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  1. Where did you get this. I can't find these news nowhere
  2. I also think that he probably can't beat Sadulaev. But he will probably beat Taylor and the rest of the world in 86kg
  3. Does anybody know who will broadcast Olympic trials in wrestling. I might be asking too early, but I have to plan my work schedule couple months ahead
  4. I am surprised nobody yet mentioned about Gilman training in Vladikavkaz and then won international tournament in Dagestan, winning 5 matches.
  5. Russian wrestling website posted the best anticipated match ups in this year worlds: #5 Otoguro vs Rashidov #4 Yazdani vs Naifonov #3 Akgul vs Patriashvili #2 Sidakov vs Burroughs #1 Sadulaev vs Snyder
  6. You placed Sanaev before Uguev for some reason, and are you aware that someone from Yakutia, named Tyutrin just teched Sanaev on Poland Open.
  7. I agree with fans who said US open is deluted tournament. I used to go every year to watch it, when top wrestlers competed. Not anymore. No real competition and no true champions. The fans are robbed of the true fun. This competition doesn't mean anything to fans.
  8. His name is Salman Khasimikov
  9. He would lose to anyone of them
  10. Actually, Yarigin tournament is in a couple months. Sadulaev said he will be there. So maybe we will enjoy match 3.
  11. I translated in my previous post. Sorry couldn't place quote right
  12. The poll was done among Dagestani. So, chances to win this worlds: Chakaev 43.96% Aliev. 22.62% Hinchegashvili 14.48% Gadjiev. 13.48% Bajrang. 2.43% Stieber. 0.73% (sorry for my countrymen)
  13. I was waiting that one of you answers, but I want to answer this question. OF COURSE if the weigh in done day before the wrestler will quickly put back all his weight and even more. Rehydrate himself, get plenty of food. He has more than 12 hrs to recuperate. I like that they returned every day weigh ins( like old days). It will not probably stop wrestlers from cutting weight, but they will not have enough time to gain 20 lbs. And the size difference will not be significant. It will be more fair. And we hopefully see fair match between Snyder and Sadullaev.
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