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  1. Bummed that Iowa is charging for this dual. Other schools typically offer these non B10 duals for free.
  2. Flo has always been strong on content and style and weak on tech. I'm guessing their technical leadership ain't the best.
  3. If the officials had been more organized in their effort to be corrupt, nothing would have happened. It was only because protocol was broken that punishments were handed down. Everyone talks about how great the rules are, but I have trouble seeing that point of view. They sure do allow for plenty of referee judgement.
  4. Swimming always gets me too. Why there are races for different styles is beyond me. Imagine if they did that with track, we'd have the 100m backwards race, the 200m skip race, and, my favorite, the 50m worm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Y'all are crazy. I'm just tried of the rhetoric that Flo is good for the sport and we need to support them. No business deserves your loyalty. If they offer a product that is worth exchanging your money for, then you buy it. Otherwise, you're a sucker. BTW, Happy 4th of July to all of the haters and all of the suckers! :)
  6. lol Flosports...making the world a better place to live. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. No one questions that NBC neglects the marginal sports and is probably incompetent when it comes to digital content, but they still own the rights. I don't blame Flo for trying to pull a fast one. I might also in their situation...there is no honor in trying to build your business, but don't act indignant when you get caught. NBC has good reason to stop this behavior. They don't want Flo embedding NBC content on Flo's site, because to the uniformed viewer it appears as though Flo provided that service (NBC has no interest in building up Flo) and, further, Flo benefits from ads through traffic driven by embedded NBC content. Sure, the damages are small to NBC, but they are still damages. NBC flexed their muscles, influenced the USOC, and now Flo is out of press row.
  8. Im confused. Are you trying to tell me that NBC distributes their digital content through Youtube using the same terms of service as "Charlie bit my finger"? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So if I leave my doors unlocked with my keys in the ignition it's ok to steal my car? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Flo is a business trying to grow at any cost. If they thought they'd be in legal trouble, Flo'd be more careful, but the likelihood of that is small since wrestling doesn't move the needle financially for NBC (although track does at the games). This slap on the wrist (loss of credentials) is just the consequence of Flo trying to see how far they can cross the line. This wasn't the first and it won't be the last time Flo is embroiled in content license issues. Believe me, there was no confusion on who held the license...this is Flo's business to know. They tried to plead ignorance by suggesting that embed codes on NBC videos implied free content distribution. Flo is great for us wrestling fans (especially before everything was pay per view), but please don't for a second think they are driven by anything other than money.
  11. Article said it was a pattern of behavior and I'd have to agree with that. Flo always has been fast and loose with content licensing. Having said that, does it matter that Flo isn't credentialed for the Olympics? They don't have a content license for any of the live events anyhow.
  12. Bummer...kid was a big talent.
  13. Absolutely. That kind of ignorance and lack or critical thinking won't be confined to just vaccinations.
  14. Which country that didn't qualify at 65k has enough money to outspend us in litigation?
  15. The ship was docked. Now the ship is sailing and we have a renewed program with amazing resources and donors. Zeke gets credit for that. Data doesn't suggest that it is pointing in the best direction, however. It's not about whether Ruth was a positive or negative influence on the team globally, it's about lost opportunity. Could ASU have made a better version of Ruth or funded another wrestler who could have developed more? I do feel that wrestling lost an amazing talent in Ruth without any medals to show for it. Here's hoping that J'den can make me forget.
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