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  1. I think Burroughs will get another Olympic medal next year.
  2. Good match between Sharifov and Snyder. Fun to watch two high level guys like that wrestle each other. Not a shocking result. Sharifov is an Olympic champ and multiple-time Olympic medalist for a reason.
  3. Nor should he be at age 31. Incredible what he has been able to do for so long.
  4. You're a bit surprised Cox doesn't garner a little more support?! 14 of 17 journalists picked him. Seems a bit high. Karimi and others are capable.
  5. When will the second match take place? That night? Or like 30 minutes later? I couldn't tell from the release.
  6. Trackwrestling and United World Wrestling website. Let's ditch FILA.
  7. With the Dake-Dieringer match now less than a month away, does anyone have details aside from it being in Austin that day? What time are the matches? Is the venue set? Will tickets be sold?
  8. Taylor was a fun story in 2018, but he's a one-time world team member. In 2020, he's not beating Cox, a world champion/Olympic medalist with a much better international wrestling track record than Taylor.
  9. Cox is going 86 in 2020, not 97. Both Cox and Snyder will be on the Olympic team.
  10. Yes, but he hadn't passed away when people were posting that he had.
  11. Very impressive resume. Will be interesting to see how he does at Northwest Tech.
  12. Hopefully USA Wrestling publishes the date and venue for the Olympic Trials Qualifier so fans/wrestlers/coaches can make arrangements.
  13. 57: Cejudo 65: Pico 74: JB 86: Cox 97: Snyder 285: Gwiz
  14. I agree, Hammerlock. Haywood is delusional to put Taylor on Yazdani's level. American fans overrate Taylor because he won an NCAA title or two. Like that means something on the world stage. Yazdani is one of the top five pound-for-pound wrestlers in the world. Taylor made one world team, but comparing him to a four-time world/Olympic medalist is embarrassing. I am looking forward to Cox-Yazdani in 2020. Not sure Cox can beat him, but will be interesting.
  15. Come on. Comparing Yazdani to Taylor is insulting. Yazdani is an Olympic champ, world champ and three-time world medalist. Taylor is a one-time world team member. Yes, Taylor beat Yazdani, but Yazdani's resume is far superior to Taylor's resume. It's like saying Rulon is better than Karelin because he beat him.
  16. Yazdani is the best 86 in the world. Downey is dangerous, but not on Yazdani's level.
  17. Would love to see him compete for Mexico, win gold in the 2020 Olympics and then go back to MMA and become a champion.
  18. I hope Cox competes in MMA after 2020. Would be great to see him.
  19. Cox will go 86 next year and be in the Olympic finals.
  20. I'd give you 5-2. Wish BetDSI posted odds because I think Yianni would have been at least -170.
  21. I thought it was supposed to be Conder-Anthony next. Did it get moved to tonight?
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