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    4 time runner-up in PA Bob Simpson - wrestled at Pitt 118lbs. I am sure there is one or two others. someone else will have to do some research on this.
  2. Bilchuk, well said - your insights are spot on. I don't know how Clarion wrestling recovers from this. Keith Ferraro is not head coach material just yet. So now they will attempt to hire an assistant to get through the season; hopefully the AD will do a national search for a Head Coach in April to start the cycle over again. Alumni & friends of Clarion wrestling should be growing weary. The fact that Letters was permitted to stay on board despite his transgression, shows lack of leadership from the athletic administration. He should have been fired when the facts were know, no one does what he did and has credibility with wrestlers, HS coaches, & families. Clarion Open is in 5 weeks - season is just around the corner, with lots of questions yet to answer.
  3. Financial situations at the University aren't good in general, but nothing new or recent developments. Enrollment is down and resources are thin. No good reason for a coach to walk out on his assistant and team a week before the season starts. From what I know this isn't ALL on the AD, its a shared responsibility when something like this happens. Recruits don't leave because the AD - they stay or leave because of the coach. Athletic committee this summer recommended greater commitment of resources to 3 sports: volleyball, wrestling, football. What that looks like in $$$$ i don't know. Big question what do they do now?
  4. Coach Eiter has an amazing wrestling story - of how he was at ASU and Booby Douglas asked him to come to practice to train with 118lber Zeke Jones. climbed the ladder of freestyle and became an excellent student & competitor of the sport. world team member & Olympian He has poured a great deal of his life into wrestling, I am sure all the young men & ladies that he has coached over the years have only positive things to say about Rob Eiter. I am sorry that he is leaving the sport, but he has a wonderful family and many better days ahead. Thank you Coach Eiter
  5. This Federal complaint against several of the PA State System schools comes on the same day that Clarion U. athletic taskforce committee announces ENHANCEMENT for 4 athletic programs at Clarion (W.Volleyball, W.smimming & Diving, football, & wrestling). Not sure what enhancement equates to but everyone involved is probably hoping more $$$, not marketing or game day give-aways, or community involvement. Something that might increase the quality of teams & athletes. Coach Letters may want to submit resume to WVU, relatively same distance from hometown of Pittsburgh.
  6. The individual wrestlers earn their spot for the conference each year now with the new system. I really don't hear anyone complaining especially about the Big 10. Don't think anyone will argue with you that they have been and remain the premier conference in wrestling, will get tougher with Maryland & Rutgers joining the conference next year. I really like how the NCAA qualifying process has worked the past few years - I was a little skeptical at first, but the right guys go to Nationals. Do wish we had more allotments say 360 total.
  7. Because the international student at American University 133lbs. Pu-tang didn't crack the starting line-up.
  8. I believe Cornell has a few more restrictions on scheduling in the number of Dates they are permitted to compete. Div. I has 16 dates, with two of the dates can be a 2 day tournament/event that counts as only 1 day. I believe I remember Coach Koll saying they can only wrestle 13 or 14 dates. I don't think either of these coaches or wrestlers go out of their way to avoid anyone.
  9. The NWCA stipulates that a Coach of the Year winner can not receive the award in consecutive years, something like a 3 year gap between COTY award time frame. So if Cael did win last year then this why he wasn't eligible to win in 2014. Reason being that the NWCA is trying to hi-light the coaches who are doing a great job not necessarily the guy whose team wins each year. I think it is a good rule for the award, I honest don't believe Coach Sanderson or Coach Robinson are losing any sleep over it.
  10. Double checked the NCAA bracket from 1998. looks like I was wrong - I was thinking their upper weight was given a wild card. Didn't see his name - maybe the coaches of the EWL didn't fold and Coach Bonnachi did have a guy there. I was thinking Nutter, but looks like I was wrong again! Still don't think I guy should go if he doesn't meet the criteria to get in the top 33. Plus the NCAA won't budge on the number of entries.
  11. Zeeb, Sorry I disagree with you on having a guy at the NCAA championships that doesn't meet the standards just to say every school has a representative. Several years ago when the NCAA's were in Cleveland it was Coach Bonachi's last year - Cleveland State was having a rough year. I know that one of there wrestlers was voted a wild card just so coach Bonachi could be on the floor in Cleveland. I don't think it was right, someone else's opportunity was sacrificed because having a wrestler from CSU was thought to be important to the voting coaches. Wrestling at the NCAA championships is earned, I think the process used now provides more equity than the conference formula used in the past.
  12. I attended the match with my son - venue and crowd were great. PSU staff did a good job putting on show with lights and all. But the wrestling was actually pretty boring; some of the blame falls on the Pitt wrestlers too. All in all my teenage son wasn't impressed with the action, nor was I. Hopefully we get back for another match later in the season. Paces of the matches were slow - except Taylor. Phipps beat up on some back-up 165lber. Other than that not much to report; it was better than girls basketball.
  13. I sure like when Redblades and Pinnum post replies they are use on the mark, intelligent, and positive remarks. Hate when people get going which state is better or which 18 or 19 year old is not performing to our standards. Thanks I will continue to read your post gentlemen.
  14. Why just warn the top guy? The bottom guy has an obligation to get out. I take the guy down 3x during the match and accumulate 1:30 riding time. but get called for stalling 3 times because the guy couldn't get off the bottom. Turning a good wrestler is harder than getting off the bottom. How about we worry about putting more on the officials to determine stalling and the outcome of a match and spend more time teaching kids how to work off the bottom.
  15. 2nd4x


    keith97, no response on updates on LHU coaching search. some say no news is good news. But probably not this time around. Am wondering who is running/facilitating their summer wrestling camp program which has been very successful in the past. Don't know how many campers/teams it is pulling in lately. hopefully Robbie Waller will find a place to land. he always has had a lot of passion for the sport.
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