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  1. McDaniel changed their name in 2002. Before that it went by Western Maryland College. Though there is a good chance you had never heard that name before either.
  2. Who are the other two current world team members? The only current world team member at 86kg was Pat Downey. The current world team member at the non Olympic weight below (Dake) went down and the non Olympic pic weight above went up (Cox). I guess Downey is the boogeyman. Taylor was picked over him maybe two months ago? I don’t recall. When did USAW use a best of three wrestle off between the US Open champ and the current world team member to pick who goes to an Olympic qualifier? You said they used this in the past.
  3. Not really. I would prefer a process that either sends Downey or moves the trials up so the process can be completed before the Pan Am qualifier tournament. When was the last Olympics that USAW allowed the open runner up to wrestle off in a best of three for the right to go to a qualifying tournament over the current world team member?
  4. There are issues with giving the open champ this consideration. The 2018 and 2019 world team members are already qualified for the trials along with the 2019 Bill Ferrell champ so the top 3 guys at a weight could have little reason to wrestle at the open and that number could even be greater with guys going up and down from non Olympic weights. If making this rule means that past world team members and the Bill Farrell champ will go to the open that will reduce the number of qualifiers at the OTT. Is that desired? Also this makes a weird event where only a few weights are contested in best of three format which might be difficult to promote. If it is the two best guys at the weight then the open+pan am qualifier wrestle off would almost be the Olympic trials before the Olympic trials. I’d be more in favor of moving up the timing of the Olympic trials to before the pan am qualifier than adding another layer of wrestle offs specifically for the qualifier, but as a matter of practicality I don’t think it makes much difference. What was the last time your proposal was done in men’s freestyle? I recall in 2012 two wrestlers were exempted from the OTT so they could prepare for qualifying tournaments with those wrestlers gifted a spot in a mini bracket with the wrestler that won the tournament at the OTT. The wrestler who was not exempted from the trials won that mini bracket and later medaled at the Olympics.
  5. That would be two orders of magnitude worse than what is commonly reported for H1N1. H1N1 had a fatality rate of around 0.03%. 3 in 100 dying would be 3% or 100x greater. Not sure what the final rate with be for this coronavirus but current data and reporting indicates it will be much closer to 3% than 0.03%.
  6. Both these events (Last Chance qualifier and Olympic Trials) take place on college campuses. It won't be entirely up to USAW if they get cancelled. Many colleges are cancelling classes and going all online. I doubt those club racers are racing on a college campus.
  7. Oh okay, that makes more sense. I guess with the 9th place bracket being an exception it isn't showing in track.
  8. How was it decided that Taylor LaMont should be the one to wrestle for true 8th? There were 4 wrestlers eliminated that round Jared Van Vleet, Todd Small, Zach Price, and Taylor LaMont. Van Vleet lost to Siebert (8th), LaMont lost to Witcraft (7th) the other guys lost to guys who placed higher than these guys. What eliminated them from true 8th? This is what complicated true 8th over true 6th, true 4th, and true 2nd. Why LaMont? Because he was the highest seed to not earn and automatic berth? Todd Small needed a wildcard and had earned an AQ for the conference. LaMont is clearly the better wrestler of the two (LaMont and Seibert), but still I think they should stick to what was decided pre torunament and if they do decide to do a true 8th in the future they need to have a system where Van Vleet wrestles Small with the winner wrestling the winner of Price-LaMont for 9th place. Then the 9th place winner wrestled the 7th place loser to true 8th. Here is a link to the brackets https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=579474132
  9. FRL creation. Askren was the originator, but all of them seemed on board.
  10. With the talk of a instadeath on FRL I was trying to think of the highest profile match this rule could have factored. Instadeath would change the rules so that if one wrestler amassed 4:00 of advantage time in their favour the match would end and they would be declared the winner. It seems like it would rarely apply, but one such match is the 2011 NCAA final where Kyle Dake amassed over 6:00 of riding time in a 8-1 win over Frank Molinaro. Dake had over 2:00 of RT at the end of 1st, rode Molinaro the entire 2nd period, then started on bottom in the third and reverse Molinaro 3 seconds in and rode him the rest of the match. How would it have changed this match? Does Molinaro get away? Does he not choose bottom in the 2nd? Are there other big matches where this would apply? Dake-Molinaro 2011 NCAA final
  11. Askren has known for some time. On FRL this morning he said he knew ahead of the announcement but did not reveal the information. CP said he suspected Askren knew at the OTT qualifier in Dec in Fort Worth. He said when he asked Askren at that event Ben's entire demeanor changed when denied knowing. Listen at 1:17 - https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6696142-frl-457-princeton-ends-cornells-streak-gross-rby-parris-cassioppi I also doubt that he would have outright told Kevin. I suspect if Kevin knew ahead of the announcement it was because Cox told one or more persons at the Ohio RTC and word got around. Probably more of an open secret in the room and only a real secret from the media and fans.
  12. Anyone think Snyder has known this for some time? His brother is still at Ohio State and with Cox at the Ohio RTC there had to be some indication before this/
  13. Indeed. I called this back in October and few took it seriously.
  14. Dylan Duncan is his only other top 20 win this season. All he can do is beat the guys on the schedule, but he hasn't had a regular decision this season and I don't think he's been taken down either. He should get a shot at Moran and McKee this weekend. He also went to the Trials Qualifier in December and beat Ethan Lizak, Eierman, Joey Lazor, and Frank Molinaro. He had a great season last year losing only 4 matches (McKenna x2, Dom Demas, and Tristan Moran) with wins over McKenna, Mitch McKee x2, Moran, Red, Murin, Storr, and Shoop.
  15. I broadly agree with this sentiment, but McKenna got the rising point on Lee which was the difference in their match at NCAAs (McKenna won 4-3). Lee did not give up riding time to McKenna at big tens or in the dual which Lee won. I think that’s the only riding time point he gave up last year. In his loss to Moran, Lee earned the riding time point which sent it to OT and against Demás riding time was not a factor. Demas inside tripping him 3 times was the major issue.
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