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  1. I'm amazed Davidson has wrestling at all and doubt they will keep it much longer unless there is some very deep pocket alumni that want it. I also don't know why they are D-1. I would think D-2 would be a better fit
  2. I guess I see a big distinction between making a difference and winning it all. In basketball , pro or college one great player can make a huge difference. Will they win it all with only one great one ? Probably not but the one superstar can mean the difference between sub . 500 or plus .700
  3. I agree with the weightlifting, especially the Olympic style. The explosiveness needed for snatches and clean and jerks translates very well to a lot of wrestling throws. Training for Olympic lifts develops core strength like nothing else. Overhead squats, front squats, pulls from a variety of positions will enhance any wrestler's strength on the mat. Not many gyms left that cater to or even allow Olympic lift training. Lots of space, platforms and heavy duty bumper plates needed for heavy attempts aren't wanted or available in most commercial gyms. Some bumper plates can be found with the popularity of cross fit type training but platforms and space allowing for snatch attempts to go overhead and drop to the floor much harder to find. Throwing sports, hammer, shot and discus would really work core strength and explosiveness too. Some similar benefit can be gained by the resurgence in kettle bell training ( so old , it's new again ).
  4. A resounding YES ! It should. Mine all played football as well as wrestle in high school and I believe we paid a price. Often the football teams went deep into the playoffs meaning we never had a wrestling practice until damn near thanksgiving, then jumped straight into dual meets and tournaments with little to no wrestling conditioning. We went to a small school and multi sport athletes were the rule. A January start would encourage more multi sport athletes, give those playing football a little time to transition to the real sport and heal up a bit from the football knocks. Toss in allowing kids some family time over the holidays without a rigorous tournament schedule and it seems a no brainer. My only question is why hasn't it happened ? I am also confident having a little break from football would get a whole lot more football players out on the wrestling mat and boost sagging numbers of matmen in some areas. Who know some of the idiotic football coaches who now oppose wrestling may even get on board. I wish there was some state high school athletic association with some vision and enough balls go against the status quo and just do it. See no reason if it worked in HS it wouldn't work in college
  5. No magic to growing or maintaining high school numbers- build middle school and youth programs. In some areas of the country the demographics are going to make it difficult. I'm not sure what the breakdown of your figures is or where you got them but I suspect there was a drop in total enrollment for high school students is some traditional wrestling areas and all sports not just wrestling are affected. Obviously if you want to get kids wrestling , you have to sell the parents and not the ones on this board , they are already sold. Poorly run kids tournaments can KILL a potential wrestling family in it's tracks. I have seen many examples of parents and grandparents waiting hours for a tournament to start and between matches to watch their beginner kid get pinned in 20 seconds. A tournament that could be run in a couple hours takes all day and parents say I'm not doing this any more. I've been out of youth wrestling for a while so this point may be moot, if there are any single elimination tournaments still going on that needs to stop forever. I made it a point never to put my kids in one even when they were favored to win it. I'd like to see weight classes relaxed , Madison weight type thing and kids wrestle 3-5 matches at every tournament, even if they lose them all. Some type of round robin or triple elimination should be looked at. Hard ass tournament directors who ax a 10 year old for missing weight can take their share of the blame for declining numbers. ( I am not talking about some national or even state championship event where standards need to be maintained ) if you have strict weight classes , bump the kid to the next one without penalty. It's not that hard to redraw a bracket with today's programs. Most start out with byes making it a no brainer. Bottom line- if you hook the kids in 4-8th grade the high school numbers will take care of itself, but you have to first consider the parents on the fence and make it as painless as possible to get them started.
  6. maj

