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  1. You can stand by any statement. Everybody can. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Six other coches say they never heard about abuse either. It’s being reported that Mark Coleman has recanted his original accusation (John Ziegler tweeted out). I would never believe anybody there didn’t hear anything about anything. I do believe people had no idea about any actual abuse. Former tOSU wrestler and former Marine Pardos says just that. I have no doubt Strauss did much if not all he is being accused of. To many in too many sports are talking. But also read a gymnast saying his team joked in euphemisms which he said would lead him to believe his coaches didn’t know about any abuse. Given that time period, that seems believable. In today’s culture, anybody in any leadership position is or should be super alert to any such comments.
  2. http://peakofohio.com/mobile/news/details.cfm?clientid=5&id=268086#.W0LdYhYpCEc
  3. Some serious crap happening behind the scenes there -- and it all starts with James Smith. It'd be interesting to see the public release of emails concerning dropping the programs.
  4. Saw this link on the ohiowrestling forum. https://hailstatebeat.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/on-scott-wetherbee-msus-new-interim-athletic-director/ If the coaches of the cut programs didn't know about it until this morning, I wonder how hard the AD fought to keep the programs given he said he'd do just that according to the article.
  5. Wrestles with passion and skill - but without any of the cheap crap we see from the rest of his teammates. His post-match interviews are very "un-hawkeye" like. Last night after the Semis - was incredible. Compare that to the nonsense we normally hear from them. #1/10HawkeyeFan
  6. LemonPie - my guess is that 125-165 counted.
  7. He is in the hospital and tests are being run to determine what happened. He's alive - which given what happened, could have not been the case.
  8. Even more interesting is that they both took 9th at said Olympics.
  9. His coach - you mean Terry -- the guy Tony says is "the man". Please stop enabling TR and his faults. And you mean a coach would be in the corners of others guys that he coaches during the biggest matches of their careers. How horrible of the HWC coaches, they should leave everybody else to train themselves and talk only to TR. I hope that reads as stupid as its mean to be.
  10. I left the Tony fan club when he made the broke him signal towards Koll after his match with Nashon Garrett. I was rooting hard for Tony but he wasn't the better wrestler in that match. Tony was extremely fortunate to have gotten that call then acts like HE broke NG in two. Classless. He should have listened to the interview that Dlegnav gave the previous night, wrestling has a way of humbling people -- and he got humbled big time.
  11. Snyder continually talks about how much he loves me vets wrestling (need to compete more) and his love for tOSU. I'd be surprised if he doesn't do what he did this year two more times.
  12. Yes it did. agree it should be week earlier.
  13. Speaking of psychology -- it was so refreshing to see that the guys who lost too, the losses like men. They waited in the center, shook hands and either walked or jogged out. None of that baby slap hands and sprint garbage. Truly refreshing.
  14. Don't understand why when Reece gets a lead that he then stops wrestling? It's bit him in the rear before - and will most likely do so again.
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