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  1. Russia's anti-doping agency appears to have been very angry on wrestlers. Rodchenkov, the then-head of the agency wrote in an email in 2014 - he wanted to f%ck them. )) On p. 76 in the documents revealed today by the McLaren Commission/ WADA: https://www.ipevidencedisclosurepackage.net/documents/EDP1155.pdf
  2. One of IOC decisions is: ".... The IFs [international federations] to examine the information contained in the IP Report, and for such purpose seek from WADA the names of athletes and National Federations (NFs) implicated. Nobody implicated, be it an athlete, an official, or an NF, may be accepted for entry or accreditation for the Olympic Games." In the Report, there was only statistical information about manipulated samples of Russian athletes in various sports; no names mentioned. 28 wrestlers. According to this decision, UWW has now to ask WADA to disclose the names of these 28 wrestlers, and if any of them belongs to the Olympic team, he or she should not participated at Rio.
  3. First rumors began to circulate yesterday in the morning. This means the decision has been taken not later than Thursday. Yesterday in the early afternoon, the info was published on the sites of the POL and the UKR federations, then on that of Flo. We see it published on the official site of UWW on Saturday, weekend, when nobody of UWW functionaries could be "disturbed" in their Swiss office. :)
  4. with a delay of more than 24 hours, it's on uww site now. 5 wrestlers. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/united-world-wrestling-announces-reinstatement-of-olympic-qualifiers
  5. already finalized. aminashvili beat marsag 6:0 in the 1st round. he withdrew after that match.
  6. The situation becomes even more complicated because 65-UKR and 65-POL are not the only ones who got their places back; also 58-UKR in FW and possibly others whose licenses were revoked in a suspicious way and transferred to other nations.
  7. I have no idea how will UWW resolve the problem. They cannot keep 2 additional wrestlers. It is simply impossible. The total number of wrestlers to participate in Rio is 344. 340 places have already been allocated. 4 places (initially for Brazil) are still not allocated or the allocation hasn't been announced. With Safayan and Molinaro the total number will be 346 what the IOC will never accept. I don't know what is the actual rule of IOC for allocating unused host country quota places but if it is as in 2012, the remaining (?) 4 places can be given only to nations that have not any quota in wrestling. Since Armenia and USA have, they cannot get any additional. An option is to give ARM and USA the priority to take last minute unused places - as it was the case with Mike Zadick in 2008.
  8. Considering possible court trials and having no arguments what for were Gadzhiev and Kvyatkovski removed, UWW saw no option but to give POL and UKR their places back; without making public noise.
  9. who won the post-match fight? http://www.aparat.com/v/wEdai/انتخابی_کمیل_قاسمی_و_پرویز_هادی
  10. Serdar Boke has always been a 86-kg wrestler. Yesterday he was 90, didn't want to cut weight and entered the 97-class.
  11. gazyumov-snyder 2:1 https://www.facebook.com/DeutscherRingerBundEv/videos/1115162258541904/
  12. live stream http://www.sporttv1.de/livestreams.php one mat only
  13. snyder - cheban video https://www.facebook.com/DeutscherRingerBundEv/videos/1115027858555344/
  14. 97 gazyumov and snyder can meet in the semis brackets http://www.gp-ringen-dortmund.de/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=424&Itemid=115
  15. 2011 final highlights. enjoy! :) https://vimeo.com/25512336
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