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  1. gromit

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Correct, he moved from PA to MD half way thru HS
  2. gromit

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    looking back at the brackets from that monster year for PA '88, I noticed Haselrig beat Dave Orndorff (Oregon St) in the finals....the father of the two tough brothers at the top of the current Utah Valley lineup (Tanner & Tate)
  3. gromit

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    I only count 4 in '89. (Cuvo, O'Day, Santoro, and Haselrig)
  4. gromit

    Poster of the year

    ahem....it's that special time of year. again
  5. gromit

    Howard commits to . . .

    Dustin Plott and AJ Ferrari
  6. gromit

    100% Bonus Rate

    Doesn't Nick Lee have 100% bonus so far? Unless maybe you feel he has "virtually no chance of going undefeated"
  7. gromit

    Lehigh at Iowa

    I was in attendance at the 1993 dual @Rec Hall....didn't recall it being a shutout, but http://www.wrestlingstats.com doesn't lie. I do remember the Kolat vs. McCumber bout being a real barn-burner (10-9). McCumber also gave TJ Jaworsky his closest match at the NCAAs later that season (7-5 OT)
  8. gromit

    Lehigh vs PSU

    Haha...overheard the mic’d ref muttering under his breath “shadddup” a the end of the Hall/kulter bout :). was he annnoyed with one of the coaches or the tapper girl doing the clock count down?
  9. gromit

    Lehigh vs PSU

  10. gromit

    Lehigh vs PSU

    Wow...RBY with a backflip single leg counter!
  11. gromit

    Lehigh vs PSU

    Not certain about Wood but I’d guess about 245-255 range. Shane Sparks mentioned Cassar weighed in at just under 230...looks real solid.
  12. gromit


    possibly, if combined with sauna use... odds on Teasdale showing up in january with a shaved head & full body wax job?
  13. gromit

    brother All Americans

    Edit: you beat me to it KTG119.....we must've been simultaneously perusing http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/brackets/NCAA 2000.pdf 7th seeded Cole Sanderson lost in the bloodround to Bryan Snyder that year
  14. gromit


  15. gromit


    Pyles on FRL says Gavin is no longer on Roster as of this morning