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  1. BTN+ or Fox? Is it even possible to stream w/o a full on cable provider?
  2. [Edit apparently this is old news] My weekend is ruined: https://fbwat.ch/1NK6AcYoVdey1SqG
  3. If they got 10 AAs that'd be the first time in 20 years i think. The last being when Minnesota had 10 with no champs.
  4. And even then you're still guilty. This will hang around his neck forever regardless,
  5. I'm thinking it'll be ZZ top in the two slot.
  6. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ncaawrestling They post every 10 min.
  7. We get full brackets in an hour or so..
  8. 165: 1.Bull 2. Vincenzo (Battle of the I-talians!)
  9. 157: 1.Nolf Next Topic 2. T-Berger
  10. Ditto. That B1G final was hot fire, for sure.
  11. Zeke with the TD right away! Fun dual!
  12. Some interesting results in this dual.
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