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  1. It’s looking unlikely, isn’t that his point? What the hell’s your problem?
  2. Like some others have said, it’s all gonna depend on the shirts, transfers(?), health, and offseason movement/development. Assuming Conel comes in and Cassar’s back, Penn State brings back four AA’s 3rd or better, three of which have won championships, along with Lee and RBY. That’s six AA’s and more high end guys. Brooks is just as ready to step in and score points as Cass and Assad are. And I don’t see much difference between Berge/Verkleeren and Lugo/Murin. They’re all R12, 7th/8th as ceiling types. I know Lugo broke through and AA’d, but he’s not going to score high end points next year. Right now I’d say Iowa’s a slight favorite, there’s a lot to unfold though
  3. Interesting thought, could very well have been the difference actually in that being called or not. No fro there and it’s much more clear, if it happens
  4. My God, can we start 141 somewhere else and keep the camera there?
  5. I’m the same, ready for the next wave there. I’m also not seeing the production coming from Verk/Berge that some people are. It’s gonna be hard to win(the NC) with both those guys in the lineup if that’s the plan going forward
  6. Nolf/Ashnault would be very ugly. Across weights, I don’t think there’s a match I’d like to see more right now than Nolf/Marinelli
  7. That’s fair to the “offending” wrestler, and initially I usually agree. But in the end the guy(s) that get punished the most by that are other wrestlers. You want Fix to get Micic in the semis? Maybe a guy like Suriano gets him in the quarters?
  8. Hall’s undefeated, right? The top four haven’t all beaten each other. And if Hall doesn’t score a single team point, Penn State still wins by 20+. Are you buying into Cinniballs’ theories too?
  9. How about if ionel wins, then you shutup and leave? Cinnamon rolls don’t do anybody any good
  10. You know the OSU crowd would have had a similar reaction if Hayes was up 4-1 over Retherford at home. Considering this was Kuhn’s 1st match in a PSU singlet and the situation PSU has been in at 125, the excitement seems understandable to me
  11. Doesn’t change the facts? The only fact here, Willie, is that you’re an efftard. A cult lol, go take another Religious Studies course. Or better yet, take your libelous ass to some Mormon societies for a week or two and find out the “facts” for yourself. This isn’t the mid to late 1800’s and practices aren’t the same
  12. I haven't check the board since last spring, but there was some dude that was saying OSU was gonna beat PSU this year. Doesn't seem likely at all, injuries or no. Even if PSU doesn't get anything at all from 141/165/285 next month, they'll still win handily.
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