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  1. There isn't enough money here in Boise to stop this. Even ASU would have been gone for good had it now been for the big money booster. It's no secret around here that the BSU President is a big baseball fan. Once Randall was fired it was fairly clear that the AD and President were watching to see if the community would rally round the new coaching staff to see if the funding could be raise to make the facility improvements without university help. I'm not 100% positive but I believe the admin found out that wrestling couldn't support itself and they knew they weren't going to support anything but baseball moving forward.
  2. Geo left for Oky state, I'm pretty sure he'll need to sit out this year but he hasn't used his redshirt yet anyway. I don't know how Mendoza has been given much of a chance when the job was only offered as a one year contract. He speaks in pretty positive terms about the AD so maybe he's been given a carrot that the general public doesn't know about. I will say that from what I've heard if he fails they won't bring in another coach, they'll drop the program. What that tells me and all the other BSU guys is that we better help out this year or our program is done. On a personal note I'd sure like to see him add Owens to the staff again. That is if he's allowed.
  3. Jason, you did a nice job on the interview with coach Mendoza. I hope you find a way to come to Boise and interview him next year to see how things are going and to help get BSU out in the light again. I also appreciate all your positive comments here on this forum. After meeting coach Mendoza I'm excited for the future. And btw, it was nice to meet you the other night. Go Broncos!
  4. Coachmp, I appreciate your thoughts on coach Mendoza.
  5. Fundraising is and will continue to be a huge issue. The myth of BSU being fully funded or even competitively funded is just that, a myth. There are a few individuals that can and will help but I believe they need to get together to find the best way to utilize fundraising and resources. Maybe Mendoza is just the guy to pull all this together. My connections with the program have been on the mark so far with who applied, who it got narrowed down to and who was hired. At first I was very disappointed but you know, the more I look at the way it's turned out the more encouraged I am that maybe this is going to be a good thing. Mendoza needs money for competitive travel, assistant coaches, and recruiting budget. Don't be surprised if you see Hochstrasser and Meeks as his assistants and I can only hope the money comes in some way to hire Jason Chamberlain before he gets snatched up. I'm liking his connections to Californina kids because there are a lot of them and he's been very successful at kicking our butt with almost no resources. Meeks will have the Washington connection, Hoch the Utah connection and the idaho kids will come IF the program offers them a chance to be successful just like in the past. I can't speak for all the alumns but I can say that there are more than a few of us that are pretty pissed that the program is where it's at. Not happy with Randall and not happy with the athletic administration. Mendoza is not the bad guy now, he's been through worse times than this and has come out pretty successful. I for one will do what I can to help and I'm not alone. Lastly? I'm done bemoaning the guys that applied and didn't get it and the guys that applied and withdrew.
  6. Young guns for assistants such as Adam Hall, Jason Chamberlain, Clayton Foster..any of these would provide a spark in the room and for recruiting. I for one hope Mendoza can use his knowledge of Calif to bring in some obscure gems.
  7. official announcement for Mike Mendoza http://www.broncosports.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/052016aab.html
  8. He's suppose to be impressive at fundraising? That could be a huge asset if true if he can raise money to upgrade recruiting, travel, and pay assistant coaches enough to attract a few that will in turn attract wrestlers to want to come to Boise.
  9. Very good post Zander, I appreciate your optimism. I'm just so disappointed that the coaches and wrestlers could let the last 5 years get to this point. Here's to the best possible outcome. Cheers
  10. They better do something positive pretty damn fast before Geo is gone for good and with him anyone else with the talent to wrestle someplace else.
  11. It should be soon although I don't think the BSU athletic admin really care much about a recruiting time crunch, Cherrington interviewed last week and Mendoza yesterday (Monday). I sure hope that which ever it is hires an assistant that can draw recruits because they'll need a lot of them.
  12. That means he's no longer a candidate for the Boise State opening. Hmm?
  13. Chris Owens started that connection years ago, at least I think he started it. He most certainly has been the face of BSU wresting in that facility. BSU wrestling and the BWC train there at times although not much with Ivan. He's traveling all over selling his workout equipment.
  14. I'd rather have C. Cunningham out of PSU than one of the Sandersons. That being said I will admit that family has a great coaching tree
  15. If that were the case I think the administration would have announced letting Randall go a little differently. I don't think we're getting Adam Hall as an assistant. He's stated that he has a very good situation going with NCstate and he's doing a great job. Would love to have him back in Boise but it'd have to be as a head coach, now that might get him back here. Casey Cunningham? I like Metcalf for a lot of reasons but is he ready to really be a head coach? He'd need more than just a big name to create a competitive program west of the Mississippi. I'm not an Iowa hater like others on the board but I really don't see that style being successful anymore (sorry Iowa guys). I do love the way teams like NCState and PSU wrestle, all the way up and down the lineup. Whomever comes in needs to be great at bridging the gap between the younger wrestlers in the state and BSU wrestling, that creates enthusiasm and support in and around the fan base for your program. This person better be good at recruiting wrestlers and workout partners to the room and KEEP them more than a year. Attract name assistant coaches that can do the same, fundraise to bring in volunteer ass't to the BWC that will in turn bring a great workout environment to the room. I could go on and on about the challenges the next staff will need to address in order to be successful in Boise. Recruiting to an incredible area to live in should not be one of them.
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