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  1. Hell of a tournament by JO. Came up just short.
  2. Who coached Gabe Dean at the OTT?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Great points about the depth at 65 kg internationally. I also think American wrestling fans tend to overrate successful collegiate wrestlers (Metcalf, Zain, Yianni, etc.) and create unrealistic freestyle expectations.
  4. Why has the U.S. struggled so much at 65/66 kg in freestyle at the World Championships and Olympic Games? I believe the last world or Olympic medal won in the 65/66 kg weight class was 15 years ago by the current national team coach. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This year it's the lone freestyle weight not qualified for the Olympics. It seems like it's a weight class American wrestling fans get very excited about (not sure why), but the results at the Worlds and Olympics have not been good. Going into the Trials I thought JO was the best wrestler in the weight class (so it wasn't a surprise to me he won it), but it will take quite an effort to get the weight class qualified for Tokyo.
  5. I think it's safe to say we have seen the last domestic match for Gable in any style. He will move on to other things after the Olympics. Gwiz will remain in the mix in the coming years, but some other younger heavyweights are coming.
  6. I agree. He's a wonderful person and competitor. The documentary was well done.
  7. Agreed. Cox wasn't even the favorite to make the team, let alone the Olympics. Sadulaev is a massive favorite to win in Tokyo.
  8. Is there a benefit to Premium Plus over Premium? I have Premium right now.
  9. Snyder wrestles in tomorrow night's best-of-three finals against the challenge tournament champion.
  10. I agree. It's confusing and a little bit aggravating. But I'll go with USA Wrestling's schedule (semifinals tonight) over NBC's schedule.
  11. Challenge tournament semis and finals are tonight.
  12. Impressive performance for Ferrari! Didn't expect him to be competitive.
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