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  1. Street- I sense some MT in that name and for that matter the pick. That'd be cool if he pulled the upset. You going to NCAA's? Say hi to your dad for me Joey
  2. Thanks guys. I'll try and contact ESPN for exact instuctions. Hurricane-I'm going to try and do as much "paper-work" as possible those days. If you hear anything please let me know. Joe
  3. Thanks so much scribe- I'm able to watch 1 thing...but even if I open up a new window it and clink a new event the window switches to the new event. I was able to watch 4 mats ( 4 windows) of the Big 10. I hope i can do the same for nationals. Or I'll have to haul my iphone, ipad, and wifes iphone to work. Thanks again Warmly, Joe
  4. Hey guys- I'm in need of a little CPU help for Thursday the 20th. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to OKC. 1. I'm able to get ESPN 3 on my CPU, I have 2 monitors. Can I get more than one mat going on these two monitors or does ESPN only let you watch one thing at a time? I'm a school counselor looking for a little IT advice. Thanks in advance. Jealous of all you guys headed out in a week or so. Take care, Joe
  5. This is my second year using them. I highly recommend.
  6. I'm looking for a single ticket on the 100 level for the Oklahoma City. Willing to pay more than face value (within reason). I didn't think I'd be able to go, but things have opened up at work. I'll wear any colors..just love the event. email me at amichaud11@gmail.com if you might be able to help Thanks either way Joe
  7. Quick question for you guys....what time does wrestling start tomorrow? PST please Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks guys- What other school will be looking for their 1st AA? Or at least their first AA in a long time?
  9. A question for those in the know~ With the emergence of R Durso this past weekend at the EIWA's, I was wondering has F&M ever had an AA? Which University in Des Moines next week will be looking for their first AA? Are there some 20+ year droughts that are looking to come to an end with an AA? Having been to the past 11 NCAA's and one of my favorite moments was watching Ben Kjar capture the first AA medal for Utah Valley. Looking for a few underdogs to root for next weekend. Any suggestions?? Thanks either way Joe
  10. Hey Pat Killkenny- Looks like cutting wrestling and dumping all that money really paid off last night when Kent State University (a school that also has wrestling) beat you guys on that brand new field. I hate being this way.....but I saw the loss of that program directly mess with two local kids' careers
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