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  1. Anybody going to Yarigin May 27-30
  2. I probably missed some news way back, can someone please answer me why Mohammadian not in a news. I can't find nothing about him. Is he going to be in Olympics?
  3. Please forgive me for maybe silly question, but tell me please, how can I watch Olympic trials, and also NCAA
  4. Only slightly off this topic, but I recently remembered the Rapid City dual in 1980 few months before boycotted Olympics in Moscow. I remembered, because I was going to reply to recently posted interview with Chuck Yagla. He said that he was sure he could win Moscow Olympics, but he was totally dominated by Petrenko, who didn't even make Olympic team. And that was few months before the Olympics. Frankly, Petrenko(I just want to remember him, he is from my city) was the best from 1976 to 1980, and he could win multiple world titles, but his career was ruined by circumstances. He was a student of the same coach as Pinigin, and his coach pushed him to wrestle a weight higher. He never weighted more than 70kg. The evidence is he wrestled worlds in 74 kg 1979. Lost, took 3rd. Of course not enough horsepower to beat Lee Kemp. But few months before that he won European at 68kg, and few months after was this dual in 68kg. He wouldn't cut weight for this event. He was a beast for 68kg, but not for 74kg unfortunately. And yes, in 1976 he was much better, than Pinigin, we all new his coach asked him to lose the match on nationals. I watched it. Sorry if I bored you with my post.
  5. I think it's better to just postpone the Olympics to next year. Then most likely this pandemy will settle and every country would have a chance to participate, and all spectators would be able to attend.
  6. Where did you get this. I can't find these news nowhere
  7. I also think that he probably can't beat Sadulaev. But he will probably beat Taylor and the rest of the world in 86kg
  8. Does anybody know who will broadcast Olympic trials in wrestling. I might be asking too early, but I have to plan my work schedule couple months ahead
  9. I am surprised nobody yet mentioned about Gilman training in Vladikavkaz and then won international tournament in Dagestan, winning 5 matches.
  10. Russian wrestling website posted the best anticipated match ups in this year worlds: #5 Otoguro vs Rashidov #4 Yazdani vs Naifonov #3 Akgul vs Patriashvili #2 Sidakov vs Burroughs #1 Sadulaev vs Snyder
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