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  1. Good picks. I think that Dhesi - Steveson is one of the most intriguing QF match-ups, looking forward to that one.
  2. It wasn't pretty, but Stoll definitely outwrestled Parris. Parris will be a tough dude in a year or two, once he puts on some weight (or, could he cut to 197?).
  3. Parris looks like a 97-pounder when up against Stoll :-D
  4. Man, Valencia is so long. How tall is he?
  5. Wish him all the best. I think he has a good shot to AA.
  6. That's some high-class fare, there.
  7. Chad Kraft. I think he was the first 4-time AA at Minnesota. He had a great shot against Seibert of Illinois, who he had practically owned, but Kraft tore ligaments in his ankle at the start of the Finals match and ended up losing. I think that was his junior year.
  8. Since it's timed, I guess putting one's feet on the ground would be counterproductive anyway. That's why the guy in the video doesn't do so until near the end. 61 pull ups in one minute is just ridiculous, wow.
  9. Americans are great people, too, as long as you ignore the nearly 12,000 fatal shootings so far in 2018. The northern Caucuses have been essentially at war for the past quarter-century...what's the USA's excuse?
  10. Anything less than a NC and people will claim he wasn't the right choice. If he doesn't manage to AA, people will really lose their minds.
  11. LOL, that's what I was thinking. One second it looked like time was just going to run down with a comfortable Coon win, and the next he's heroically on his back.
  12. Did Butler just fall to his back?
  13. CONEL! That was sweet. Nice interview, I like that dude!
  14. Actually, I was confused, I thought that was the second SV. All tied up. I don't know what he was supposed to do, exactly. Edit: I was listening, and the announcers are really confusing to listen to. They say so much wrong info that you have to watch, or you get bad info LOL
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