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  1. I don't want to be a stickler here, but here's how best case/worst case scenarios actually work: Best Case: All Gold Worst Case: One and done.
  2. This, exactly. I give Logan a 50-60% chance of getting by Rashidov. I give him about 30-40% chance of getting by Khin. Khin has one of the best wrestling IQs in all of the lighter weights. He's not invincible though, and has dropped a couple of surprise matches this year. Logan says he's not much of a gameplanner, and just looks to light up the scoreboard. I'd like to see more of a gameplan heading into the Khin match. From a sheer fan's perspective, it is a beautiful thing that we'll get to see the trio of Logan, Rashidov, and Khin battle it out. WAR LOGAN!
  3. neutralposition, I disagree with "the hand that feeds you" bit. UWW has never been a hand that fed Flo. The subscriber base is the hand that feeds Flo. I'm also curious about what, specifically, you feel constituted spitting in the face of UWW, given your acknowledgment of "corruption that we all new (sic) was there" as you say. Shedding light on it? Giving it context? Demanding a response?
  4. Immel's article for USA Wrestling says, "Those wishing to watch the Freestyle World Cup live can do so at unitedworldwrestling.org both days of competition. Kermanshah, Iran is situated eight hours and thirty minutes ahead of U.S. Eastern Time translating to start times of 12:30 a.m. (ET) on both Thursday and Friday." No mention of a subscription fee for World Cup.
  5. UWW article Trackwrestling article It seems like UWW had gone to a partnership with Flo last year when they began streaming (was it Pan Ams?) though them. Now it looks like they've cast their lot with Trackwrestling. I would have to guess that Flo would have been involved in a bidding process for these streaming rights, and am a bit surprised to see Trackwrestling come out on top. Though I've had a paid subscription to Flo since the get go (and will continue to), I've never watched any live or archived matches through Trackwrestling. What are others' experiences with it? The Trackwrestling website, to me, has always felt clunky and a decade behind, though I see they are making efforts to improve usability (though they still have long way to go). I'm not sure how to interpret this news. Do I need to buy a subscription to watch the World Cup tonight? I kind of read it that way. (Also, subtopic...how much, if at all, do you think Flowrestling's criticisms of UWW governance, and lack of official response in the face of allegations of corruption, have played into what appears to be a gravitation away from streaming through Flo, to Trackwrestling?)
  6. Alternatively, you could argue that he took 3rd at Jr. Worlds in 2014, and was therefore competing just where he needed to be, and it was exactly the path of growth that he took that ended up positioning him for this World and Olympic title run.
  7. He might have to cut off some body "parts" to make 55kg.
  8. More opportunities for wrestlers to get paid is a great thing. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/update-on-uniform-guideline-and-requirements-for-2017 UWW's silence on other "issues" needing to be addressed still has me baffled though. (See I already threadjacked myself. It was bound to happen sooner or later).
  9. bwahahaha Asgarov turns me into a gay Diego Rivera.
  10. Actually they've faced each other multiple times. Hopefully Helen can bring her new game to the table.
  11. And this is a fantastic draw for Dennis!
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