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  1. The Oklahoma one was quite long Lawrence Mantooth x2 Hardie Lewis x2 Wayne Martin x3 Tommy Evans x2 Dan Hodge x3 Dick Delgado x2 Stan Abel x2 Dale Lewis x2 Mickey Martin x2 Greg Ruth x2 David McGuire x2 Mike Grant x2 Rod Kilgore x2 Mark Schultz x3 Andre Metzger x2 Melvin Douglas x2 Teyon Ware x2
  2. Michigan has had 6 Norvard Nalen - 2 David Porter - 2 Jarrett Hubbard -2 Mark Churella - 3 Ryan Bertin - 2 Kellen Russell - 2
  3. Internet explorer gave me the same result of not having the multi screen.
  4. What about Andrew Howe? Would he leave Evanston to coach at one of his Alma Maters? Zach Tanelli is another alum and would he leave Columbia to coach in Madison?
  5. It is based on the number of wrestlers a team has in the tourney. The max is 3, but I’m not sure of the breakdown
  6. Ok, I know I have used that before, but my provider is spectrum and they are absolutely horrible.
  7. I am curious and would like to hear from those who know more, but what about guys who are current head coaches, like Jeremy Spates at SIUE, or former coaches like Eric Guerrero or Greg Randall? What are the thoughts on those guys?
  8. How are you getting the 4 mat view? I am not seeing that option on mine.
  9. Penn State has got to rely on two things to pull off another title. Bonus points, and above average performances from Lee and Nevills. Nevills will likely be the 3 seed and would most likely meet up with Coon in the semis, but he has to maintain and get to the semis. Lee on the other hand is a true wildcard for the lions. He is in the sink or swim deep end of 141. He needs to wrestle above his seed, whatever it may be, make the podium, and pick up bonus points along the way. It is not out of the realm that he could end up 1-2 or 2-2 in Cleveland, which would leave PSU with 7, possibly 6 wrestlers in the field depending on Nolf. Nato avenged his only loss of the season. Pletcher, Hayes, and MJordan I would expect to be low AA 6-8. BoJo, MyMar, and Nato will be higher AA 2-4. Snyder is almost a certain will repeat. Moore, I expect to be in the finals, but a slip could hurt Ohio's chances.
  10. Rogers gets hurt by the fact he has a loss to Marinelli. However, a Big 12 championship should account for something. I can see him as either a 6/7 seed
  11. Can Marinelli really go that high when he lost twice to Massa at the Big 10's? Would it more likely be: 1. Martinez 2. McFadden 3. Joseph 4. Walsh 5. Marsteller 6. Lewis 7. Wick 8. Massa
  12. I think it will be 19-12. UM wins 133, 165, and I am calling the upsets at 157 Pantaleo over Jodan and 184 Abounader over Martin. Ohio bonuses at 125 only.
  13. Imagine if Brands had stayed at VT and did not bring over all those transfers. Would Tech be in a better place than it is now? That would start an interesting topic of discussion..... If Brands chose to stay at Tech, would guys like Tom Ryan, Kevin Dresser, etc. been considered for the Iowa job then?
  14. Here are a couple of others I would offer up... Stephen Abas in his prime or the field? Eric Guerrero wrestled 3 yrs @ 126, then 1 @ 133, so would you take the 125 field or Guerrero pre-133?
  15. Where would you fit Nico Megaludis in this? He went 2 2 3 1 @ NCAAs. I would assume he would rank very high among these individuals.
  16. Would a more relevant comparison include Nickal and either of Retherford/Nolf?
  17. Hofstra has it rough and yes they have been on a downslope the last few years, but are they really the worst? I read a lot of criticism of Michigan St and Indiana coaching staffs being pretty bad and inept. They receive far and away more funding and support and have had results that are fairly similar to that of Hofstra. We have seen improvements in Rutgers, Princeton, and Drexel, all of whom are probably recruiting on LI like Hofstra. Could they be luring recruits away because those schools have different restrictions which makes it easier for recruiting. I know Princeton is IVY and does not give scholarships, Rutgers being in the B1G allows for more exposure and more money for the program. I am not familiar with Drexel only that Acevedo is doing a great job. Top recruits will leave to find the best possible fit for them, the mid level recruits are just choosing the leave the island, some even going upstate to Binghamton and Cornell. Oh and Rider, can not forget the improvements that have happened there. Perhaps their move to the EWL instead of EIWA was a better fit since they have seen an improvement with the quality of wrestlers they are getting. I will agree with another poster who said something about the move to the EIWA. They became a small fish in a big pond when that happened and their recruiting strategy did not change enough to overcome this change.
  18. Andy Noel -- Athletic Director @ Cornell
  19. Tim Cysewski -- Director of the Ken Kraft Midlands, former HC @ Northwestern
  20. How about Clemson and Oregon? Oregon I know for a fact dropped the program right after they had a national champion. I am pretty sure Sammy Henson was a NC for Clemson, did he not?
  21. Troy Nickerson would be a good hire due to his ties to the area. If Kerry McCoy is let go at the University of Maryland, that would be a good hire as well given that he himself was a NY native. I can't see Cody leaving a position he just took. It does not fit since he has only had the job all of a few days now. Others that I can think who might want in: Donnie Vinson, Mike Grey, maybe Drew Pariano now that he might be the HC.
  22. Underrated Jeremy Spates SIUE Steve Garland Virginia Chris Bono SDSU
  23. Would be feasible to think that Brent Metcalf or Derek St. John might be candidates? Both are Iowa grads, national champs, and Metcalf does have the success in FS to go along with it. What about Bill Zadick? Would he leave his post as FS coach to come back to Iowa?
  24. I could not see Cody making such a dramatic step down, going from Oklahoma to Sacred Heart. I agree I would love to see sign on somewhere, I do not think SHU is the right fit for him. SHu would probably go along the lines of hiring a current assistant from an EIWA school. Pay would be less and maybe some youthful energy coming in.
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