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  1. There are several wrestlers that can get to 8. Micic, as someone mentioned, can do it next year. Pretty much any wrestler that can combine a greyshirt, redshirt, olympic redshirt, along with the COVID year can get to 8. There are combinations that can get one there like a second Olympic redshirt or an injury year/6th year waiver. 8 in theory can always happen with the right timing without COVID, an injury waivers, or mission years, by using a greyshirt, redshirt, 2 olympic redshirts, and 4 years of competition. COVID opens up the possibility of 9 years. I guess Tanner Hall has already done this. He was High School class of 2011. 2011-2012 greyshirt at OTC, 2012-2013 MIssion, 2013-2014 Mission, 2014-2015 Mission, 2015-2016 Freshman, 2016-2017 sophomore, 2017-2018 Junior, 2018-2019 redshirt, 2019-2020 Senior. His last year of competition was his 9th year out of high school though he spent 3 years not competing. Anthony Cassar: I think he actually has a year of eligibility left. I doubt he takes it but should he wrestle next year that would be his 8th year out of high school. He would do it with 1 redshirt, 2 injury years, 1 covid year, and 4 years of competition. Mason Manville has the opportunity fo be wrestling in college his 9th year out of college. He would do it with 1 greyshirt, 1 redshirt, 1 olympic redshirt, 1 COVID year, 4 years of competition. That's 8 years. If he takes a second Olympic redshirt in 2023-2024 that would be 9. This next group could be in wrestling in their 8th year out of high school should they take an olympic redshirt in 2023-2024 Daton Fix: 1 redshirt, 2 olympic redshirts, 1 covid year, 4 years of competition MIchael Beard: 1 greyshirt, 1 redshirt, 1 Olympic redshirt, 1 COVID year, and 4 years of competition Joe Lee: 1 grey shirt, 1 redshirt, 1 olympic redshirt, 1 COVID year, and 4 years of competition Vito Arujau: 1 greyshirt, 2 olympic redshirts, 1 COVID year, and 4 years of competition. He might actually have a regular redshirt he could use to get to 9 if he transfers to a non-ivy.
  2. Once you mentioned it I did recall hearing that at the time. I guess procedures have changed since 2012. Also I believe their is an error in that quote which is not yours error but OSUs. Oliver won NCAAs in 2011 not 2010. 2012 was the year he lost to Stieber and then in 2013 he moved up two weights to 149 and won again. Missing weight at the OTT was between his last season at 133 and moving up to 149.
  3. That's interesting given the situation with Cox this year. Did the procedures change since then or was Cox given the option to move up and opted not to?
  4. Oliver was competitive but not a factor. Would you predict RBY to exceed that? In 2012 60kg was still a weight. I am not sure why Oliver moved up so soon. I imagine he was done cutting the weight. In any event he had not filled it out yet. The next year he was a factor beating Metcalf and making the US Open final. The three mini match format was really the best rule set for Oliver to beat Metcalf. As for Hall he was a 157 in 2011. Oliver was 133 a few weeks earlier. They didn’t wrestle off for 5th last weekend but at 65kg that match would have been between Zain and Mitch McKee. I wouldn’t like RBYs chances to beat either finalist or the 5th place finisher. He might hold it close though especially in the old best of three period format. I am pretty sure Kolat defaulted his Consolation. He was there for one spot. Like molinero this year. I am sure Oliver would have done the same if he lost.
  5. It would probably turn out a lot like Oliver at the 2012 trials. That was after his junior year when he lost to Stieber in the 133 final. He wrestled 66kg and went 0-2 losing to Metcalf in the first round. If RBY could make 57kg then he could be a factor. It's really the only choice for a 133 to be competitive. The only wrestler that ended his NCAA career at 133 and didn't go 57kg this year was Nashon Garrett. The rest of them went down.
  6. The 1984 team is overrated. They had 7 gold medals, but that is only because of the boycott. The Soviets had 7 golds in 1980 and also at 1982 and 1983 world championships which were not boycotted. They also won 5 in 1985 to the USAs 2. 1984 was good but in a normal year would look a lot more like the 1992 and 1996 teams.
