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  1. Askren has known for some time. On FRL this morning he said he knew ahead of the announcement but did not reveal the information. CP said he suspected Askren knew at the OTT qualifier in Dec in Fort Worth. He said when he asked Askren at that event Ben's entire demeanor changed when denied knowing. Listen at 1:17 - https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6696142-frl-457-princeton-ends-cornells-streak-gross-rby-parris-cassioppi I also doubt that he would have outright told Kevin. I suspect if Kevin knew ahead of the announcement it was because Cox told one or more persons at the Ohio RTC and word got around. Probably more of an open secret in the room and only a real secret from the media and fans.
  2. Anyone think Snyder has known this for some time? His brother is still at Ohio State and with Cox at the Ohio RTC there had to be some indication before this/
  3. Indeed. I called this back in October and few took it seriously.
  4. Dylan Duncan is his only other top 20 win this season. All he can do is beat the guys on the schedule, but he hasn't had a regular decision this season and I don't think he's been taken down either. He should get a shot at Moran and McKee this weekend. He also went to the Trials Qualifier in December and beat Ethan Lizak, Eierman, Joey Lazor, and Frank Molinaro. He had a great season last year losing only 4 matches (McKenna x2, Dom Demas, and Tristan Moran) with wins over McKenna, Mitch McKee x2, Moran, Red, Murin, Storr, and Shoop.
  5. I broadly agree with this sentiment, but McKenna got the rising point on Lee which was the difference in their match at NCAAs (McKenna won 4-3). Lee did not give up riding time to McKenna at big tens or in the dual which Lee won. I think that’s the only riding time point he gave up last year. In his loss to Moran, Lee earned the riding time point which sent it to OT and against Demás riding time was not a factor. Demas inside tripping him 3 times was the major issue.
  6. Nick Lee's performance at the Olympic Trials Qualifier in Dec is probably more impressive than what Pletcher has done this season. Wins over Molinaro and Eierman in freestyle are more impressive than Dom Demas, Real Woods, and Mitch McKee (x2) though they certainly don't count in the rankings. Everything should be settled by the dual and if not then big tens.
  7. The NCAA lost that 1984 case and it had to deal with selling TV rights. The NCAA used to sell the TV rights to football games and each team could only have a max of 4 televised games/year. Some schools got together and sold rights to other games and the NCAA didn't like it. They were going to kick the schools out of the NCAA for all sports and they sued to stop it. The NCAA lost as the Supreme Court rule that the NCAA rules on TV rights was in violation of antitrust law in that it was an unreasonable restraint on trade. It opened the door for teams and conferences to sell the TV rights themselves and is why we have BTN, SEC network, and such today. Somewhere in the 1984 Board of Regents decision the court wrote "To preserve the character and quality of the ‘product,’ athletes must not be paid" which wasn't really necessary for what was in dispute at the time. The NCAA tried to use that statement in their argument in the O'Bannon case, but it's not like Ohio State sued the NCAA because they wanted to pay their athletes and the NCAA wouldn't let them and the Supreme Court said its all good that restriction is a reasonable one no antitrust issue. It's not like an athlete sued the NCAA for colluding to prevent him from getting paid to play and the Supreme court ruled it was all good. It doesn't have the same precedent as either of those situations would. And then a lot has changed since 1984. The NCAA revenue from March Madness was only about $90 million now it is over $900 million. The top college basketball coaches in the game were getting maybe $500k/year. Now Coach K makes $9 million. In 1984 the NBA revenue was only $165 million which inflation adjusted is well under half of what the NCAA will take in for just the march madness tournament this year. Amateurism has a place in sport, but if you have hundreds of people making making over $1 million annually off selling the games it probably isn't there.
  8. Not really. The US Supreme court declined to hear the O'Bannon case. The NCAA lost that case at both the district and appellate courts where the NCAA's form of amateurism at the time was found to violate antitrust law. Sure what came out was closer to what the NCAA wanted than what O'Bannon and his attorneys had in mind and it was O'Bannon's side appealing to the supreme court, but supreme court did not weigh in. Is there another case you had in mind? The NCAA will eventually have to figure out how to maintain competitive balance without amateurism.
