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    maj reacted to Coach_J in Iows Style - and now Penn State Style?   
    I'll double check next I talk to Him, but I'm guessing God has more to worry about than who wins college wrestling matches.  If after a victory a young man wants to thank God, mom and dad, coaches, etc., may God bless him.  Save full-length sermons for the pulpit or a personal/dedicated/private website.
    Regarding the original post, PSU has a dynamic, wide open technical style that makes college wrestling exciting and very fan friendly. PSU can attack and score at all levels in neutral (throws and leg attacks) and in all positions, emphasizing putting people on their backs when on top and not just riding/chewing up clock/accumulating riding time. The days of push, shove, make mean faces has been replaced; it served its purpose in its time, but it doesn't win in the face of great technique, positioning, and superb conditioning.  
    I like this new era.  I hope it continues to thrive.
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