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  1. This is from Princeton's website announcing back to campus protocols for the coming academic year: Athletics With return to campus protocols still being developed and introduced by Ivy League institutions, the Council of Ivy League Presidents intends to announce a final decision regarding the status of intercollegiate athletic activity for fall 2020 on July 8. This decision and other important details for student-athletes will be communicated by the Department of Athletics directly to Princeton coaches, staff and student-athletes on July 8.
  2. Got it. Misunderstood your post. I agree.
  3. If you’re referring to the seasonal effect on the virus remember Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere so it’s late fall heading into winter now.
  4. I agree. I'm not in favor of another year eligibility.
  5. Started his own company: http://www.hleadership.net/home.html
  6. That would not surprise me in the least.
  7. I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more. Congrats Noah!
  8. Gambatte will be there with a contingent of Vintage Tigers.
  9. Jared Prince, Navy, at 149. He looked brutal last night vs Army. He beat Larry Early at 157 last week. He's only wrestled 3 or 4 matches this season.
  10. It's been 34 years since 1986 and I think that’s Coach Sean Gray. Go Tigers!
  11. I thought he injured it in the first period when he got the first takedown crashing out of bounds. When he got up it looked like he was favoring his left arm and was looking to the coaches. Loew was impressive.
  12. I recently purchased ESPN+ and it took me a while to find the wrestling content. Once you’re on the ESPN+ page, scroll down past upcoming and on demand selections until you get to “Sports” with various icons. Then scroll left to right until you see a Singlet for wrestling and tap that icon. A slew of matches for the next couple weeks will be listed. Perhaps you’ve figured this out already. Some of the upcoming matches include: Lehigh v Cornell, Columbia v Cornell, N Colorado v Okla St, Missouri v SIUE, Missouri v C Michigan, Edinboro v Rider, WV v Okla St, Loch Haven v G Mason, Pitt v Okla St, Binghamton v Penn, American v Columbia, Virginia Tech v Cornell.
  13. I'm pretty sure Grady Penninger was still head coach at MSU. Doug Blubaugh, long time assistant, had moved on to Indiana State by then. From memory.
  14. Weight class 142. I was 1-1 and done. Lost to 2x College Division Champ from Cal Poly, Glen Anderson. In those days you had to lose to a semi finalist to qualify for consolations.
  15. Likewise, I enjoy these jerseywrestling posts and this one in particular. I qualified and competed in this tournament. Like Gary Barton I was unseeded but unlike him I wrestled to my seed.
  16. Gary Barton had a legendary title run. Unseeded, he knocked off the 5th, 4th, 2nd, and 1st seeded wrestlers on the way to the title.
  17. Curious about the caption. I count six wrestlers who won two or more NCAA D1 titles, but not six who “more than two.” Greg Johnson 3x Pat Milkovich 2x Wade Schalles 2x D1, plus probably multiple DII titles Carl Adams 2x Andy Matter 2x Chris Taylor 2x Also, Andy Matter from Upper Darby, PA, is a Jersey legend??? Did he have a legendary coaching career in NJ?
  18. Before there was even DII and DIII there was College Division and NAIA. And Prior to 1962(?) there wasn't even a "Small" College Division. Several teams now DI were either NAIA or College Division such as Cal Poly and Lock Haven. Other schools such as SIU Carbondale, Moorhead State, Adams State, Portland State competed in NAIA and/or the Small College Division. There is a handful of NCAA DI champions from that era : Lock Haven: Elliot Gray Simon, Bill Blacksmith, Fred Powell, Ken Melchior Portland State: Rick Sanders Cal Poly: Tom Kline Adams State: Nick Corollo SIU Carbondale: Don Millard Moorhead State: Bucky Maughn
  19. Along with a couple other fans on this thread, I was there as a spectator. Ricky Stewart had a fireman's carry that was killer and no secret to any of his opponents. He hit Dave Schultz with it and stuck him just like that, BAM. A week or two prior to the NCAAs they met in the Big 8 finals and Schultz prevailed 4-2.
  20. Thanks for the interesting recommendations, jackwebster. I'll be on the lookout for both especially Things Fall Apart. Back in the 70s I remember Bobby Douglas referring to his roots to African wrestling culture. Another book on my reading list is Thrashing Seasons, a 19th and 20th century history of the genesis of prairie wrestling in Manitoba. https://uofmpress.ca/books/detail/thrashing-seasons
  21. John Irving's “Imaginary Girlfriend” is a wrestling memoir worth looking up. It can be found in a collection of his writing called “Trying to Save Piggy Sneed”. Two other of his novels, “The 158-Pound Marriage” and “Setting Free the Bears,” both have wrestling characters and subplots but are not “wrestling” novels. Terry Davis's “Vision Quest” is my favorite.
  22. In the reverse direction, Warren Crow transferred from Cornell to Albany State where he was a 2x College Division champion, OW, was a Division I AA (4th, 123 lbs, 1966) in the era when College DII & DIII schools competed in the DI nationals, plus defeated Rick Sanders in the semis of the College Division Championships when he was voted OW.
  23. Dear GreatDane67: Great Post! I have been reading and enjoying your posts for the past few years. The first time I read your screen name I wondered, could that be NCAA champ and legend slayer from 1966? If so, I got to watch you compete in 1964 while I was a youngster. And if not, I still enjoy your humor and intelligent posts. —Gambatte!
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