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  1. Nebraska has 2 125 Lambert (Dance) 197 Studebaker (McCutcheon) A Montoya win (delveccio) makes him a 2x aa Jr. McCrystal (Thorn) would be his first as Dudley (Gravina) looks for his 3rd
  2. Nebraska will be batting 1.000!!! Nebraska h.s. alums (Gilman) 2/2 1.000
  3. Most likely 4/5's to dish out that first loss? 133-- Clark or Micic over NATO? 174-- Hall over Valencia? 141-- Kolodzik over Heil? If I were Vegas I think I would set the over/under at 8.5 and have to look real hard at the overs.
  4. With Smith out, I think Studebaker goes 7 which is big for him and 8 goes to Ryan Wolfe and Beazley 9.
  5. This is where I'm leaning now; to keep the integrity of the conference tourney's you HAVE to seed him as if he wrestled and went 0-2. Otherwise, it makes it too enticing to sit guys that may have marginal injuries trying to preserve a national seed. That being said, he has a ton of good wins and could land anywhere from 6-16
  6. Is there any consensus how that Moore/Pfarr scenario usually gets seeded? Having a 2-1 head to head advantage but the one loss was your last match? Probably not a huge deal for these two but I agree, Haught seems like the loser here and all he did was win his conference.
  7. The guys in the 3-6 range will probably have fingers crossed that they end up on the bottom half. 3/4 could go either way but I think Walz gets it over Neville because of conference championship & being an AA 1) Snyder OhSt 2) Medberry Wisc 3) Walz VT 4) Nevills PSU 5) Kasper Duke 6) Schaefer OkSt 7) Hall ArSt 8) Kroells Minn
  8. Conference tournaments shook this one up a little bit. I may be off here but here's my guess 1) Cox Mizz 2) Moore OhSt 3) Pfarr Minn 4) Haught VT 5) McCutcheon PSU 6) Weigel OkSt 7) Smith WVU 8) Studebaker Neb
  9. This one is real muddy after the 1. What's Nolan Boyd's best win? Where do you put Martin? Why didn't Dudley wrestle zavatsky & Brooks? Does Brooks go above Nickal? Here's my guess- 1) Dean Cornell 2) Nickal PSU 3) Brooks Iowa 4) Zavatsky VT 5) Boyd OkSt 6) Martin OhSt 7) Dudley Neb 8) Jackson Ind
  10. Here's my guess 1) Valencia AzSt 2) Realbuto Cornell 3) B.Jordan OhSt 4) Epperly VT 5) Hall PSU 6) Preisch Lehigh 7) Crutchmer OkSt 8) Ramos NC
  11. I think that's a definite possibility too. I guess if you weigh the Piccininni and Thornton inj def losses the same as if he wrestled and lost, he probably still has a top 8 resume doesn't he? I have no dog in this fight, I just find it interesting since you could justify such a wide ranging landing spot for him
  12. 1-4 is pretty hard to argue. 5-12 if kind of a mess. Not very confident in my prediction after 4 1) Imar Ill 2) Massa Mich 3) Joseph PSU 4) I.Jordan Wisc 5) Walsh Rider 6) Lewis Mizz 7) Valencia AzSt 8) Cottrell WV
  13. I don't know how they'll weigh Mayes & Jordan. Jordan= no bad losses, Sorensen best win Mayes= loss to Thomsen beat Collica and multiple AA. And conf champ. I'm thinking that gets him the 3
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