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  1. True. If not for Cael, I think Eggum's career would be looked at a lot differently. Great competitor. World silver medalist (when Cael opted not to compete).
  2. Can't blame him. Might as well screw around for another year and spend time with friends/teammates.
  3. I don't think you would see a lot of wrestlers (if any) throwing matches. There's betting on college football, college basketball, etc. I understand those are team sports, but a top QB or basketball player can make a big difference.
  4. I agree that sports betting would be a huge driver for fan interest in wrestling.
  5. It's great that Chance is speaking candidly about his drug addiction. Hopefully he can use his platform to help others struggling with addiction.
  6. Mark is super fun to watch and seems like a great guy. I think he's going to make a fantastic coach after his competitive career is over.
  7. Agreed. The same people who said the internet is a fad back in 2000 are the same people saying Web 3/crypto/NFTs are a fad. Give it some time.
  8. Would be fun to see Yianni in MMA after his college wrestling career.
  9. I thought DC did a great job. Hope he's back again next year.
  10. Seemed like mostly mild upsets. Nothing major.
  11. I really enjoyed it. I'm sure Rudis will just continue to get better.
  12. Would be fun to see.
  13. Would be a nice tournament for Penn State if they finish third.
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