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  1. I heard they only have 4 scholarships and 8k in the budget for equipment.
  2. Love a good Husker breakdown. You have to redshirt both Red and Breske (especially Breske). Barnes, Dudley and Studebaker have those weights on lock. No one takes spot from Studebaker - works too hard and just keeps getting better. 141 / 149 / 165 will be a crapshoot - who wants to step up and be the guy?? 125 - I predict another round of 16 or 12 finish at Nationals. 133 - AA 5-8 again. Solid! 141 - ??? 149 - ??? 157 - Another round of 12 or 16 finish. Berger had a very up and down year last year, I wondered if he would even qualify for a while. Got on a streak at Nationals to end on high note. Still a ?? but Berger has a ton of upside. 165 - ?? 174 - AA Barnes is tough! 3-6 finish. 184 - 2x runner up. 3x AA sounds pretty nice to me. 197 - AA Studebaker will make it happen. He is a guy that you don't want to see on the backside at Nationals. HWT - Round of sixteen prediction. Beat the crap out of Stoll from Iowa last year. Always good to see heavyweights from Iowa throw a fit.
  3. Yes they were talking about what DuPont's mother thought but it still bugs the crap out of me. I understand wrestling is a blue collar / white collar / any collar type of sport. Just quick to be defensive of the sport and worry how non wrestling types would view after watching. As far as the theatrical film - not worth watching twice. #PaulWalkerForever
  4. I don't know about everyone else but I am about Foxcatchered out! The movie was not good. Did not helped our sport in any way. Any person I know that saw the movie made sure to tell me that they saw it and that it was not any good. Both documentaries are way better but the only reason I watch them is because I am a wrestling guy. A non wrestler does not watch either documentary. The movie wasn't that interesting and this story doesn't warrant 6 + hrs of your life. The Theatrical movie has ruined the story for me. Something I did hear in all 3 that I can't stand is the suggestion that our sport is low class or that only lower class of income can participate. I don't care who thought it or thinks that wrestling is low class. I would just prefer these words not being said on any platform about wrestling.
  5. Ramos doesn't take shots because he can't recover or defend after he takes them, not a good enough athlete. He is exposed and it is easy for opponents to capitalize. To get better Ramos better be willing to take shots in high level matches which may result in some bad losses. In his run to an NCAA title he never shot. Most high level matches I watch = no shots. Ramos was losing the entire first match to Dennis and still wouldn't take a shot. 2nd match - 1 shot attempt and not a full commitment to it. Ramos game is capitalize on your mistake because he isn't going to make any or take any risk. Shooting against the average wrestler is not the same.
  6. In most of the country it is cold in the winter. He should go to Rutgers where it is more cold? Seemed like a week dig on Nebraska?? Nebraska is a top program, don't know why you would say they are not. Lincoln is a great city.
  7. I was never trying to give Askren all the credit but he was the face of change for a turn around at Mizzou. Of course Smith deserves all the credit in the world. Sammie Henson was only there for 2-3 years, after they were already a great team.
  8. Team champs or not Askren had more of an impact on Mizzou than Taylor at PSU. PSU was going to be good and compete for a title with or without Taylor. PSU might not win 4 in a row but I bet they win 1 or 2. Mizzou's transformation since the time Askren was on campus to now is truly amazing. Askren is a pioneer at Mizzou.
  9. If both careers were to end today. Burroughs is a LEGEND and we would compare Burroughs to the all time greats. Dake is just a kid with a good college career. Dake would rank behind anyone that ever won a world or olympic medal and 95% of guys that just made a team.
  10. Collegiate success is awesome and something to be proud of but NCAA success without international success does not make you a legend of the sport. If Burroughs and Dake were football players: Dake would be Tim Tebow - One of the most successful college careers ever. Little to no success in the NFL. Burroughs would be Tom Brady - LEGEND Which would you rather be?
  11. 86K would really be interesting if you throw Jake Herbert into the mix. Herbert has been talking about a comeback starting next world cycle. Ruth or Herbert?
  12. Very excited to see Coach Ersland get his shot as head coach. He has worked his tail off and deserves the opportunity to run his own program. Who does Nebraska fill in as an assistant coach? My best guess would be Jason Powell
  13. Dake threw Burroughs while Burroughs fought too hard to stay in bounds and should have just went out and gave up 1 point. You say Dake wouldn't give up the lead Taylor did at the Open, but he did at last years WTT. Isn't Tsargush like 50 years old now! Foley didn't pick Taylor to represent in 2016 - he picked Burroughs. And also said he didn't think Taylor will be able to get past Dake. Dake's style is squat and stall - let's not KID ourselves (see what I did there). Foley's article are great and he is not afraid to put his opinions out there. Whether you agree with his articles or not they are always worth a read and insightful.
  14. Every B1G school should be able to schedule at least 1 of the 3 top draws for a dual - Iowa, Penn State, Minnesota (I would not put Ohio State in the other 3's category of top draws). It is an injustice to the league and the fans if you can't have NE wrestling 1 of those teams.
  15. Speculation: Not many matches end in criteria because wrestlers don't want to decide a match on criteria and are forced to be offensive and score the whole match Add in OT and you will find many who wrestle for OT. There would be many more OT finishes then criteria finishes because wrestler will be less offensive during the actual match.
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