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  1. Not a shocking result, but still a nice win for the Michigan State program.
  2. Yeah, I caught it late. I saw him on bottom and assumed he had riding time locked up because he didn't seem to have any interest in getting up.
  3. A lot of overreaction to losing to a damn tough UNI wrestler. He's still probably a top-15 174. He'll be fine.
  4. I'm excited for Venz-Brooks!
  5. Impressive! His results align with his ranking, but obviously he has shown that he has the talent to be much higher.
  6. Will be interesting to see how the rest of this dual meet plays out!
  7. Cool. I don't look at Flo. I use Quant and Intermat. I agree with you that Robb is potential AA this year. Very impressed with him.
  8. Best in the business. Love Chertow on the call.
  9. Exactly. People are comparing them like it's Cael Sanderson vs. Jeff Knupp. Both Winston and Assad are unproven true freshmen. Nobody really knows how they are going to pan out. Most would agree that Winston is the more talented wrestler, but Assad is the harder worker and in a great training environment. As for the practice room reports of Winston taking lumps at Minnesota, I would expect that for a true freshman. Most struggle in their first year, especially the first few months.
  10. You have to take the first half of a true freshman's season with a grain of salt. Like Molsen said, clearly the staff saw something they liked from Assad.
  11. I stopped listening when Askren's justification for Dieringer beating Amine is because Dieringer has three NCAA titles. Huh? What the hell does that have to do with anything related to the topic at hand.
  12. 10 to 1. I'll take that bet. I thought the number would around 4 to 1.
  13. Does interest and participation in Greco need to increase? Why cater to freestyle? Isn't Greco pretty healthy worldwide?
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