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  1. Fishbane

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    I don't think Ohio State has trademarked "the" yet.
  2. Fishbane

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    He's won 5 times as a coach. 1994 and 2003-2006 inclusive.
  3. Fishbane

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    I would think the arbitrator not having any wrestling expertise was looking at this in the context of was the process fair? He wasn’t going to try and redecide the scoring of the sequence. He might have concluded that it was not fair to Yianni to allow the challenge after so long had passed and that simultaneously it isn’t fair to award the match to Yianni since the review of the scoring sequence ruled that Yianni had not actually scored and zain did so the most fair thing was to rewrestle the bout.
  4. Can the RTC not pay them as coaches? Anyway I am sure there are some universities who would want the coaches fully focused on the success of the college students both academically and athletically and not worrying about running a successful RTC and fundraising so that their alumni can get paid/have their training expenses taken care of through the next Olympic cycle.
  5. Tom Ryan is not the head coach at the Ohio RTC (Dlagnev). I am not sure who if anyone has the title of head coach at the NLWC. I don't know that it matters. These programs are so successful with fundraising because of their close association with university program. They practice in the same room as the university and all university coaches are on the RTC staff. Penn State boosters and alumni give the NLWC money because they think it will help the PSU program and it most likely does... If they didn't then the coaches wouldn't waste their time with them. Ditto with Ohio State and the Ohio RTC. If the head coach at the university didn't endorse them it would severely hinder their ability to fund raise. When a college basketball/football program has the most money that means the best coaches, AD, facilities, equipment, training staff, support staff, and national exposure for the athlete among other things yet they still can't pay the athlete nor do they control the $$ they make at the next level. There are only so many things you can spend money on and some athletic departments even resort to dumping it back into the education side of the university to spend it all. The resident athlete programs at places like the Ohio RTC, NLWC, Finger Lakes RTC and the like represent the best earning/training opportunities post college for wrestlers. I am sure there is huge correlation between being a resident athlete at any of these facilities and having wrestled at the university. It is most definitely an advantage for a university to control the best earning training opportunities at the next level. It is also counter to the amateurism of the NCAA. The NCAA has some rules to prevent a competitive advantage. You can only have 3 paid assistants, you only get 9.9 scholarships, you can't financially support your redshirt competition. You can do all the fundraising in the world, but there is some natural cap in what you can spend because of these limits there isn't a limit on what the RTC can spend. They may not be able to pay athletes whilst in college, but there many willing to pay them after and some that will hire their parents instead.
  6. I would be fine with the rules changing so that college basketball players can get paid, but so long as it is against the rules only the shady agents and coaches will do it and ultimately the athletes will be the ones who get taken. In wrestling there won't be the same exploitation of the athlete as seen in basketball, because there isn't the same money as in basketball. You will always have coaches and programs that follow the rules complain about a system that allows other programs to skirt them.
  7. If they have the rule then it is their duty to ferret it out. Programs/RTCs that do such things would have an unfair advantage over ones that do not. Some schools will play by the NCAA rules others won't and maybe the RTC system allows the ones that don't with an easy avenue to do so. If media is afraid to report on an issue because it would limit their ability to report on the sport than the practice is a problem. There are 9.9 scholarships, but maybe some school with an RTC and that's out of scholarships $$ will say something like hey we can't give you a scholarship but the RTC can hire your dad as a coach or we can't give you a scholarship but we have this great RTC with a bunch of funding where you can compete after you graduate with a student loan forgiveness program.
  8. On the podcast they spoke of RTCs hiring dads and of one particular case where a prospective recruit wanted something which was a total recruiting violation and the school declined but the recruit went to a different school and got it through the RTC. Pyles did not want to talk about the specifics, but that is pretty abnormal that the media would refuse to cover it. Could you imagine ESPN not talking about such a situation with a football or basketball program? Are recruiting violations and skirting the rules so commonplace with RTCs that they fear they will be blackballed and access cut off if they report on it?
  9. Yes, of course the programs with the most resources and success have an advantage but at least in football, basketball and gymnastics at least those schools don't control the funding for competition at the next level of competition too. Brian Smith is right that running an RTC is a lot of work. Imagine if Urban Meyer not only had to coach the Buckeyes, but also had to operate the Cleveland Browns so that he could attract the best recruits and then have a place for them to train after they graduate. If it gets to the point where to run a wrestling program at a top University requires you have to have an RTC, a program that ostensibly has nothing to do with the university, are these two programs not too intermingled? Supposing Sanderson retires and Penn State begins to look for a new head coach. Will they not also in effect be looking for the next coach/administrator of the NLWC? Will prospective coaches be asked about it? The NLWC has assets of over $5 million.
  10. I thought, based on the flo podcast, that the Smiths were anti-RTC and that Kolat was pro-RTC. Didn't they bring up Kolat as an example of a small school coach that likes the RTC to contrast the notion that only big schools benefit from them.
  11. In the post I had previously quoted you wrote "But since everyone knows that Yianni is Zain's alternate (for now) it was odd to me that he did not get the call to compete." If the information that Yianni did not get the call to compete was not assumed how did you obtain it?
  12. I don't know why you or anyone else would assume that Yianni did not get the call to compete. I assume they followed the written procedure for the Pan Am games and he declined.
  13. Fishbane

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    I think Zain should try and involve himself in the arbitration in anyway possible or else . I'd agree that arguing a few seconds either way would serve no purpose for him as it is an indefinite amount of time anyway. In the youtube video Pyles says 2 and 2 is the call with 0:37 left, but I think he was saying that based on the chairs paddles in the other one and not the scoreboard. I'd accept that 0:35 is most likely for it to appear on the public scoreboard in the arena. I would think that the operator of the public scoreboard would more likely be the chairman or someone in his vacinity. From article 41 it says that the public scoreboard must conform to the chair's score and that the chairman's score sheet supersedes the judges in the event of a discrepancy. With the confusion regarding how the points were awarded it is possible the two score sheets were different. "If the match lasts until the end of the allotted time, the mat chairman's score sheet will be taken into consideration when designating the winner. The public scoreboard must conform to the mat chairman’s score sheet at all times during the bout. If there is a difference of 1 or more points between the judge’s and mat chairman’s score sheets, only the score on the mat chairman’s score sheet will be considered."
  14. Ladder would be Zain, Yianni, Molinaro (beat Oliver for true second at the WTT), Oliver, Eierman based on finax/WTT. Yianni might have been asked but he wrestled in Poland this weekend and maybe he was doesn't want to be in Peru in two days. He also might be involved with the arbitration this week. Someone had posted that last weeks date was to rule on whether or not the case was arbitrable and that this week the case would be heard and decided on the merits. Are we sure Zain pulled out due to injury or is he somehow involved in the arbitration too? In any event Molinaro and Oliver would both have to turn down the spot for it to fall to Eierman.