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  1. First time I saw the Sasahara cloth head gear it was being worn by Joe DeMeo wrestling for Cornell vs Columbia in 1961. Columbia upset Cornell that day and went on to win the Ivy League title. In any event, I had to have one of those blue Terri cloth fabric kamikaze helmets and that’s what I wore for my early HS wrestling days.
  2. Art Baker, Syracuse NCAA Champ and AA Football. I know this thread was originally about current two-sport wrestlers but it morphed into a list of multi- generational 2 sport AAs. Also, Jack Cuvo, East Stroudsburg NCAA Champ and Cross Country AA.
  3. Unfortunately the New England Culinary Institute was unable to weather the pandemic and had to fold its tent. https://www.neci.edu/
  4. That's incorrect. First, it is/was not a league rule but rather each institution's individual choice whether or not to allow transfers. Princeton was the only Ivy I am aware of that did not accept transfers but they changed that restriction a couple years ago and now do accept transfer students. I googled each Ivy school with wrestling and Harvard, Penn, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and Princeton all accept transfer students.
  5. That’s where my college teammate from West Greene said he came from when asked.
  6. Where are EIWAs next year and beyond? Penn? Bucknell? Does Cornell get back in the rotation?
  7. Bringing it back to Montclair wrestling, I remember Guketlov wrestling for NYU and coach Roger Sanders. How many years did compete for Montclair and when was he D1 AA? Answered my own question. Guketlov was 5th place in 1975.
  8. I remember watching Mike Gallego win his NCAA title in 68 at Penn State when I was in HS. He later became my dentist when I lived in Grass Valley, CA. We even worked out together a bit. Great guy. I came across a great 64 page flip book online about the Latino contribution to wrestling history. Check it out: http://read.uberflip.com/i/279748-latino-american-wrestling-experience/0?m4=
  9. Yes, I do see the club model as an inevitability for wrestling as well as other non-revenue sports. That concept was floated by me quite a few years ago when I was coaching high school wrestling.
  10. Paul Smith's College in the heart of the Adirondacks. Unique 4 year college with a variety of degree programs including Hotel management. Better known for its Forestry school.
  11. Thanks for this more likely version. My imagination had me heading down a path of a Tale of Armenian Ashkenazi Klezmer Music Tradition. Both are good stories and as Black Elk said, “ ... whether it happened so or not I do not know; but if you think about it, it is true.”
  12. Greg Surenian only wrestled one full season at Lehigh finishing 3rd at the 1971 NCAAs at 125 lbs, losing in the semis to Fujita. He left school and went to Boston to pursue other interests which I thought were music related though I am uncertain. Perhaps Gimpeltf or another of the Lehigh brethren can fill in details. I thought he attended the Berkeley Music Conservatory In Boston. One interesting obscure fact I discovered looking up his wrestling career was that he never won the NJ regionals (3x 2nd place) although he was a 2x NJ State champ. One thing for certain, he was a very exciting wrestler to watch.
  13. Ben Harvey, Army West Point, used this arm drag technique quite often and effectively. It seemed “retro” when I first saw him use it; the technique was fairly common in the 60s and 70s. I also saw it used by a Russian freestyle wrestler but can’t recall who or when.
  14. This is from Princeton's website announcing back to campus protocols for the coming academic year: Athletics With return to campus protocols still being developed and introduced by Ivy League institutions, the Council of Ivy League Presidents intends to announce a final decision regarding the status of intercollegiate athletic activity for fall 2020 on July 8. This decision and other important details for student-athletes will be communicated by the Department of Athletics directly to Princeton coaches, staff and student-athletes on July 8.
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