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  1. I called it out on IG a few years ago when he gave up like 12 points at Yasur Dogu against Musakiev(sp). He really needed to tighten up his D if he was going to compete and medal at the world level. To your point, I’ve never seen/heard him say he was working on it. Needless to say the IG crowd let me have it.
  2. Pyles and Mal are fine. JB and John Smith are great too. I don’t know what people are complaining about especially looking at the precedent we have - NCAA/B1G on ESPN -past years Olympic commenters- that has always been terrible. The flo boys know know the athletes and the rules that by itself is a massive improvement.
  3. JB controlled 5-3 I missed nolfs first two points. But he got a step out at the end
  4. What the hell these refs are retarded. Hilderbrandt shoots and pass by attempt. Gets put in clock
  5. Here we go. I got tank controlled win 6-4 with later Snyder surge.
  6. The ref was ready to give that match to Haji Aliev. Then he realized where he was at. LOL
  7. What’s happening with Gwiz?
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