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  1. searched the 2011 Flo coverage for Dake and didn't locate what you're looking for, but I couldn't help but rewatch his walk off/celebration interview...."What did you think when he went down? KD: what an idiot..."
  2. UWW's current #2 at 92kg is Alireza mohammad KARIMIMACHIANI (IRI)
  3. frankly my dear, i dont give a damn
  4. a few more from the 70's and 80's (other than the aforementioned John Smith & Barry Davis) to add to the list of those making USA's Oly freestyle team with NCAA eligibility remaining: 1972: Jimmy Carr 1976: Bill Rosado, Jim Haines, Jimmy Jackson 1980: Bobby Weaver, Gene Mills (redshirt year) , Randy Lewis 1988: Ken Chertow Here's the 1981 EIWA finals bout between Weaver and Mills
  5. those all sound like Quint Kessenich. Another annoying one from him is "How do you characterize ??"
  6. LOL at Koll for thinking Zain "is from right down the road in Benton, New York" (at 1:02 in the interview)....no wonder he wasn't successful recruiting him, he was looking in the wrong state (wrong Benton).
  7. well, apparently his ACL has no hard feelings
  8. Is the Oly 2020 team qualification process going to be similar to Final X? Rich Bender says they are working on making it the same. Therefore, if you are predicting a 2019 World Bronze medal for Downey then it's highly unlikely Bo will land in the #2 spot for 2020. Since Downey'd get a pass to Final X, Bo would have to beat out Taylor at WT trials to even get a chance at the #2 spot.
  9. over 10 years later...not soon enough, unfortunately
  10. DT vs Dake....possibly the greatest fantasy vs reality rivalry of all time.
  11. He's all about the hype believe it or not, PDIII seems to have toned it down a bit, as evidenced by this recent tweet RE: the "b.s."
  12. could be referring to a few tweets DT made during the 2017 Worlds, criticising Cox for not attacking (while behind late in the match he lost) and essentially insinuating he would have been the better rep for the US at 86kg. DT got a lot of blowback for it at the time, but it sure seems pretty mild now compared to what PDIII is putting out there these days.
  13. both of the Clemson lists in this thread are missing Noel Loban,1980 NCAA champ and 1984 Olympic bronze medalist (for Great Britain)
  14. Kolat should be considered 141 (3rd weight class) 2nd team (his 2-3 before transferring to LHU trumps Scott Moore) John Fritz '75 (126) 3-3-1 should likely slot in at 2nd team, 2nd weight class
  15. Since Taylor is a returning world medalist, he can request a delay in his final x qualification series matches until the Team departs for their pre-worlds acclimation camp (late August/early Sept?). He was putting weight on his bad leg as he walked off of the mat, so hopefully it's nothing too serious....
  16. Not even his own knee joints, which I seriously doubt will continue to hold up under such torque, long term. I love me some Yianni, but sooner or later his reliance on this kind of defensive technique is going catch up to him. getting old is a bitch
  17. I'm from MD and have followed the ups and downs of Pat's tumultuous career, going all the way back to his freshman year at Mt. St. Joseph HS, and have to say it is most gratifying to see this latest, seemingly more adult/mature version of PDIII. He may have his detractors, but IMO, he's a great example of what you can accomplish in this sport thru true grit, determination, and perseverance. Good luck to him in his quest to make it to the top thru 2020.
  18. Maybe Max Askren would be a good candidate...
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