  9. Independent filling stations did not need to buy their petrol from Standard Oil from ~1890-1911 there were other smaller more difficult to access sources they could have used. Windows was not the only operating system in the late 1990s. Netscape could have looked to package their Navigator web browser in those to better compete with Microsoft's Internet explorer. Yet both Microsoft and Standard Oil were unsuccessful in defending antitrust cases. The NCAA has over 1000 member institutions. The NCAA and power conferences have lucrative TV rights deals for many sports that would be difficult to replicate for a breakaway group. It's unlikely that teams in power conferences would consider such a thing. Why would they act against their own self interest? The system as is works too well for the Alabamas, Penn States, Ohio States, and Oklahomas for them to break away so that they can make less money and their students/athletes/employees can make more. The only realistic avenue is a breakaway group formed by smaller less successful schools, which would also have less chance of being successful long term.
  10. Many non athletes receive academic scholarships to attend college both at the D1 and D3 levels. They can earn money from work in their field of specialization whilst attending school. There might be some implicit earning restriction on students receiving need based scholarships but that seems less apples to apple should to me than a full academic scholarship vs a full athletic scholarship. If Joe Burrow or even Kyle Snyder were able to make money on their likeness then they would almost certainly be able to fully fund their tuition with the proceeds. If the NCAA were interested in competitive balance they would restrict the salaries of coaches/administrators, spending on athletic facilities, and some kind of financial fair play where alumni and booster cannot donate unlimited $$$ to subsidize the athletic department. They aren’t very interested in that and competitive balance is poor.
  11. Not really. Matt is in direct competition with students from other schools in the business world and also professional businesses run by college graduates and business men and women so talented that they did not need to attend college and who get the to enjoy the benefits of their success. Business schools are in direct competition with each other to get the best students. Many business schools are named after a successful alumnus who gave $$$ to the school earned by a successful business. I am sure many business schools count on donations from their alumni to fund their businesses. The business school may have been so impressed with Matt’s business acumen that they offered him a full academic scholarship to attend their institution and Matt may have picked this offer from several similar offers from other business schools. From the point of view of the two students it is much less different than your take which focuses on how schools interact and compete with each other. Matt may be in school as much for business as Kyle is for wrestling. I don’t understand the question “is the majority of the benefit of Matt unto himself? How is that relevant at all? I agree the majority of the benefit derived from Matt’s effort goes to Matt. Why should it go anywhere else? If the majority of the benefit of Kyle’s effort goes elsewhere then he is probably being exploited.
  12. Willie posted a bunch of tweets yesterday about being back. Including one "I know a lot of people take my schtick the wrong way. I just try to have fun. They think i'm insanely egotistical. I didn't want to feed into that that but in the name of full disclosure here's the vid of me reacting to the court decision today." What was he court decision yesterday? Is he fully back and can make videos too?
  13. Yeah, but he could probably do the same thing with very minor modification. It's like when Letterman left NBC and went to CBS. The "Top Ten List" became "Late Show Top Ten" with essentially the same layout concept. Same thing with the "Viewer Mail" segment which became the "CBS Mailbag." Nothing changed except the names. I don't know if the "Crystal Ball Rankings" were a regular feature or a one off thing which might make some difference as to whether or not he would be able to use the same exact name. If CNN wrote 5 things you need to know today once a year ago would MSNBC be prohibited from writing a 5 things you need to know today feature a year later? In any event he could publish rankings with the name "Willie's Mat Scout Rankings" with essentially the same layout/concept.
  14. All this talk of 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 month notice, or more. In reality if the working relationship between Willie and Flo soured why would he give such a thing? Or vice versa why would Flo? I doubt if Willie had announced his resignation/intention to resign so he could go off on his own to start Mat Scouts and told Flo that he would be willing to stay on 2 weeks, 4 weeks, one month, or even until the end of the NCAA tournament to ease the transition that Flo would have taken him up on it. Or maybe they do take him up on it and then after NCAAs when he goes off to start his thing they hit him with the lawsuit over the non-compete.
  15. The original retraining order should no longer be in effect as it has been 14 days. Will we see a new video from Willie?
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