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  1. Wow. I wish hadn’t seen this. Really hard to root against that.
  2. He’s in a sweet spot. His legacy is secure anything else would just be gravy. Jokes aside. As they are now I got Taylor > Dake.
  3. Amazing tournament! Is this the most medals we’ve had? Or did we tie the record?
  4. I like Reece. But he’s trying a little too hard to be “hip”.
  5. Is it not Varner? I thought I saw him earlier
  6. Are they playing Tron? confirmed Fall - Daftpunk from Tron soundtrack. Hats off to the DJ/producer
  7. The idea is that my perception of Yianni now is like how i (and many others) perceived Gillman in 2017. It seemed like his silver was a one off. That’s why I went on to say I hope Yianni ends up like Gillman did and goes in to win many more. But I believe he has truly over performed and don’t see him doing it again.
  8. It’s all a framing game. You could say he got complacent after he got his lead and shut down didn’t have heart etc. I like Yianni but I feel like he had a great draw and a gift in R1. From my perspective it looks like a 2017 Gillman scenario at the time it looked like a one off. Hopefully Yianni plays out the narrative and continues to medal at this level. But for now I’m unconvinced.
  9. Take away the first takedown. Yianni pretty much got dismantled.
  10. Imagine trying to score that pre instant replay. My god..
  11. Next match will be real telling. I got the Iranian with a comfortable win. I think Yianni got a good draw/calls and capitalized. I hope he beats the Iranian and proves me wrong…
  12. Brutal loss. I think that was Sea bass beat shot at a world medal.
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