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  1. I agree 100%!!! with everything you just said! Well said!
  2. I think this is not a bad thing... but with that being said I think that its a kick in the teeth to Andy Bisek... The guy just took 3rd in the world championships. Greco brings home a medal that has not happened in a long time. Why not let Bisek wrestle him? or let Dake wrestle Bisek? This would be easy to make Bisek a house hold name in America. Let him wrestle in one of the biggest sporting venues in the world at MSG. This would be a way to grow greco in america having a world champ wrestle a greco wrestler. So what happens if Dake beats the world champ? Then all of america can keep hating on Greco and talk about Greco is so easy that a freestyler can beat a Greco world champ? Greco is still the number 1 style in the world. We need to change this in america at the grass root level. Coaches need to get a better understanding of Greco, this way they can teach it at the kids level all the way through high school and college. I think this would help all the Greco needs to go talk.
  3. That was an awesome post you are 100% on that view!!! I agree look at the crowd at ncaa compared to the crowd at the world team trials
  4. Agreed 100 percent he is small right now for the weight class there was 36 guys in his weight and he still managed to have a great tournament placing 5th now two years in a row
  5. I do not understand why people come on the boards and talk about how greco needs to be dropped or how the rules need to be changed. Do you not see that FILA is always changing the rules so the athletes have to change with the rules as well in all styles. Now in greco you have to be more active and stay in contact, in freestyle you can bounce around break away from your opponent. You need to accept greco its not going any where. Here is a stat Jason Bryant posted on twitter before the finals: Stat of note: Greco-Roman had 261 entries with the largest weight having 39. Men’s FS had 245 with 38 being the biggest #Tashkent2014 That should speak for itself. In America Greco deserves more respect than people give it. It is hard to wrestle folkstyle in college and than switch over to greco, the athletes over seas wrestle greco since they are little kids. We need to be excited for the greco team winning its first medal since 2009 and support Freestyle, Greco, and Womens Freestyle 100% the same.
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