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  1. MagnetBack

    Anyone know

    Line will likely be Nolf -5.5. I would bet Berger +5.5.
  2. MagnetBack

    2019 NCAA Betting Hub

    No, unfortunately Rivers Casino is not posting wrestling odds. I contacted them.
  3. MagnetBack

    Sports books

    Frustrated that Sportsbook.com is not posting lines this year. BetDSI's limits are too low and there isn't much value in the lines.
  4. MagnetBack

    Post-Conference WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index

    Seems like a pointless request. Speculation by fans is fun. How many at-large selections are there in each of the weight classes?
  5. MagnetBack

    Post-Conference WrestlingByPirate Dual Impact Index

    Did you post your predicted at-large selections at each weight class? I couldn't find them.
  6. MagnetBack

    Flo quality for big 10 semis

    Was really bad. Almost unwatchable.
  7. MagnetBack

    Conference Tourny Upsets

    If loses to Ashworth, he can still get an automatic spot, right?
  8. MagnetBack

    Is Shakur Rasheed overrated at #2?

    He is ranked #2 in the country. The seed made sense. He was undefeated. Who cares if he missed some matches (that he likely would have won).
  9. Chase Singletary (Ohio State, 285)
  10. MagnetBack

    Best wrestlers who will need at-large berth

    Sam Stoll (Iowa, 285)
  11. MagnetBack

    Best wrestlers who will need at-large berth

    Chase Singletary (Ohio State, 285)
  12. Just starting this thread. List the best wrestlers who failed to earn an automatic berth at their conference tournament and will need an at-large berth to qualify for the NCAAs.
  13. MagnetBack

    Worst Coaching Decisions of 2018/19

    I agree. Will put the Gophers in a bind at heavyweight in the coming years after Gable moves on from college wrestling.
  14. MagnetBack

    Conference Tourny Upsets

    Means Joe Smith (assuming he wins) will hit Ashworth in the consolation semifinals, right?
  15. MagnetBack

    FLO’s Pre Big 10 Interview with Sebastian Rivera

    I predict Lee beats him comfortably this weekend. 10-4.