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  1. Every employee in my last 4 companies had to sign them. It's not negotiable. I can understand why some industries like journalism don't need them, but many do. It's also a state by state thing - some states like California don't uphold non-competes, some states do.
  2. You want a job you gotta sign it - in many industries every job has this as a requirement.
  3. Ask three lawyers about non-competes and you'll get three different conversations. Judges interpret them differently and different states interpret them differently. If you are trained and experienced in high school wrestling journalism it's pretty unfair to say you can't ever change employers in that field without taking a year off in between. That's why there is so much focus by Karen on trade secrets or IP and saying that Willie is taking them from Flo to Rokfin, which is laughable given that they consist of popular phrases and public information. It's a lot different than when a software engineer takes an entire codebase from their former employer and migrates it into a project at their new company.
  4. I also really hate how Flo misleads you into thinking that monthly subscriptions are possible. However, I think that started under Martin's reign...and I haven't forgotten how Flo under Martin's reign hosted copyrighted video just to turn around and issue DMCA takedown requests once they had their own copyrighted material. There is no moral high ground here, but what Flo is doing to Willie strikes a special nerve with me. I've been in the situation where colleagues in my own companies wanted to sue ex-employees that went to competitors. People have a right to work and support their families. I will never support creating financial hardships for blue collar workers just to win a corporate battle if there wasn't any real theft. For me, Rokfin is the lesser of two evils at this moment.
  5. If you really think that it is that simple you probably should sit out this discussion - it is over your head. If this case goes to completion I really doubt Flo would win, but the 1 year non compete period will expire soon so Flo's tactics have been effective at getting a temporary injuction for most of Willie's 1 year period. Rokfin also had to spend an impressive amount of money here on lawyers. BTW, this case isn't really about Willie. It is about Flo trying to hurt Rokfin. It is easy to see why - all of the key personnel who helped Flo to grow are gone and many of them are now at Rokfin. Flo is in a difficult position now. Cael is helping their enemy out. What do the most spiteful minds in wrestling do now? BTW, I probably just killed this thread. The mods seem to be deleting all threads that are negative on Flo - either out of fear or some other alliance.
  6. Not a fan of this decision. Spencer and Kollin are both hodge caliber, but you have to *earn* it right? What if Noah Adams lights the field on fire? Big Ten 125 was really weak this year - maybe ACC or EIWA closes the gap on Spencer.
  7. Is Ben's move back to Flo an indicator that the Rudis and Rokfin experiment isn't going as well as planned. He's diversifying.
  8. Will it still be free? Will Ben still have Rokfin content?
  9. Management doesn’t usually make bad decisions in isolation. This lawsuit makes me thing whoever is running FloSports doesn’t know jack about building a business or team.
  10. This is about Rokfin, because noone gives two dookies about the wrestling media industry. They're afraid that Martin is recreating Flosports under the cloak of a bizarre cryptocurrency-based media platform company. Honestly he probably is, but I don't think Flo has much of a case in this lawsuit. They should focus on making their team happy and building their business and outcompeting Rokfin. That's the only way they can win. I am certain that in private many Flowrestling employees are not feeling great. If I were them I'd be looking for my next move...and it wouldn't be Rokfin, lol. There are lots of great jobs in Austin.
  11. Ehh...even if he steals a few blog posts or rankings posts, I don't get it. Executives aren't in the business of doing what's right, they are in the business of making money. Willie must just be collateral damage in this lawsuit. They must really feel threatened by Rokfin.
  12. Honestly, it's just a sh$tty thing to do (lawsuits over non competes). If your former employee takes millions in revenue with him I can understand, but I'm betting we're not talking millions. Are we even talking 10s of thousands? Flo is doing more damage to Flo with this lawsuit. Who would ever want to work for them now. I doubt you join Flo for the paycheck.
  13. Having been in Texas doing tech my whole career the prevailing thought has always been that the courts won't enforce non-competes. I've seen companies file lawsuits over this when competitors poach employees, but I've never seen it amount to much other than attorney fees. Obviously the specifics of each situation matters a great deal. What employment choice does Willie really have if he chooses to leave Flo. His whole career is in wrestling media. Did they give him a payment to stay on the shelf?
  14. I'm not necessarily as against crypto in general as you, but I agree the Rokfin thing is a manipulation. If you aren't actually an owner of Rokfin you aren't protected against Rokfin deciding to change the way they pay creators...same as YouTube, but different in that very few people will be organically driven to your content. Reminds me of the beginning of Flo when they were championing the wrestling fan (hosting bootlegged NCAA's, all content free, etc) and doing what "was best for wrestling." It didn't take long until they were submitting copyright complaints on YouTube and everything was behind a paywall. I'm all for wrestling creators having a place to put their content, but Rokfin's differentiation is nothing more than a manipulation.
  15. Creative people and entrepreneurs often don't think this way. Most startups (even very successful ones) don't look good on paper at the beginning. It takes that creative or visionary person to see it through and mine the gold. I love people taking shots and putting it on the line. IMO that's the real DNA of America - being willing to risk it all to create something of your own when no-one else believes in you. Attorneys, on the other hand...
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