    Rob Koll

    I would think until Dake is done wrestling himself Jordan Leen might be a better choice for an associate HC
  7. I don't have any idea why they terps can't perform with any consistency but I really don't think geography has anything to do with it. Good beach a couple of hours away could be a selling point but it seems to me the problems run much deeper than nothing to do in the area.
  8. Good points. I forgot about the out of state robbery. I went to the school back in the 70's ( didn't wrestle ) and it was dirt cheap at the time, but I am from the Peoples republic of Maryland so I didn't pay any attention to the out of state costs. You'd think the morons in charge could extend in state tuition to the states that border the not so free state.
  9. Big ten has not been kind to the turtles. Every PA high school stud who wants to stay close to home can't go to PSU, why can't the terps snag some ?
  10. It's more of a philosophy than a style. Penn State guys seem to always want more points and it's fun to watch. If a PSU guy is up by 5 with 20 seconds left, he's going after the major, up by 12 he wants the tech and they are always looking for a fall. There is a huge element of getting every point you can for the team, but even when team the team competition is wrapped up or irrelevant , PSU will continue rack up the points. It's good for the sport. For too many years the " iowa " style degenerated into two meat heads ear to ear, both stalling, neither willing to risk doing anything, basically counting on a stand up for their entire offense as the fans were treated to one 2-1 or similar score after another. What's coming out of PSU is helping the entire sport as other coaches take note. Hard not to be a fan of Cael and PSU.
  11. Great post and all points valid. One thing I did not see mentioned as a factor for Dean not looking " right " was what was going through his mind while watching or hearing how Penn State mowed down one opponent after another leading up to his match. I doubt 49 and 57 were much of a surprise but the pin at 165 and win at 174 must have had Dean thinking WTF ??? How did Cael pull this off ?? I don't care how cool and collected an athlete is to see this kind of momentum building for one team had to have some affect on his confidence.
  12. UTC- I am not saying the coach needs to go, I guess it really depends on what the expectations are. If those in charge are happy with a good showing in the So Con and no more than I guess he's their guy. If there is any hope of ever competing , even at the middle of D-1, say bottom of top 20 than a change may be in order. A lot of schools are in the same boat.
  13. I'm with you. I think a close decision is the likely outcome. Going to be a tough match for me to cheer for. I'd like to see Penn state win, and they will need every point but I did go to MD for a couple of semesters a million years ago, and I'm thrilled to see the Terps program making some much needed progress. I suspect by this time next year the turtles will be wishing they'd never left the ACC.
  14. Number 1 seed and somehow almost invisible all the way to the finals. Hard to ever bet against Ruth but I'm liking the terps chances in this one.
  15. Thank you for a very insightful and well thought response. I agree with you on virtually all your points, as well as the other poster who called out Brands for some poor calls. I also agree having two Brands doesn't add much and someone new should be brought into the mix.
  16. I'm hearing several schools with wrestling teams are leaving the socon. What happens to the teams going to conferences without wrestling ? Not all the schools have good teams but I would hate to see another D-1 program bite the dust, even a marginal one. Appy state has had a few decent guys in recent years and I sure hope the program continues. Anybody know how this is going to play out ?
  17. maj

    Title IX

    Seriously, the "closet feminist agenda" is so old. I've worked with multiple schools with female ADs who loved wrestling - it was the fans and alumni that didn't care. Even though proportionality is a crock it could be rendered a moot point if the SOB's in charge would make one small concession... simply EXEMPT football from the equation. It is that simple. Tit for tat for scholarships and money for each gender in sports other than football. There is no female sport equivalent to football in terms of numbers participating and there never will be. Aknowledge that fact and move on. The " closet feminist agenda " may be old but it is alive and well and still doing damage.
  18. I don't think the map changes much if you look at states without ANY NCAA programs D-1-2-3 rather than limiting it to just D-1 programs.
  19. Look to GA tech for your answer.
  20. maj

    Title IX

    Good points. Too many closet feminists wanting to ignore the obvious when it comes to why wrestling is circling the drain at the college level. Sure there are a few schools who used title 9 to ax a program they didn't like but I would wager the proportionality requirement killed off the lion's share of the now defunct programs. D-3 was gutted for no other reason than title 9.
  21. I think the size difference too great for Marciano to beat Holmes. Ditto with Lennox Lewis. Frazier would have trouble with both of Holmes and Lewis's size too, and Rocky was much smaller than Frazier so he would have struggled even worse. Much as I like Marciano I think he would have only been a top ten guy in boxing's hayday and certainly not undefeated. A Frazier / Marciano fight would have been a bloodbath and likey gone into the 14th or 15th round back then. Slight edge to Frazier being bigger but Rocky could have definetly taken him out if the fight went to the late rounds.
  22. You may be missreading that chart. Louis and Ali are ranked ahead of Holmes, not Johnson. Plus, the author acknowledges that the chart does not necessarily determine the outcome of individual matches, as styles make fights. That being said, I do think Holmes is usually underrated on such lists, as he had the misfortune to follow Ali and never fought Foreman or Frazier (Joe, not Marvis :P ). . Holmes very underrated. He would have handled Joe Frazier and Marciano.
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