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  1. That's not what happened in Aliyev-Rashidov though. Aliyev did not expose and Rashidov did. Rashidov did not come out on top in control either.
  2. Yeah I think in the Yianni-Zain and the Kolat-Fisher matchs the jump/roll with a guy on their back both resulted in exposure. I don't think Rashidov exposed Aliyev on that move. He tried something, but it seemed more desperation and less controlled than Yianni or Kolat. It was ruled a 1 point OOB because Aliyev's head landed out of bounds. For those that didn't see it the sequence is in this video at the 0:22 mark -
  3. Didn't make a team. I think he lost to Pico. For comparison Metcalf did not wrestle cadets (maybe there weren't any at that time), made one junior team and DNP.
  4. Impossible. If he was just as out of shape there is no way he would have been able to wrestle 5 matches and 3 of them going 6 minutes.
  5. Those sports are different too. Only 12 nations have won Olympic medals in table tennis and it only became a sport in 1988. The best nations can enter multiple individuals or teams in the brackets. Greco might be just as bleak for the US if there were only three medals per weight, it wasn't in the 1984 games, and the soviets/ex soviets could sent multiple entries per weight. All of that applies to badminton too.
  6. Are you saying you'd take a greco gold medal from the 1984 Friendship Games over the 1984 Olympic games? For what it's worth the US didn't win a gold in any of the three sports I has listed (Canoeing, Judo, Fencing) at the 1984 Olympics. They did win some silver and bronze. Also keep in mind that most of these sports have a different format. Judo has double bronze, but they used to have a more complicated repechage. Anyone that lost to a semifinalist used to participate in the repechage. When Rhonda Rousey won bronze at the Bejing Olympics she had lost to judoka that lost in the semifinals and then came back to get bronze. The women she had lost to ended up winning the other bronze medal. Canoeing doesn't have double bronze medals, but there are 16 golds available per games now. Fencing doesn't have double bronze and has 10 medals/games, but some of those are team based competitions. A good amount of the US medals are in the team competition.
  7. That is correct. Weightlifting is also different in that nations can have more than one entry in an event. If that were the case with greco-roman we'd have even fewer medals than we do.
  8. Greco Roman wrestling 3 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze, 15 overall medals is 14th all time in the medal standings Judo 2 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze, 14 overall medals which is 15th all time in the medal standings Canoeing 5 gold, 5 silver, 6 bronze, 16 overall medals which is 15th all time in the medal standings Fencing 2 gold, 9 silver, 14 bronze, 25 overall medals which is 14th all time in the medal standings several winter sports including luge, cross-country skiing.
  9. The US is 3rd all-time in weightlifting Olympic medal standings (includes both men and womens). They are 14th in greco roman wrestling.
  10. The US has 15 Olympic medals all-time in Greco-Roman wrestling including 3 golds. They have fewer medals than that and overall golds in field hockey, lacrosse, polo, modern pentathlon, Jeu de paume, triathlon, baseball, tug of war, roque, rugby union, taekwondo, judo, water polo, softball, golf, and volleyball.
  11. Temple also had a finalist in 1981. Unseeded Tony Mantella lost in the final to the 8 seed Tom Martucci from TCNJ/Trenton State in a thoroughly busted bracket at 190lbs. TCNJ still has wrestling and they are D3 as they were in 1981. Is Martucci the only D3 wrestler to win D1 NCAAs?
  12. Keep in mind that the plane would have to fly around UAE to get to Oman because of the airspace restriction. Probably much closer to a wash than it first appears looking at a map.
  13. UAE isn't allowing any Qatari planes access to their airspace. Saudi Arabia joined them in the boycott. So a plane leaving Qatar would have to fly around the UAE to get to Muscat and then back. Using a transfer point in Saudi Arabia was not an option either because they are part of the boycott. Iran and Kuwait would have been the closest options. Bahrain is on the UAE and Saudi side to this dispute so also not an option.
  14. And WIN has Rasheed ranked number 2! Wins over number 2 at 184 and number 1 at 197. He should be higher than 12.
  15. Imagine Conel and Kemerer both wrestled last year. What would their preseason ranking have been? Kemerer? 3rd if he was at 157 would be my guess. Conel was 3rd at NCAAs. Every ranking service would have him 3rd at the end of the 2018 and both finalists at his weight were graduating seniors. Some ranking service would have had him as the preseason number one and it wouldn't have been outlandish. Rankings aren't predictions for what's going to happen in March they are based on results and past accomplishments. I think the Conel injury was his shoulder.
  16. True security concerns can be used as cover for anything any time two countries don't get along or don't like each other. The stated reason for the 1984 Soviet boycott was security concerns not you boycotted us. My reason for including it was that lack of US participation was not for sporting reasons and anything else is politics. Your clarification backs that up.
