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    jcwrestlingfan got a reaction from OL119 in Indiana Coaching Staff   
    Agreed that IU needs a change at the head coaching position. Same thing happened at MSU, but Minkel left under his own terms stating that Chandler would take over for him, rather bringing in new blood. Hinkel left Purdue and they put out a search and got Ersland. Still finished 12th this year in the Big 10s.
    If Goldman was to leave/be removed, who would you get....
    Mark Cody
    Damion Hahn
    Donny Pritzlaff
    Andrew Howe
    Casey Cunningham
    Unless, as an AD, I could land one of these individuals, I would hesitate to remove Goldman. 
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    jcwrestlingfan got a reaction from websterk149 in NCAA final 2019-2022   
    My impression from reading the article was that Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Stadium) or Atlanta (Georgia Dome) might be in play for the rotation along with the possibility of Vegas. 
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    jcwrestlingfan reacted to Medicine_Man in Caption this......   
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    jcwrestlingfan got a reaction from powershouse in Caption this......   
    J -- "I wanted to show my assistant coaches that I am still the best dressed with only one shoe and white socks"
    T -- "Maybe I should implement a coaches' fashion show. Terry might clean up his image that way."
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