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  1. Bill wrestled for gable in the mid 90s. He won NCAAs his senior year in 1996. Gable was retired by the time Bill won worlds in 2006 so it's not clear how much credit Gable deserves. Still I think you are thinking of Bill's brother Mike who wrestled for Zalesky. He won a world silver in 2006 which I omitted from the list because he didn't wrestle for Gable. Cael's doing great but the numbers favor Gable. Even taking away 1984, 9 of Gable's wrestlers won world level medals. Cael hasn't had 9 wrestlers make world teams yet (Paulson, Paulson, Varner, Ruth, Molinaro, Zain, Taylor). Gable has coached upwards of 20 wrestlers to world team spots.
  2. I think you are under estimating Gable here. Wrestlers he coached have won 22 world level medals and 9 world level titles. Take away 1984 and it's still 18 and 6. Cael coached wrestlers have won 5 world level medals and three world level titles. If you add the NLWC wrestlers like Gilman, Snyder, Espinal,Gomez, Abdurakhmonov, Maroulis, etc to Sanderson's tally then Gable deserves some of the credit for US medals won in 1977-1979, 1983, 1994, and 1999 when he was the world team coach. Sanderson David Taylor gold 2018, 2020; silver 2021 Jake Varner gold 2012, bronze 2011 Gable Royce Alger silver 1990 Ed Banach gold 1984 Lou Banach gold 1984 Terry Brands gold 1993, 1995; Bronze 2000 Tom Brands gold 1993, 1996 Chris Campbell gold 1981, silver 1990, bronze 1992 Barry Davis Silver 1984, 1986, 1987 Randy Lewis gold 1984 Lincoln Mcilravy Silver 1999; bronze 1998, 2000 Brad Penrith silver 1991 Joe Williams Bronze 2001, 2005 Bill Zadick gold 2006
  3. I dunno. I expect each man would not trade their career for the others. If winning one more World Gold was that important to Sanderson he probably would have competed between 2004 and 2011. I don't expect he would trade his extra NCAA titles, Hodges, ect for it. He didn't have to trade those to go try and to get it in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, or 2010 and he chose not to.
  4. I think many people are forgetting that Cael Sanderson won the spot for 5 world/Olympic teams. Everyone remembers in 2003 when he took silver in NY, the 2004 games which he won, and his comeback in 2011 (5th). He also made the world team in 2001 and 2002. In 2001 he won the spot and worlds were supposed to be in NYC, but after the 9/11/2001 attacks they were delayed and relocated to Bulgaria. They ended up taking place over Thanksgiving and Sanderson opted to focus on his NCAA season. In 2002 he won the spot again and Iran was hiring the world championships. The US opted not to send a team citing security concerns. He wasn't far off making the team even back in 2000. He was competitive with Gutches and all the top guys. Pretty sure he finished 6th. Compare their careers up to their age 25 season (2004 for Cael and 2016 for Taylor) and it is Cael by a mile. Maybe Taylor has caught him, but two medals this year is kind of fluky although it also makes up for 2020. Would have been nice if Sanderson got to wrestle for two titles in 2003 to make up for 2002 or 2001...
  5. Probably a handful. He was 21-2 with his only losses coming to his teammates. 9-7 to Sanderson in the Nittany Lion Open final and 4-3 to Bubba J in the ESU open final. He had also lost a wrestle off to Sanderson more handily than either of the open losses. He definietly improved a lot over the course of the season.
  6. Folkstyle 2013 NCAA Final Dake 5-4 2013 Southern Scuffle Dake 3-2 2012 NWCA All Star Classic 2-1 Freestyle 2016 OTT Dake 11-4 2015 US Nationals (late 2015/2016 OTT qualifier) Dake 11-4 2015 Wtt Dake 8-2 2013 WTT Dake 7-4 2012 OTT Dake WBF That's all I've got but some people are saying they've wrestled 11 times.
  7. Have they really met 11 times? There were the three folkstyle matches Dake's senior year. Wikipedia has 5 freestyle matches in Taylor's record on his page and the same on Dake's. What are the 11 meetings?
