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  1. LOL at the Barry Davis story (23:00)...."can't let 'em get to your legs...." Classic
  2. This made me chuckle....you hear soooo many stories about coaches/older wrestlers "breaking" young newbies in the Gable era Iowa room (Lewboo talks about it all the time), it was almost considered a right of passage, yet when somebody else does it in another program the coach has an "ego issue".
  3. The only victims in that photo are the fans sitting around him.
  4. Former Kent State NCAA qualifier Nick Nemeth (aka Dolph Ziggler) just might qualify, with his 3.2 million instagram and 2.8 million twitter followers.
  5. interesting take here on what may be the root of the problem....
  6. I thought the same thing (about Gray's outstanding accomplishments) when I first heard it, then realized they are talking "NCAA" titles, not NAIA+NCAA titles.
  7. Cal State Bakersfield was a D-2 power in the 70's and 80s...they had a few D-1 champs as well. Lock Haven and Clarion also had numerous small school division NCAA champs that also won titles at the D-1 tournament.
  8. under a blacklight, I'd bet it has sort of a Jackson Pollock motif
  9. since 2012, the Snyder/Cox rivalry has swung in Kyle's favor. Snyder beat Cox in the 2015 197lb. NCAA semis and the semis of the 97kg 2015 Las Vegas/ASICS US Senior Nationals
  10. here are a few more gems highlighted in Flo's classic "Don't be that Coach" videos, Chapters 1, 2 and 3 https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5389645-dont-be-that-coach-chapter-1 https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5391154-dont-be-that-coach-chapter-2 https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5391343-dont-be-that-coach-chapter-3
  11. "Wrestle smart!" - encouraging the wrestler with a slim lead, with short time left, to stall/not take any risks "He got jobbed!" or "He got Kesseled!" - unfairly penalized or otherwise screwed by an official
  12. yep, and it was in '94,. He beat another unseeded wrestler in the finals (Laszlo Molnar, Cal St-Fullerton). Molnar had knocked off the 4th seed (Rick Hepp, Lehigh) the 5th seed (Chris Kwortnik, NCST), and the 1st seed (Shaon Fry, Mizzou).
  13. In addition to Kolat running his club out of the Baltimore area for several years, his wife is also from the area near Annapolis (Anne Arundel County)....her brother(s) used to wrestle for Old Mill HS in Millersville...I believe she and Cary met at LHU. "Happy wife happy life"
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