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  1. Can you describe the dominating, 8-6 win over Lizak for those of us who missed the match? Didn't Mr. Suriano forfeit to him twice this year? Maybe he figured that match would have been too easy!
  2. Anthony Ashnault was a high school wrestler back in 2009! He cannot still be wrestling in college.
  3. I will find myself in Oklahoma for business in the near future and I would like to attend a meet. I am hoping for good seats, near the action. Online, the tickets seem to be for the mezzanine-level. Can I expect to find ticket scalpers selling better seats? All the best.
  4. Paradise? Yes! Like April in Paris, only all the time!!! I actually choked on my coffee when I first read this. You need to get out and travel before you reach featherbrained conclusions like this one. How does the Jersey shore compare to Bora Bora? How high would you rank New Jersey's best city by international standards? Are they are a secret gem that world travelers don't yet know about? I spend much of my time in the Hamptons. It's nicer than anything NJ has by a long shot, but I wouldn't call it "paradise". It's just convenient from New York and I have family and friends there.
  5. New Brunswick is a dreadful place; there's just no two ways about it. Even by New Jersey standards. Rutgers is also unimpressive academically.
  6. Mister Caldwell was losing to Mister Grajales before the injury, correct? And he also wasn't undefeated that year either, correct? Pray tell how Mister Caldwell would have beaten New York's finest at that time and place. Extremely unlikely!
  7. Prospects amd students pick Rutgers because they are fans of The Big Apple (easily 1 hour away)? I had no idea.
  8. Rutgers is in a third-world city! I went to college in Manhattan and I can absolutely not understand the appeal of New Brunswick. I also find their alumnae to be obnoxious. I spend stints in the third-world for investment opportunities, but for college? No way Jose!
  9. Quality speculation here! I have a friend in the Garden State who said indeed it is indeed between Penn State and Iowa! Sorry Rutgers!
  10. Touché. I'm the first to admit that I am unable to follow the sport as closely as I'd like to for work reasons. What did I miss? I thought he took time off losing to Molinaro as a freshman.
  11. To be perfectly blunt, I doubt he makes a finals again. I'm not even sure that he will be an All-American his final 2 seasons. He's wild and undisciplined.
  12. I apologize in advance for any obvious remarks or inappropriate questions; I haven't followed this season as closely as seasons in the past. 1. We have a contingent of New Jersey fans here who hold the shibboleth that they live in the best wrestling state. They had two All-Americans this year (one ironically coming from the great Rutgers powerhouse we've heard so much about over the years). If I recall correctly, they only had two or 3 last year as well. At what point does it become appropriate to use objective criteria to dismantle this mantra? 2. Has anyone referred to Graff's action on the bottom as a blunder???? It seems like he exposed his own back in a tie match!!! If anyone agrees with me, how would you compare this to, say, Molinaro's decision to pick down against Dake and override Cael's advice? Although that decision didn't cost him the match, it did get him in the record books for being on the receiving end of the longest ride. 3. Had Steiber stayed at 133, would he have been able to beat Ramos this year?
  13. Do they have organized youth wrestling that resembles what we have here??? Adolf Oliverbush (who grew up in East Germany) used to say that judo tournaments in Europe were more alike (dojos competing in tournaments). He gave me the impression that the wrestlers were hand picked and given given personal training. He himself was able to the transition successfully (judo to freestyle).
  14. And how much is FloWrestling worth? I don't think we know that and that doesn't matter anyways for this discussion. I think they have ample revenue to provide a better service, do you disagree? If 8,000 people watched the stream, they have at least 8,000 paying customers. They also have customers who didn't watch it (they want techniques or youth events) and they have advertising revenue. They are lucky they don't have competitors, because you can drop the ball only so many times without losing customers for good. That was certainly my experience when I was practicing dentistry. The All-Star duals was broadcast on television at one point, correct? That was a free, advertising-based, alternative to Flo. I'm sure the quality and consistency of that broadcast was better than this one. I believe that FloWrestling has exclusive rights (that they pay for) to broadcast these events; it's not simply the case of no one else having an interest. Are they doing a good job? Well, they certainly have loyal customers like yourself. But then they have reluctant and unhappy customers like myself who pay because I have no other way of watching this stuff. Some things we couldn't watch without them, but not everything. I imagine that some of the world-team tryout material was broadcast on television before they got those rights as well. I still haven't seen the two main event matches of the All-Star outside of the painfully choppy and constantly pausing live-broadcast. I will go to the site now and look for it; I couldn't find it earlier.
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