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  1. It didn't to Univ. of Oregon...ask Shane Webster
  2. he should tout his SAT score
  3. The Matters (Andy and Brett) are one
  4. now that was comical...
  5. looked like a clear takedown to me, he had him on his butt with the 2nd foot secured . SMH
  6. Terry Brands will scream at an official and do his "they're after me lucky charms!!" leprechaun dance out of his corner chair. It's a lock.
  7. Are they doing quarters on all 8 mats concurrently...instead of the usual 4 with 4 consys on the outer mats? Looks like it according to the bracket bout numbers. Bummer.
  8. back when i was just a pup, this was all the rage...
  9. George Clinton predates them all...
  10. The commentators may have assumed the penalty point was for a choke but I'm pretty sure it was for Bullard leaving both feet on a back trip mat return (a nitpicky call, imo)....reason being, after the review they rewound the clock back to 56 seconds (the point at which the "illegal" back trip/cutback took place)
  11. Pretty sure Jason Nolf got married just prior to his SR year at PSU.
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