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  1. Fishbane

    PSU vs Iowa

    141 is kind a of a weak spot. Hughes is probably more of a 149. Lynch is the only national champ PSU had at 134 and there hasn't been one at 141. Retherford and Molinaro were here, but only their freshman seasons. I'd probably pick Kolat. His last year at PSU he beat the returning champ Jaworsky 3 times though we all know what happened at nationals. Probably pick a 1994 Kolat over Hughes at this weight too. Not sure if 94 Kolat beats 92 Brands.
  2. Fishbane

    PSU vs Iowa

    You can see the updated one online here - https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/hawkeyesports.com/documents/2018/10/29/2018_19_Media_Guide_hs_com.pdf
  3. Fishbane

    PSU vs Iowa

    Several times. Abe beat him three times in 1994. In 1995 McGinness won three times. Then in 1996 they were both undefeated and met in the Big Ten final. MgGinness got injured and Abe won. Abe went on to win nationals and MgGinness DNPed, but came back to win nationals again in 1998. If that was the match I think I'd call it even, but the match is either Abe or Martin vs Davis.
  4. Fishbane

    Mason Manville OR

    They also wrestled at Powerade that season. Zain won both, but neither were blowouts.
  5. Fishbane

    Shakur Got His 6th Year

    Aaron Anspach was denied a 6th year in 2007. That's the only one I can recall off the top of my head. He was in the NCAA finals that year. https://gopsusports.com/news/2007/5/31/Nittany_Lion_Wrestler_Aaron_Anspach_Denied_Sixth_Year_of_Eligibility.aspx Other PSU wrestlers that have received 6th year waivers in the past include Eric Bradley and James Woodall. Tim Haas too.
  6. Fishbane

    Rank the recent multi-time PSU champs

    I'd put Zain at number 1. Three undefeated seasons, 2 Hodges, and making the world team whilst still in college gives him the edge. 1) Retherford, 2) Nickal, 3) Nolf, 4) Ruth, 5) Taylor, 6) Wright, 7) Joseph I think what hurts Taylor is that he doesn't have a signature win. What is the top win of his college career? Derek St. John? Steve Fittery? Tyler Caldwell? St. John is the only wrestler he ever beat who went on to win NCAAs and they only wrestled as freshman. Every one else in the list had at least one win over a returning NCAA champ. Joseph beat Imar, Nickal beat Dean, Nolf beat Imar, Retherford beat Stieber, Ruth beat Bosak, Wright beat Kilgore. Also Retherford, Nickal, and Nolf equaled or surpassed Taylor's pin total in fewer matches
  7. Fishbane

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    I agree with this. The seeds have an unfair advantage vs the rankings in this comparison since they set the brackets and thus help to determine the outcome.
  8. Prior to 1999, when the weight certification rules changed, you could actually weigh in at the bumped up weight and later weight in back at your weight without the 1.5%/week thing. The kind of weight shift that OSU is doing this season was much more common. Also Prescott wrestled Terry more than once. There was another match at the VA duals where Terry ripped Prescott's arm like Desanto-Miccic and Prescott retaliated by kicking Terry in the head resulting in a double DQ.
  9. In 2005 Jesse Jantzen was coming off sucessive 3rd place NCAA finishes at 149. He wrestled Alex Tirapelle who was the national runner up the year before at 157 in an early season tournament up at 157lbs. I think it was Cliff Keen. Tirapelle won a one sided decision. Something like 8-3. Jantzen was the number 1 seed at NCAAs at 149 and won the championship that year, whilst Tirapelle was the 1 seed at 157 and finished 4th. Not sure if Jantzen had wrestled at 149 yet that year so maybe it doesn't count as bumping up.
  10. Fishbane

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    I think Mac was something like 22-0 so also a shorter season. McCoy was at the end of an 80 or so match winning streak, which Kolat and McIlravy didn't have going for them.
  11. Fishbane

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Both had two undefeated seasons. Konrad lost to Askren twice. Oliver finished behind Burroughs and then Dake. Many people don't realize that Olvier only lost 6 times in college. His junior year he had an impressive run of pins to start the season before losing to Ramos. Kolat and Mark Branch could be mentioned. Branch was in the finals 4 times, but only had an undefeated season his senior year. Kolat only lost 7 times and had a lot of falls, but only one undefeated season. He had the career pin record at PSU when he transferred after only wrestling two seasons. Coincidentally both of them had their undefeated seasons the same year, 1997 when McCoy won the award. 1997 was a deep Hodge field. Branch, Ironside, Kolat, McCoy, and McIlravy were all undefeated. I'd also throw Tommy Rowlands in there, but he never had an undefeated season.
  12. Fishbane

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Imar also only lost thrice and beat Nolf twice.
  13. Fishbane

    Augustana (SD) to move up to Division-I?

    That is not universally true. RIT, D3 in all sports including wrestling, moved up to D1 only in men's hockey in 2005-2006 with all other sports staying D3. In 2012-2013 Women's hockey moved up to D1 with all remaining sports non-ice hockey sports, including wrestling, remaining D3. They have 22 sports 20 of which compete at the d3 level with men's and women's hockey D1.
  14. Fishbane


    He freaked out at the end of his quarterfinal with Mueller at Cliff Keen too. Mueller was on top and he does a couple standing granbys/no hands cartwheels with Mueller on his back with a leg in and when that fails to shake Mueller he stands up for a third time and does the old jump backwards on top of your opponent for an illegal slam. That's 3 of his 7 losses this season that he's given up a point in the closing seconds for an illegal technique. It's crazy. The other loss at NCAAs was in sudden victory so he didn't have a chance to freak out in that he wasn't trailing at the end. The loss at the scuffle he knocked himself silly by hitting his head on the mat when executing a mat return on Mueller and had to med default with a concussion. In his interview after beating Mueller at NCAAs he seems to be saying that Mueller was responsible for his injury. Looking at the video it was more like when Lindland KOed himself with a suplex than Mueller hurting DeSanto. The only match I've seen where he was losing at the end and did not freak out was the 3rd place match at Cliff Keen. Couldn't find a video of his loss in the ISU dual so there could be two. Quarterfinal at Cliff Keen https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6051811-133-lbs-quarterfinal-jack-mueller-virginia-vs-austin-desanto-drexel
  15. Fishbane

    Suriano to Rutgers?

    What if the head of the academic department for the student-athlete's major moved to another university?