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  1. That is a very likely scenario. I think the only question will be McKee's weight his senior year.
  2. Very little respect for Minny...not scoring 63 points? Minny will most likely have 6 AAs next year, and Kroells is a solid Hwt. Yes, they do have question marks at 125/133/165. If Ness does go 165, Kingsley will be right in the AA mix at 157.
  3. Really? C. Dardanes, N. Dardanes, Ness, Storley, Pfarr, and Schiller return.
  4. I agree with all of what you wrote. I like your order insofar as ranking them based on current achievements. If I had to rank them by their chances for each to win a national title I'd rank them like this: 1. Cox 2. Retherford 3. Coon 4. Dean 5. T Shirts 6. Gilman I favor Cox slightly over Zain because I think his hurdle to beat Gadsen and Schiller is lower than Zain's to beat the field + Steiber. I will certainly disagree on your Schiller comment! Zain already has a win over Logan and 141 is not one of the strongest weight classes. 197 has proven to be a tough weight...ask Taylor Meeks!
  5. Love the 4th place picks for Schiller...roll eyes...
  6. If the seedings align with InterMat rankings, the 141 and 197 finals are impossible!
  7. I have to disagree...I think Minny is fairly typical with the weight cutting. Yes, Thorn, Ness, and Yohn are exceptions...this year. Minny is not remotely in the same league for weight cutting as Okie St (and a few others). Good examples of not cutting too much weight are Storley and Steinhaus...they "could" make the cut to 165/174 but have chosen not to (with J's blessing, of course). Another good example is Damian Hahn...he bumped up to 197 after struggling to make 184...and won a national championship. Ness has the option to wrestle 149 or 157. Yohn and Thorn are cutting to start.
  8. Dylan Reel...has a win over #9 Yohn and 7-5 OT loss to #7 Monk.
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