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  1. You’re the one creating all the drama. The burden of proof is on you here, do you have it or not? And sorry, your referee friend is not valid evidence.
  2. Haha I must decline, the runner-up may partake. It was a crazy couple weeks as usual, thanks for all the statistics and analysis. I’m only a lurker here besides a few weeks in March generally, but I appreciate it.
  3. I did! Here’s mine from 3/11, I never officially switched :) What do I win? “I do, 4th actually preliminarily. I might want to flip to 5th with NC State as I look more into it, though Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona State, NC State”
  4. I’m not going to run the numbers, but I’d guess it’s pretty much a situation where Michigan has to win all their matches tomorrow and Penn State has to lose all theirs(not counting bonus points). If Parris can beat Kerk, Penn State might only be up by 10 or so if Massa and either Lewan/Amine can get into the 3/4. But then all Penn State would need is one finalist to win even if Suriano/M. Amine get pins, which isn’t going to happen. It’s over, even Jimmy’s shutup about it.
  5. Of course not. I'm eagerly awaiting your next update and analysis on the current team favorite, though. What ya got?
  6. Has he always been like this? I thought he seemed more likable in the past, pretty humble. Not getting much of that vibe through Big Tens and these last few days.
  7. We can, not necessary at all though. He may well lose, Lewis is really good. But because of his style? That’s a ridiculous thing to say. These guys are so good and closely matched at this point that there’s all some reserve and sitting back at some points. His style is as good as it gets.
  8. His style? Please explain, I would say his style and the control he stays in for mind and body are as good as it gets
  9. You got it! He’s fun to watch, lot of respect for both those guys. That’s the kind of marketable wrestling the sport needs
  10. Again and again and again Jimmy. I would have used that word six times to represent consecutive RBY victories, but at least we can respect ADS. You not so much
  11. I don't know...Andonian was very impressive. That's gonna be a wild one.
  12. Ok. Well if we’re just dealing with logic/reason and the ability to count, that has nothing to do with the current situation. If you want to include emotion and hypotheticals, I would say two of Michigan’s guys have also caught some incredible breaks. But yeah, doesn’t mean anything does it?
  13. Of course they’re dogfights, it’s the semis. “Heavily favored” in THREE matches? I can see Suriano and Amine definitely being favorites, what’s the other one? Penn State’s still in better position to score more in the semis, AND they’re up by 10.5. You guys have absolutely lost it. And Jimmy, if PSU goes 2/6 and Um goes 3/5, that’s not prime position. It’d make things more interesting for sure, but Mich probably needs to win all three blood round matches, but then Penn State would score more tomorrow. I’m not saying Michigan doesn’t have a chance, but it’s still fairly small. You two are silly.
  14. They have a chance still, but locked up? Lol
  15. If those majors were both tf’s that’s ONE bonus point, Jim. It’s really hard for you when Penn State’s winning, isn’t it? All those disparaging comments in the main thread and they’re STILL winning
  16. I do, 4th actually preliminarily. I might want to flip to 5th with NC State as I look more into it, though Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona State, NC State
  17. The guy that declared Michigan the NCAA favorites the minute Big Ten's were over, and Michigan/Iowa the favorites immediately after bracket release, should NOT be betting.
  18. Making it more likely he doesn’t make the semis? Pure genius, Jimmy. Cael doesn’t need to catch up to anyone you fool. It’s funny that someone like you can apply all your ridiculous generalities and believe you can determine what’s good and bad. Just wait until next Thursday and watch, make it easier on yourself
  19. You don’t really mean that, right? Those two might have scored .5 - 1 point each, if nothing at all. It doesn’t open a door or window for anything, Jimmy.
  20. Doing a lot of winning. I know Iowa’s the champs, but this is a little disappointing. One champion at the end of all this?
  21. Yeah, Iowa’s gonna win. Will you shut up now? And pay your debts you scandalous cheat
  22. It’s looking unlikely, isn’t that his point? What the hell’s your problem?
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