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  1. Disappointing dual. The most anticipated matches are not happening.
  2. Makes sense. Duals have no bearing on the national tournament. With no official national champion for dual meets, I've always wondered why dual meet scores are kept since they don't mean anything.
  3. 10% chance of the 2021 NCAA Championships occurring.
  4. Still super impressed with Karen Burgess. She's fantastic. Doing a great job.
  5. Karen Burgess seems like the most prepared and the best of the lawyers.
  6. You're right. I expect this to happen with the Olympics in 2021 too. We will start seeing nations pull out and eventually the Olympics will likely be canceled. It's really unfortunate, but we are in a pandemic.
  7. Just shows how tough Division I wrestling is. He's really good.
  8. I agree. The Olympics next summer seem unlikely.
  9. Well put. It's aggravating seeing all these wrestling events, camps and training in the middle of a pandemic where people aren't wearing masks or social distancing. I agree that it's hard to feel good about any sort of season. College football won't happen, even at the Power 5 conferences, despite some wishful thinking.
  10. I agree with those that say there won't be a college wrestling season. It's unfortunate, but seems like the most likely scenario. Time to start looking ahead to the 2021-22 season!
  11. Still too early to tell. Let's see where some of the transfers end up and seniors sign.
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