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  1. As a Purdue alumnus, I can say with total confidence that Hinkle is a coach who cares for the total development of his wrestlers (on and off the mat) and has regularly improved the guys that they get. I really feel that the missing piece at Purdue is recruiting. If they could retain the top IN talent or secure an out of state stud on a annual basis, their performance would be greatly elevated. Bringing in a top flight assistant (probably 165 on up) would be a great compliment to the current assets that they have. It really needs to be a name that resonates with the HS kids today. I always see SHP quote the "recruit, retain, develop" mantra of coaching (and I agree)... IMHO, if Purdue could improve the first aspect, I think we'd see it pay back 10-fold.
  2. Saw the invite for a minute and then it went disappeared. Please resend if possible. eromic@gmail.com NM - I've discovered the error in my ways. Thanks for the invite!
  3. 2003 Big Ten Championships 157lb Results 1st: #2 Luke Becker (MINN) dec. #4 Gray Maynard (MSU), 6-3 3rd: #6 Ryan Bertin (MI) dec. #7 Nate Wachter (PSU), 6-2 5th: #5 Joe Johnston (IOWA) injury default #1 Keaton Anderson (OSU) 7th: #3 Alex Tirapelle (ILL) dec. #8 Clovis Crane (PU), 6-4 Alex Tirapelle (freshman) beat Luke Becker on his way to the NCAA finals, where he lost to Ryan Bertin. Becker finished 4th, Keaton Anderson finished 6th, and Gray Maynard finished 7th at NCAAs that year.
  4. 11 - Taylor PSU 165 10 - Ruth PSU 184 9 - H. Stieber OSU 141 8 - Nelson MIN 285 7 - L. Stieber OSU 133 6 - PSU Team Champs 5 - Wright PSU 197 4 - Ness MIN 149 3 - Alton PSU 157 2 - Delgado ILL 125 1 - Storely MIN 174
  5. 1 - Brown (PSU) 2 - Waters (Missouri)
  6. Boise state might still have lower level tickets for sale. I just found a link on Craig's list that brought me to www.idahotickets.com and was able to get 5 together. Seats are in sections 110 & 111.
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