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  1. gromit

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    I think Stoll chose the wrong “superpower”
  2. gromit

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    Haha...nice! The origin of the name "Söze" can be found in the Turkish dictionary...
  3. gromit

    Best Season?

  4. gromit

    When THEY talk about "GREATs"

    unfortunately, Tony failed his physical and has yet to officially sign a contract
  5. gromit

    Applaud the Refs

    the only possible explanation here is temporary color blindness...sheesh, unbelievable!
  6. gromit

    U23 Nationals

    "healthy"?? I wasn't aware Kutler was injured. He looked fine in his 13-1 win in the RD of 16 over Te’Shan Campbell. I assumed he missed weight the 2nd day, prior to the quarterfinals.
  7. gromit

    Desanto to Iowa

    hey Medicine Man, Vak is on line one asking for help with his new Avatar
  8. gromit

    Snyder to WWE?

    Yes, Greg Wojciechowski, NCAA HWT champ for Toledo in '71. Also runner-up in '70 and '72 (to Chris Taylor). Zeb Miller posted an interview he did with Wojo after he came off of the mat for the parade of AAs last weekend.
  9. gromit

    3 Programs that need to Change leadership

    Debbie Yow, the AD at MD that was behind the push to get the program fully funded and competitive again under Santoro left to take the job in Raleigh. No surprise the Wolfpack program is thriving. The current AD at Maryland went on some strange, unexplained leave of absence/sabbatical last fall..not sure what’s up with that. I believe Kerry got a one year contract extension at the end of last season...not sure what the current administration’s plans are but if they care about wrestling (a big If) they most certainly should be looking to make a change.
  10. Why are OkSt and ASU flipped? Is that a typo?
  11. gromit

    Snyder is pretty good

  12. gromit

    Billy Baldwin

  13. gromit

    Nickal came off as a world class tool

    what did he say that was false? just sayin
  14. gromit

    Improvement Awards

    Tariq Wilson (NCST) seems to be having a breakthrough weekend. 21-7 last season as a redshirt. Unseeded at 25-10 coming into the tournament, knocks of the 5th & 4th seeds and comes within an inch of upsetting Gross in the semis.