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  1. gromit

    NCAA Session 5 Thread

    Their only othe match winner was Caffey, who went 2-2
  2. gromit

    The race for 3rd and 4th is On

    if that's the case then it's down to UMich & Cornell for 5th
  3. gromit

    The race for 3rd and 4th is On

    https://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/content/tournament_team_score.php?id=22&type=team Top 4 are locked up (PSU, tOSU, OKst, Iowa). Mizzou, UMich, and Cornell are still in a battle for 5th
  4. gromit

    NCAA Session 5 Thread

    they need to move to a video review committee, it's ridiculous that these guys are reviewing their own bad calls
  5. gromit

    Hands to Face - NCAAs

    noticed h2f calls were extremely rare in early rounds of Big10s also...then returned with a passion on the final day when coaches started throwing use-it-or-lose-it challenge bricks
  6. gromit

    Chandler Rogers

    notwithstanding his family's recent loss, joe's biggest problem is that he like to eat...and came into the season waaay too heavy to be a fully acclimated/conditioned 165 lber
  7. gromit


    what, you mean to tell us you're not "the grandfather of some rich conservative guy at the corporation"? :-)
  8. gromit

    Bracket Update

    Edit: what lu_alum said ^
  9. gromit

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    yep, looks like the individual match links in Track and Arena send you to subscription based ESPN+ login, instead of ESPN3, which is free if ESPN is part of your cable/TV package.
  10. gromit

    Illegal Headlock?

    It's a legal head pry (see quote below), as shown in example photo No. 72 on page 90 of the NCAA publication linked below 2017-18 and 2018-19 Wrestling Rules and Interpretations (2 Year Publication)
  11. gromit

    A brief moment of remembrance.

    Morris Johnson was the man.
  12. gromit

    Three 3x champions?

    A quick scan of the wiki history page seems to indicate It hasn’t happened yet, at least since the mid-60s. What is apparent is that it’s extremely rare to have three become 3 timers in the same year from the entire field, much less one team. It happened in ‘83 (Carr, Schultz, Banach). Yet, last season there was a chance for 4 (Retherford, Snyder, Martinez and Heil)
  13. gromit

    One time champ / one time AA

    wow, not only that, he'd qualified 3x prior and had gone a 0-2, 0-1, 0-1
  14. gromit

    PDF Brackets

    hopefully they catch the error when they do the first round results update. they're also on Track & Arena
  15. gromit

    PDF Brackets

    Um...I think you're reading too far into it. TBar likely means RBY should employ more of what he did later in their most recent match, in order to avoid Desanto's dump https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DarkBackAmericanbobtail-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/CanineIckyFirefly-mobile.mp4
  16. gromit

    PDF Brackets

    link to yesterday's update
  17. gromit

    One time champ / one time AA

    Gary Barton (Clarion) at 134 in '72 Andy Daniels (Ohio U) at 118 in '78 Ken Mallory (Montclair State) at 134 in '78 Tom Martucci (Trenton St/College of New Jersey) at 190 in '81
  18. gromit

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    yeah, right. American...of America, huh. Sorry, it struck a nerve....mental illness is no joke
  19. gromit

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    wow, the American Dental Assistants Association has a pro league? Who knew? if you were referring to the other common use of the acronym, then you are a complete tool....considering Kyle's recent past. shame on you Mr. Dole
  20. gromit

    2020 Tickets On-Sale Now (18-March)

    on the ticketmaster site, the absolute best all-session ticket seats available when I checked yesterday (lower bowl, corner section 101, row 32) had this view...I passed. https://seatgeek.com/venues/u-s-bank-stadium/seating-chart/minnesota-vikings-417387/section-101
  21. gromit

    PDF Brackets

    Did they also insert an alternate as the 33 seed in the pigtail?
  22. gromit

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Or at the very least he could donate his neck brace to be used by Dan Monthly as a “precautionary measure” prop.
  23. gromit

    2020 Tickets On-Sale Now (18-March)

    Make sure to bring your binoculars along to Minneapolis. The seating chart on the pre-sale site suggests it will be a full football field configuration, instead of a more eye friendly half stadium setup. https://www1.ticketmaster.com/2020-ncaa-division-i-wrestling-championships-minneapolis-minnesota-03-19-2020/event/060056642E1FCDCF
  24. gromit

    45th NCAA in a row- annual post

    I saw that go down in the room at Maryland in 1990. Sergei put on a clinic.