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  1. gromit

    Never Been Pinned

    Johny Hendricks :)
  2. gromit

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    Silva had 1:20 RT advantage to start the 3rd
  3. gromit

    OK State 13-0 vs Mizzou 15-0 sat Feb 16

    ESPN+ is an extra fee. The ESPN3 broadcasts are free as long as you have ESPN as part of your TV/cable package.
  4. yeah, it's a shame, speaking in stereo was always one of his strengths. the interview might have also been done shortly after weigh-ins.
  5. gromit

    OK State 13-0 vs Mizzou 15-0 sat Feb 16

    looks like ESPN is streaming it on ESPN3 http://www.espn.com/watch/schedule/?startDate=20190216&type=upcoming
  6. gromit

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    Probably the reason they didn't challenge is because they were on the opposite side of the mat from the action and had no angle to see the OOB. It baffles me that the assistant ref, who had a clear view/angle didn't call for a video review himself...the head ref (Joe Tauber) probably didn't see it because he was focused on the exposure.
  7. gromit

    Freshman Steveson vs Sophomore Snyder?

    Correct, during the following match (Burroughs vs Poeta) the broadcasters clarified it was Iowa who lost a team pt. due to the Metcalf shove.
  8. gromit

    Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?

    UMD only has two kids from MD (Bannister & Bertoni) in the starting lineup. The rest are out of NJ (Cray, Ugalde, Cappelllo), NY (Anderson, Spadafora, Jasenski, Hemida) and PA (Diehl) When they were performing much better under Santoro the in-state ratio was similar but they pulled much more heavily from PA...
  9. gromit

    Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?

    In Ben Askren's recent Rudis interview with Snyder he makes it clear he's not interested in doing what would be necessary to become a D1 head coach (recruiting, etc.). UMD's bigger problem seems to be the upheaval & disarray that's going on within their athletic administration....in the wake of former AD Kevin Anderson's departure and the recent football scandal (Jordan McNair death/coach DJ Durkin ouster). They made a huge mistake letting Debbie Yow go...just look what she and Pop have done with the Wolfpack program down in Raleigh.
  10. gromit

    Bo good, 197 bad

    elite cyphering, at the highest levels
  11. gromit

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    most likely discussing the subtleties of team dance choreography for PSU's upcoming talent show competition
  12. gromit

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    He'd fit in nicely @133 for the Bears, under T-Nick's tutelage.
  13. gromit

    Dan Gable - The Champion

    “today” Gable’s grandkids would give him a run for his $
  14. gromit

    Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?

    Shoelaces up, with a wrinkle in the back of his neck
  15. gromit

    Coaching Carousal for 2019

    That’s exactly what people used to say about Kolat and look what he has done at Campbell...seems pretty grounded now.