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  1. Still too early to tell. Let's see where some of the transfers end up and seniors sign.
  2. Was thinking the same thing. They probably want to wait to see if NCAA wrestling will even happen.
  3. Great guy and contributor to this forum! He will be missed.
  4. Is Perry taking ASU assistant position? Or running the RTC?
  5. Great service. Got mine too.
  6. No chance the NCAA wrestling or basketball tournaments go on as scheduled.
  7. Hard to imagine the NCAA tournament happening. Cancelling it would be the right move. Sports seem so unimportant in a time like this.
  8. No. Undefeated Chas Tucker won't be seeded worse than third.
  9. My guess would be 7:30 p.m. ET.
  10. Guessing semifinals will start an hour into the session.
  11. Like you, I don't support Flo. But you can purchase a monthly subscription to BTN+ ($14.95) to catch the Big Ten Championships up to the finals. I believe the finals are only on BTN. https://www.btnplus.com/packages
  12. Because teams have backups who are better than starters on other teams.
  13. Not a shocking result, but still a nice win for the Michigan State program.
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