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  1. yep, and it was in '94,. He beat another unseeded wrestler in the finals (Laszlo Molnar, Cal St-Fullerton). Molnar had knocked off the 4th seed (Rick Hepp, Lehigh) the 5th seed (Chris Kwortnik, NCST), and the 1st seed (Shaon Fry, Mizzou).
  2. In addition to Kolat running his club out of the Baltimore area for several years, his wife is also from the area near Annapolis (Anne Arundel County)....her brother(s) used to wrestle for Old Mill HS in Millersville...I believe she and Cary met at LHU. "Happy wife happy life"
  3. Dan Monthly...great athletic trainer, been around a long time
  4. NCAA AAs since 1980 (according to their 2019/20 media guide): 1979-80 • John Reich 4th 167 1981-82 • John Reich 3rd 167 1982-83 • George Fears 7th Hwt. • John Reich 2nd 167 1983-84 • Jim Peters 8th 118 1986-87 • Matt Treaster 5th 126 1988-89 • Scott Schleicher 3rd 158 1989-90 • Brett Bourne 5th Hwt. • Scott Schleicher 2nd 158 1993-94 • Dan Hicks 5th Hwt. 1994-95 • Doug Zembiec 8th 177 1997-98 • Greg Gingeleskie 7th 184 2000-01 • Mark Conley 5th 141 2001-02 • Mark Conley 6th 141 2002-03 • Frank Edwards 7th 165 2006-07 • Matt Stolpinski 4th 174 2007-08 • Joe Baker 8th 133 • Ed Prendergast 3rd Hwt. • Matt Stolpinski 7th 174 2008-09 • Joe Baker 8th 133 • Bryce Saddoris 6th 149 2010-11 • Bryce Saddoris 7th 157 2015-16 • Mathew Miller 5th 184
  5. Hmmm...Not likely, because small town PA basically = Iowa. Probably feels pretty close to home.
  6. Been a fan since I first heard him at last season's Scuffle. The kid has a bright future.
  7. Mitch Clark's 18-0 1st period tech fall over Vertus Jones in the '98 NCAA finals
  8. yep, sure looked like a RecHall gifted stall call to me too.
  9. Bastion had a rough enough day as it is (0-3), losing to A.Valencia, Mantanona (OU), and Siegrist (Lock Haven)...can’t imagine he would’ve faired any better vs Kutler and Labs.
  10. at 141 Demas pins Redd with a duck to a headlock, just over a minute into the first pd.
  11. One option is the list Earl Smith posts weekly on TOM https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/live-stream-schedule-for-ncaa-division-i-wrestling-nov-7th-nov-10th/75282
  12. The latest version of the Flo mobile app says it’s now capable of casting from your phone onto Samsung smart TVs. I downloaded the FloSports app on my Samsung tv and the Samsung SmartView app on my phone but couldn’t get it to work.
  13. Anybody else getting a really choppy feed on Flo? Tough to watch. Is the Big10+ direct feed any better?
  14. searched the 2011 Flo coverage for Dake and didn't locate what you're looking for, but I couldn't help but rewatch his walk off/celebration interview...."What did you think when he went down? KD: what an idiot..."
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