  17. Kemerer coming off an injury and a year off after a 4th place finish is ranked 5 up two weights. Conel coming off an injury and a year off after a 3rd place finish is ranked 12 at the same weight? Has Conel enrolled at PSU for sure?
  18. No the NCAA did not, but that is irrelevant. The question I replied to was asking about a player the NCAA was making millions off and didn’t specify anything about likeness. The NCAA makes billions off the television rights to march madness and use players images in advertising it. How much do you think a company wanting to use the image of the best player in college basketball in a TV advertisement would have to pay on the open market? Zion’s popularity translated into millions in free advertising for Duke and the ncaa’s march madness. Players like him put fans in the arenas, influence shoe buying decisions, and when a team goes on a deep post season run that’s increased revenue and advertising for the school. With advanced statistics a players contribution to the success of the season can be estimated and a value put on it. In a sport like basketball a star player can make a big contribution. Pro athletes use such metrics to negotiate their worth meanwhile a Heisman wining football player or Naismith winning basketball player who ostensibly the most valuable college player in their sport is compensated the same as any other scholarship athlete on the team and forbidden from making the market rate for their image or sports talent. The Ed O’Bannon case and others kind of put the kibosh on the NCAA and institutions outright selling a players image on t-shirts, to video game developers, and jerseys bearing their name.
  19. Most college wrestlers that receive a full scholarship are getting a tremendous deal. They will likely not get paid more than the yearly value of the full scholarship for wrestling at any other points in their lives. That said probably any CA high school state champion wrestler or NCAA All american would be able to make decent side money with private lessons and command more at summer camps. Wrestlers in general are not the ones being exploited by the NCAA. When UCLA plays a game in the 90,000 seat Rose Bowl people pay to see the game and probably more than $10 on average. As for an individual off whom an NCAA institution has made millions Zion Williamson is an easy example.
  20. Well not attending wasn't a political statement but it had to do with politics. US foreign policy upset many groups in Iran and there were anti-american groups planning to protest and making threats. Iran said it was out of their hands to provide protection for the American delegation from the expected anti-American demonstrations. One could argue Iran was making a political statement by refusing providing the necessary security. It's probably more equivalent to Argentina pulling out of their scheduled soccer friendly with Israel in Jerusalem last year than the others in the list.
  21. You are confused. I am not trying to justify Iran's actions. They are silly. I am giving a justification for the IJF and IOC's lack of action. Can you give justification for the IOC to bring the hammer down on Iran over this, but capitulate to PRC's threat of a boycott and not let ROC/Taiwan play their national anthem or use their flag? Can you give justification for the IOC doing nothing to the USOC over the coordinated mass boycott of the 1980 games which disenfranchised far more athletes and turned the games into a joke? Or better yet give any instance of any nation being punished by the IOC/IJF/FIFA/UWW with anything more significant than words for a boycott.
  22. Well 1 is not happening without a fight. It will be more drawn out that that with the NCAA trying to prevent this from becoming law and suing to prevent complying with it even if they can't accomplish (2). If all that plays out and they are forced with having to do (1) then they may do (3). But kicking out 58 California member schools would be pretty drastic - nearly as drastic as the alternative. Presumably this also has implications for the NAIA which has several member schools in CA. Perhaps they take a different path and just comply with the law as soon as the governor signs it and rolls it out to all their member schools in all states and Canada. The NAIA could then try and recruit the CA NCAA schools and possibly cause a huge shift in the talent level in the NAIA vs NCAA.
  23. Do they have a choice? The schools don't have a choice under the law. They must comply. Will the NCAA just kick them all out. It's forcing their hand one way or the other. Probably a good thing.
  24. I have no idea how Iran voted in that. In that same session the AFC admitted PRC and kicked out Taiwan. No idea on how that vote went either. In the 1968 Asia cup Kuwait and Afghanistan refused to play Israel in the qualification. This might not have been an outright refusal to play Israel. There may have been some distinction in that they didn't want to go to Israel to play as the qualification format had home and away games against all the other teams in the group. Kuwait and Afghanistan might have requested to play at a neutral location which was rejected so they forfeited and Israel advanced to the actual Asia Cup which was hosted by Iran. I don't think any nation forfeited to Israel in the cup proper, but they may have held the same distinction that they are willing to play Israel in soccer just not travel to Israel to do it. I am sure some people on here will look at that and say that is not boycotting the country just boycotting events that take place in the country and thus entirely different from Iran refusing to allow their judoka to compete against and Israeli judoka at a neutral site. Kuwait and Afghanistan should not have been punished and were not but Iran needs a ban.
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