  7. Yes it is top 2 same as in 2016. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling_at_the_2020_Summer_Olympics_–_Qualification
  8. I think more so than injury concerns it's because there is the worry that someone who might be capable of winning gold could get figured out by a domestic wrestler that sees him compete more and wrestles him more than the international wrestlers. Or at least that's the perception. I think when Sigman and Bergman beat out Varner and Dlagnev in 2010 and the US won 0 mens freestyle medals at worlds helped establish that. Varner and Dlagnev were returning World Bronze and had to go through the challenge bracket and then lost the best of three to Sigman and Bergman who were sitting in the finals as US Open champs. I also think Stephen Neal winning worlds in 1999 and then losing the spot to McCoy for the Olympics and going into football never sat well with some people. Neal had one shot at worlds and won it whilst being voted most technical wrestler. McCoy had three shots at worlds and two olympics and came away with a single silver medal in 2003 when Worlds were hosted in NYC. It wasn't always this way and it isn't exactly this way in all styles. The US open champ used to get the finals bye in freestyle link in the 2010 WTT. Greco I think you need to be a world champ to get the bye a bronze like Burroughs has wont cut it. It's possibly the same in womens too. The reason it is only a semifinal bye for Dake is because the Olympics have fewer weights. The world medalist at this weight (Burroughs) has a bye to the finals on Saturday. World medalists from an adjacent weight (for 74kg this would be 70 and 79kg), are given byes to the semifinals. I assume it is only to the semifinal becasue the procedures were written before worlds in 2019 and there was the possibility that two world medalist could exist and they wanted to treat them equally, but not as well as a potential returning medalist at that weight. Unfortunately I think there was little forethought to a situation where there was only one world medalist from an adjacent weight being in the bracket. This is kind of inexcuseable, because it is the necessary condition at 57kg, the lowest weight and there is only one non-olympic weight adjacent. It also exists at the upper end where there are two Olympic weights adjacent. There is a special provision allowing the 97kg or 125kg world medalist a bye to the semi-finals if they change weights between those two weights. In general a returning world medalist moving from one Olympic weight to an adjacent Olympic weight gets no preferential treatment. Burroughs going up to 86kg would just get placed in the bracket the same as everyeone else. In any event 57kg and 125kg could only have a maximum of 1 wrestler with a semi final bye in it so they should have thought more about how to make a bracket with only 1 semifinal bye.
  9. Removing all the empty space from flo's bracket yields the one below. I don't know if they will do this or if the Carr/Massa match will be wrestled temporatlly in the same round as the 3/6 and 7/2 matches as might be implied by the flo bracket. I am not sure that it is significantly harms Dake, but it does defeat the purpose of seeding and protects Nolf in a way be probably shouldn't be. The 4 and 5 seeds get 1st round byes and Nolf gets two byes. Why does the 1 seed get two more byes than the 2 and 3. Why do the 4 and 5 seeds get one more by than the 2 and 3? About the only thing it gets right there is that the top two wrestlers Dake and Nolf are on opposite sides. But keep in mind that there will be a wrestle off for true 2nd in the challenge bracket because that is the last national team place. Putting the 2 and 3 seeds on the same side as the favorite Dake makes a true second place match more likey to be required. Finally it is just illogical and unbalanced. UWW wouldn't even draw up a bracket this unbalanced.
  10. The Gwiz has two senior World Bronze medals. Jordan Wood also made a Junior World Team. Anthony Nelson made a University World Team. Kerkvliet also has a cadet world silver and made a U23 world team. Gable has two cadet world titles.
  11. Marsteller was on the cadet world team in 2012. He finished 5th in a bracket won by Sadulaev.
  12. Yeah if they are different sessions it doesn't matter much. Still it just goes to show how dumb the flo bracket is if it is in fact used in the tournament. Nolf should have to wrestle two rounds before the final. 1) It's dumb he only has one. 2) It's dumb that if he is given an underserved bye it would be the round immediately before the final instead of an earlier round. 3) It's dumb he gets to go through an easier seed 4/5 than Dake 2/3.
  13. I am not sure what the tiing will be, but that could be another wrinkle. 4 vs 5 on the top of the flo bracket is actually a round farther along than 3 vs 6 and 2 vs 7 in the bottom bracket despite them visually appearing in the same round on the bracket. This is because the semi-final drop in on the top is a bye. If they wrestle 4v5, 3v6, 2v7 at the same time and then Nolf wrestles the winner of 4/5 at the same time the 3v6 and 2v7 winners meet that gives Nolf an advantage over Dake. Nolf will wrestle someone who is ostensible worse (4 or 5 seed) a round earlier than Dake meets whoever emerges out of the 3v6, 2v7. If everything goes chalk Nolf wrestles the 4 seed the same round the 2 seed beats the 3 and then sits out the next round whilst Dake wrestles the 2 seed. So Dake will have wrestled more recently before Nolf and Dake meet in the final. Definitely better to be Nolf than Dake in the Flo bracket.
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