
    To answer your question about Central Florida: they beat Shreiner 28-22 at the National Duals this past year and then finished above them at Nationals. Pretty even match between the two in their dual. 
    I also think doing post-season in the NCWA would benefit any team. Cal Baptist, SIU-E, and Notre Dame did it before they became D1 and D2.
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    Jeffm reacted to wrestlingrecruit in Today we have a new Division-I program in Kentucky   
    The Louisville metro / Kentucky / Southern Indiana. might not produce a ton of D1 talent, but it's theirs for the taking if Coach Adams does it right.
    I have three former wrestlers wrestling for Bellarmine at the moment so needless to say I'm excited.  
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    Jeffm reacted to Jim L in D1 adds women to emerging sports   
    I would rather watch women grapple than men play BBall.  By a large margin. Men,s wreslting is my #1 sport to watch and then possibly NFL with any grappling style (Olympic wreslting, BJJ, Judo. etc, male or female) next.
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    Jeffm reacted to potentiallydangerous in What is the offseasons like for the college wrestling fan?   
    I watch YouTube videos of my favorite college wrestlers when they were ten years old.
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    Jeffm reacted to TripNSweep in You won the Lottery   
    I'd have 6 or 7 Arizona jucos start or restart programs and then join the California juco wrestling conference.  Travel costs would be pretty light, and it would benefit wrestling at our local level more than anything, which would benefit our state by turning out guys with college experience to return and coach, overall making the entire state better.  
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    Jeffm reacted to boconnell in Too many teams/wrestlers ranked   
    If it's a problem for you then stop reading after 12 and don't watch Session 5 at NCAAs.
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    Jeffm reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in What wrestler would you like to see get PINNED the most?   
    Might need to schedule a bathroom break after the first 2 hours of wrestling
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    Jeffm reacted to IronChef in National Wrestling Coaches Association   
    There's a lot more to wrestling than NCAA Division I.
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    Jeffm reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in AJ Ferrari announcing college choice tonight   
    Ferrari is a stud, no doubt about that.  But the way he's gone about his recruiting process... no thanks. I guess I'm just getting old.  
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    Jeffm reacted to Molsen in No NWCA All-Star Classic in 2019   
    Its a shame. Yes not having the 1s vs 2s every match made it not as exciting, but there were still great matchups amonst numerous highly ranked guys.  Not having the event sucks for people who enjoy high level college wrestling.
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    Jeffm reacted to red blades in No NWCA All-Star Classic in 2019   
    Responses like this... And we wonder why we don't get more wrestling coverage in mainstream media?
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    Jeffm reacted to Housebuye in No NWCA All-Star Classic in 2019   
    Sucks. I love it. Gets me hyped for the season. 
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    Jeffm reacted to Coachmp in Obe Blanc to NDSU   
    Hired as Head Assistant Coach. 
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    Jeffm reacted to CoachFreemanMTSU in College Wrestling at Middle Tennessee State University   
    Hello wrestling family! I want to get the word out there for any wrestlers that are looking to wrestle in college both next year and beyond that the MTSU Wrestling Team would love to talk to you and have you join our team! Coaches if you know of any of your wrestlers that may be interest please send them my way! We are trying to build the program back up and even to higher heights! I am looking to build not only a top notch team, but a dynasty here at MTSU! Please let me know if you or anyone you know are interested in a future wrestling career at MTSU! Eligibility rules are different when it comes to starting your college wrestling career at an NCWA program versus an NCAA, NCJAA, or NAIA program! Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in a wrestling career at Middle Tennessee State University! 
    Jacob Freeman 
    Head Coach at Middle Tennessee State University Wrestling
    Email: mtsuwrestlingclub@gmail.com
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    Jeffm reacted to Bronco in Bellarmine University   
    I'm shocked that the PAC 12 hasn't invited them to join their conference  (SARCASM ALERT)
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    Jeffm got a reaction from Pinnum in Bellarmine University   
    Another DI program!!!  Why no coverage?
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