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  1. Mountain View High School is looking for and assistant wrestling coach for the upcoming season. MVHS is in Loveland Colorado and is a 4A school with around 1300 students. No teaching positions are currently availble at MVHS. Possible permenant subsitute. Applicant must be willing to put in time to help our youth program as well as Spring and Summer programs. If interested please call or e-mail Scott Barker @ 970-290-7989 or mvhswrestling@gmail.com.
  2. Graff over Ramos in the Semis. Ramos looks past Graff for the re-match. Not the first upset but Graff is due to break out!
  3. Would love to see it again too. Anybody have any suggestions?
  4. What is the best video (video series) out there for coaches that focuses on set-ups for takedowns?
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