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  1. Gambatte

    GRECO Throw stategy

    Thanks to TrackWrestling I've had a chance to watch some awesome Greco matches. I'm wondering what is the strategy of lifting the guy off the mat from par terre for a throw and then walking to the edge of the mat before executing the throw. A couple of times it appeared to me that the top wrestler had a secure lock and great position to complete the throw near the center of the mat but first walked it to the edge. I would think you could lose your grip and expend a huge amount energy moving toward the edge. Were these just circumstance or is there a strategy to taking it to the edge?
  2. Quincy Monday vs Kennedy Monday Fri Jan 11, 7 pm, Dillon Gym Though Lenny Merkin likely starter for the Tigers would be exciting too.
  3. Gambatte

    Final X - State College - Live Thread

    Best of Three question: Does a pin end the series or does it count the same as a win by push out or shot clock penalty?
  4. Gambatte

    Final X Lincoln

    Snyder 8-2
  5. Gambatte! Give your best. Even against insurmountable odds, give your all. A Japanese phrase I picked up training with Chuo University in 1973. Has multiple levels of meaning and grew out of the Samurai tradition.
  6. Gambatte

    Hahn to SDSU

    This is a great opportunity plain and simple. The only thing lateral about it is Ithaca and Brookings are on about the same latitude.
  7. Gambatte

    USA vs Georgia 10am CT

    Sunday morning in Iowa, everyone is just getting out of church.
  8. Gambatte


    I stopped using the site because of the constant spam ads that kept popping up. Sorry to hear it may be down and out though. PS I just visited WR.com and it seems to be up and running. I checked a couple threads without any issues but did not post anything. Gambatte=CDK
  9. Gambatte

    Ashnault 6th year

    I tend to agree, five years to complete four years eligibility is enough. Mormon missions are usually 18 months, so perhaps going on your mission before enrolling would be advisable. Unlike one-and-done superstar basketball players, at least these sixth year student/athletes are matriculating.
  10. Gambatte


    Yes, a very good article. AnklePicker posted this story on March 19, topic title Dagestan N.Y. Times.
  11. Gambatte

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    Bolyard would be a great pick for WVU but if it were me I'd be more interested in picking up where Bono left off — SDSU.
  12. What was interesting to my recollection and I think this has been written about before but for the first few minutes the crowd was in denial not fully cognizant of what was happening. Gable's stunned expression mid way through the bout was a reflection of the crowd's reaction. Reality kicked in and the rest is history.
  13. I was there as a spectator and high school senior.
  14. Gambatte

    Lowest Seed with a Chance at Winning

    1972 Gary Barton Clarion unseeded and won NCAAs at 134lbs. NJDan's post was not clearly written. I think he meant Branch was first unseeded wrestler with a losing record to win a title.
  15. Gambatte

    PSU vs. Lehigh, Sunday Dual

    Reminiscent of Matter vs Shields.