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  1. searched the 2011 Flo coverage for Dake and didn't locate what you're looking for, but I couldn't help but rewatch his walk off/celebration interview...."What did you think when he went down? KD: what an idiot..."
  2. UWW's current #2 at 92kg is Alireza mohammad KARIMIMACHIANI (IRI)
  3. frankly my dear, i dont give a damn
  4. a few more from the 70's and 80's (other than the aforementioned John Smith & Barry Davis) to add to the list of those making USA's Oly freestyle team with NCAA eligibility remaining: 1972: Jimmy Carr 1976: Bill Rosado, Jim Haines, Jimmy Jackson 1980: Bobby Weaver, Gene Mills (redshirt year) , Randy Lewis 1988: Ken Chertow Here's the 1981 EIWA finals bout between Weaver and Mills
  5. those all sound like Quint Kessenich. Another annoying one from him is "How do you characterize ??"
  6. LOL at Koll for thinking Zain "is from right down the road in Benton, New York" (at 1:02 in the interview)....no wonder he wasn't successful recruiting him, he was looking in the wrong state (wrong Benton).
  7. well, apparently his ACL has no hard feelings
  8. Is the Oly 2020 team qualification process going to be similar to Final X? Rich Bender says they are working on making it the same. Therefore, if you are predicting a 2019 World Bronze medal for Downey then it's highly unlikely Bo will land in the #2 spot for 2020. Since Downey'd get a pass to Final X, Bo would have to beat out Taylor at WT trials to even get a chance at the #2 spot.
  9. over 10 years later...not soon enough, unfortunately
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