  8. I thought you couldn't mean head to head because everyone knows how one-sided the series had been. Overall is the more interesting question.
  9. I would say David Taylor has won more. Wikipedia has his freestyle record as 136-18 and Dake as 106-18. I doubt this is exhastive as Taylors injury default loss to Drew Foster is not listed. In NCAA competition Taylor was 134-3 and Dake was 137-4. Pretty sure those numbers do not include NWCA all star matchs. Dake famously beat Taylor at the 2012 event and Taylor won at the 2013 event. So 1-1 for Tayor and 1-0 For Dake. As a redshirt Taylor was 21-2. Dake did not redshirt. Totalling it all up Taylor is 292-25 since starting college and Dake is 244-22. There are probably some matches missing, but not enough for Dake to make up 48 wins.
  10. He doesn't have to come back to beat Spencer Lee. He can find him on the senior level at 57kg. No idea what his motivation might be, but a team championship matters to some and Suriano has been linked in a move back to PSU too.
  11. Suriano has said that NIL has increased his interest in trying to get a second NCAA title. 57kg is not an NCAA weight class. Many guys who compete internationally at 57kg compete at 125lbs collegiately, but some go 133. I don't see how his intention to wrestle at 57kg internationally decides his NCAA weight especially when he hasn't picked a school. Micic wrestled 133 collegiately whilst competing at 57kg internationally. Daton Fix has also done it with the exception of the one tournament last weekend at which Suriano also wrestled 61kg. I believe Arujau was going to do this at Cornell before losing a wrestleoff to Chaz Tucker in 2018. Now that Greg D is in Ithaca gotta think the plan is Greg D. at 125 and Vito at 133. Regarldless of where Suriano and Vito collegiately this year I expect to see them at 57kg in April for the Senior Nationals. You're missing the big picture. Suriano is better than Figueroa, Courtney, and McGee. I'd bet him to outperform any one of them at NCAAs next year at either 125 or 133. Even if he is not the favorite his ceiling is champ. He's won it before and wasn't the favorite to win it then either. He has literally scored 11 more points than McGee at nationals before. Suriano w wrestling one of the weights allows on of the others to wrestle 141 where they scored 0. So he doesn't even have to outscore one by 10 to help the team buy 10 points because anything scored at 141 is an improvement. Ideally I think he fits in at 133 and then let a bulked up McGee wrestle off with a sucked out Vasquez if he can realy make 141. The fact that this would be a late/second semester proposition it is best to not have two guys bump. Late season weight changes didn't work well for OSU a fwe years back.
  12. Did he wrestle undersized for 61kg this past weekend? I wouldn't be surprised to see him at 133 if that makes more sense where he enrolls. The goal of the internaional styles is the Olympics and that's 4 years out. His NCAA participation will be a single semester (3 mo of wrestling), so not much more time than he would have been up at 61kg if he won this past weekend. With Suriano at 125 or 133 or without him ASU stands to be improved at 125-141. Courtney, Suriano, McGee or Suriano, Courtney, McGee is better than Courtney, McGee, Chlebove. They also have the number 1 overall recuit, Richard Figueroa, who could wrestle one of those weights. They got 29 team points from these weights last year. Any combination of those 4 could improve that, though the return of the Ivies make it difficult. With Suriano I would say they definitely improve it as he has scored at least 20 team points in both NCAA tournaments he's entered. Without him it's more difficult, but possible. Three mid AAs 5/6 range would do it.
  13. No San Marino only had one, Amine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling_at_the_2020_Summer_Olympics_–_Qualification
  14. Italy had two wrestlers at the Olympics in 2021. Chamizo who finished 5th at 74kg and Abraham who won bronze at 97kg. Both of them are from Cuba.
  15. Yeah but they only had a 6th place showing at 133 the weight class Suriano suriano last wrestled at NCAA match and has an NCAA title. There is a difference of 10 placement points between 6th place and 1st at NCAAs. Also McGee might be able to move up to 141 and earn some team points where they scored 0 last year. With Parco, a 6th place finished for Fresno State at 149 last year, coming in, Suriano at 133 could give ASU a returning AA at every weight from 125-165.
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