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  1. As an avid Iowa wrestling fan, I believe that Dake is better but much prefer DT's style of wrestling. Dake is often satisfied with dominating a top-10 opponent on the mat and often ending the match in a shut out (10-0 or 9-0), while DT is lighting up the scoreboard (tech falls, multiple take downs, etc.). I think who you're rooting for as a hawk fan depends on the situation. I will root against Taylor every step of the way, as his points may mean the difference in the team standings. If the finals arrive and the title is already sewn up or out of reach, I will, without a doubt, root for DT over Dake. Dake has proven to be an arrogant, self-absorbed persona on and off the mat. DT on the other hand is a student of the sport and a class act whose style I much prefer. I do, however, think that Dake's style and power is a bad match-up for Taylor's wide-open style and that Dake will find a way to squeak out the win.
  2. Evans is now majoring Brown? That is an interesting thought. How is it you see Evans is better than Brown by the major decision? I mean this seems like the closest toss-up of the dual. That pick alone is a bit of a stretch, but it just becomes a bit crazy when you also have Taylor and Ruth winning by major only. I think Taylor is a bit farther ahead of Moore than Evans is ahead of Brown (or vice versa) - same goes for Ruth v Lofthouse (possibly even more so). I would say you a being a homer here...but I dont think that is the case (especially if you are picking McD to lose). I just think your picks seems totally inconsistent and I am generally intrigued by you thought process. Evans will turn Brown. Ruth has only decisioned and majored Ethan in the past. Think he widens the margin but falls short of the tech. Moore is tough and it's possible Taylor pins him but I don't see him teching him. Steel has a loss every year and the cut is really hurting him. There's the thought process...I guess we'll see!
  3. 125: Mega over McD 5-4. Team 3-0 PSU 133: Ramos by MD 11-3. Team 4-3 Iowa 141: Ballweg by MD 10-2. Team 8-3 Iowa 149: Alton by dec over Kelly 8-3. Team 8-6 Iowa 157: St. John by dec over Alton 3-1. Team 11-6 Iowa 165: Taylor by MD over Moore 14-4. Team 11-10 Iowa 174: Evans by MD over Brown 12-3. Team 15-10 Iowa 184: Ruth by MD over Lofthouse 18-6. Team 15-14 Iowa 197: Wright by dec over Burak 5-3. Team 17-15 PSU HWT: Telford by dec over PSU 6-3. Team 18-17 Iowa I see this one a little differently, with McD losing and Iowa still winning.
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