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  1. Lee Kemp or are we not counting the wrestlers that won the 1980 trials? 3 Time World Champ which is one more than Dake. Gene Mills was also part of that 1980 group.
  2. Cunningham is an upperweight? He won NCAAs at 157. I doubt he competed above 76kg in freestyle
  3. Took a look back at the results of Humphrey and Bunch between the 2010 world championships and the 2011 WTT. I guess back in 2011 first place at Medved was enough to get you special consideration even if you lost the wrestle off. Humphrey - 4th place NYAC International, 5th place Schultz Bunch - 5th place Takhti Cup, 1st Medved
  4. I think this was the tournament they used to decide the rep. Humphrey finished 5th and Bunch lost to the wrestler that beat Humphery for 3rd. Coleman Scott was also in the bracket, but lost his first match. I don't think he could have been the world rep by the procedures even if he won the tournament. https://content.usawmembership.com/results/101730
  5. Back in 2011 there was no Final X, so in general the winner of the WTT was the rep. In the World Team Trials results that seems to be the case everywhere except 60kg where the trials final did not decide the rep. For this weight the rep was to be decided after both competed in an international event. I think they both entered a tournament in Europe and either neither placed or only Reece placed so ultimately he wrestled at worlds. Why was this weight singled out for this special procedure? Some other relevant background is that Humphrey was the US Open champion in 2011 and neither of these guys were the returning world team member. Zadick wrestled at worlds in 2010. Bunch was the world rep the previous year having gone 0-1 at worlds in 2009. Below is a copy/paste from the WTT results. 60 kg/132 lbs. Bout One - Shawn Bunch, Columbus, Ohio (Gator WC) dec. Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC), 5-0, 4-1 Bout Two - Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC) dec. Shawn Bunch, Columbus, Ohio (Gator WC), 2-0, 1-0 Bout Three - Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC) dec. Shawn Bunch, Columbus, Ohio (Gator WC), 3-0, 3-0 Humphrey wins series, 2 matches to 0. The U.S. World Team spot will be determined later this summer, when Bunch and Humphrey compete in an international event which will be the final selection phase at this weight class. https://content.usawmembership.com/results/101717
  6. Post says that but the website he links to does not. It says "Top Wrestlers by World and Olympic Medals" and "World and Olympic Medals by Year" with out any mention of style or sex.
  7. The Rudis guys panned the match on their podcast. The criticism was that pretty much because it wasn't competitive and everyone knew that would be the case. They said they should have given Rodriguez a way to win by submission. I'd agree that it would make the match more competitive, but I don't think it would make it interesting. I'm kind of against this kind of handicapping. It's also kind of funny that Askren suggested it being he took a high profile wrestling match he didn't stand much chance at winning. Maybe he can wrestle Burroughs again with rules where Burroughs isn't allowed to use any doubles and submissions are allowed in the second period.
  8. Looks like 16, 12, 10 which is collegiate tournament team scoring with 8 place winners.
  9. You are missing #3 Adeline Gray 100 3,1,3,1,1,1,1
  10. Isn't JB 5 golds out of 9 attempts with 3 golds and a DNP? That's 0.556 and getting closer to Bruce every year recently. Bruce wrestled at the world championships/Olympics 15 times winning 5 golds, 4 silvers, and 4 bronze, with 2 DNPs (1982 and 1991). That's 0.333, but I wouldn't knock his percentage when comparing to someone who has the same or fewer titles as making the team 15 straight years is a crazy accomplishment.
  11. They have started calling it a podcast - https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6561305-podcast-whos-1
  12. I agree, but those skills complement what he already had. What he already had will work on most BJJ black belts, but not a high level wrestler. If Downey had a month to prepare I am not saying would do better at ADCC than Rodriguez because he doesn't have all the other stuff but he would stand a decent shot at beating Rodriguez in a grappling match with some prep and a good game plan. I think many AA wrestlers would be fairly successful at no gi grappling. There isn't really money in BJJ relative to MMA, but the top competitors can make a living doing it. That tournament Rodriguez placed second in takes place every other year and has the biggest prize money. It also has somewhat more favorable rules for wrestlers than other bjj, no-gi, and submission wrestling competitions. Winning your division pays $10,000 and winning the absolute division (any weight can enter) pays $40,000. Rodriguez got $5,000 for placing second. The IBJJF pays $10k for winning their world championships in the gi. There are other promotions like fight2win and such that have superfights that pay a couple thousand. Money can be made by sponsors and teaching. Most schools charge $100+/month for tuition. People put out technique videos and stuff to earn more. I'd be surprised is Rodriguez makes most of his annual income from grappling.
  13. He was a lot more than above average high school wrestler. He was 111-17 in high school and 34-4 as a freshman at a D3 university. He was 4th at the regional and did not qualify for nationals. He was not elite like Downey or Cejudo. He's not grappling elite wrestlers so he has a wrestling advantage. I am not saying Downey would do better at ADCCs than Rodriguez. I am saying that Rodriguez has learned to maximize his wrestling advantage to make use of the BJJ he knows. Downey would be a problematic matchup for him because that advantage would be neutralized and he would have to win a different way. At ADCC Rodriguez's big win was a 0-0 referee's decision against Cyborg. Cyborg fought Hudson Taylor in the first round and won 2-0. Hudson Taylor and Rodriguez fought at the ADCC trials and Taylor won 5-0. Taylor scored three points for passing the guard and 2 points for mount. Their match in many ways looked like a wrestling match. It's available on a chinese video hosting site here - https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzkwODMxMTAzMg
  14. Nick Rodriguez only has about two years of dedicated submission grappling training. He isn't a prodigy like BJ Penn who developed high level BJJ and earned his black belt in two years. He is a blue belt and he wins by maximizing his advantage in wrestling ability relative to his opponents. Usually he gets the takedown and if he gets a submission it's usually a rear naked choke after getting the back following the aforementioned take down. I am sure Downey would be in trouble if Rodriguez put him on his back, but how would that happen? It's unlikely he would be able to take Downey down so he would have to reverse him or submit him off his back which are not two things for which he is known. If they did this is on a weeks notice with no training and no game plan and I wouldn't expect Downey to pull it off, but give him a month of dedicated training and he would be a live underdog. Give him 6 months and I'd probably pick him straight up, but Downey is a bit of a wild card even when it comes to wrestling so who know?
  15. I would be most interested in a match in one rule set or the other. If you get into major modification then it is less interesting. People were saying if McGregor and Maywether do it again they should do boxing with leg kicks. Conor has stated he only wants to fight him in boxing or MMA no mixed rule sets. I agree with him. What does it matter who is better in boxing with leg kicks since no one actually does that? It was compelling because people wanted to see how one of the best strikers in MMA stacked up against one of the best boxers. I might watch another one of these if a UFC champion fights another boxer in a boxing match, but if they continue to be non-competitive then the chance a UFC champion attempting it goes down as does the public interest. The same for a current boxing champion taking an MMA fight against a UFC fighter. What's cool about wrestlers at ADCC is that some have, with a year or two of BJJ training, performed quite well. If they went out there and all got rolled up in short order it wouldn't be interesting. I think that's more likely to happen when a world champ in submission grappling goes up against an world class wrestler in wrestling than when a world champ wrestler goes up against a world class grappler under ADCC rules. An ADCC rules match between Rodriguez and Downey is more compelling to me than a freestyle bout.
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