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  1. Life's too short to drink light beer . . .
  2. hummer126

    2019 tickets on sale

    They don't even offer good upper level seats. My question: where are the tickets for all these seats? Why aren't they available? They're going to somebody - who?
  3. hummer126

    How many NCAAs have you attended

    Face value $ hasn't changed much, but online prices sure have. Can't find anything close to face value anymore.
  4. hummer126

    How many NCAAs have you attended

    Our run of 15 straight ends this year, with ticket prices more than doubling. What's up with that?
  5. hummer126

    Toughest path to a title?

    Tyler Love
  6. hummer126

    Best wrestling names

    from a few years back . . . Bubba Gritter. Also, Matt King.
  7. hummer126

    Zahid Valencia duck under

    Holy smokes - I need slo-mo on this . . .
  8. hummer126

    2018 NCAA Wrestling Championship Tickets

    I'd like to see somebody in the wrestling media (Jason Bryant, are you out there?) dig into this and write a story.
  9. hummer126

    2018 NCAA Wrestling Championship Tickets

    I've never been able to get anything but crummy seats doing this online at the starting gun. But a year later the scalpers have stacks of tickets for sale at the event. How do they get them?
  10. hummer126

    Best ticket broker for NCAA tourney?

    How do the scalpers get all their tickets? Many fans scramble every year to get decent seats, but there's always dozens of scalpers hawking fistfuls of tickets at the event.
  11. hummer126

    In other action today...

    Guy next to me said it was Pfarr's grandparents. Who knows . . .
  12. hummer126

    NCAA DI tournament tickets

    I'm looking for three lower bowl all session tickets, can anybody help me out?
  13. hummer126

    No free stream for the prelim matches Today?

    I agree - this is BS!!!
  14. hummer126

    General Crowd Observations

    Hmmm . . . the geographical center of the United States is in Canada?
  15. hummer126

    General Crowd Observations

    Manhattan was tremendous! We're Gopher fans & went early to experience the city for a few days. Aside from the fact that everything cost a lot, we thought this was the best finals site ever (been going since 2003 - KC). Bazillions of things to see, great food, convenient transportation. New Yorkers were friendly & helpful to visiting midwesterners. The event has seemed to challenge the capacity of some host cities, but not New York. Let's return to MSG every 5 years!
  16. hummer126

    Storley's move to MMA

    steroid gorilla.
  17. hummer126

    Miller vs Green

    Miller's leg was hurting bad, he had no defense against Green. He gutted it out when an inj def would have been understandable.
  18. Anybody tabulate this yet?
  19. hummer126

    5 more days (at the most)...

    WE ARE . . . 5TH PLACE!!!
  20. hummer126

    Minnesota National Tournament

    St Cloud State = DII champs. Augsburg = DIII champs. Two down, one to go for a Minnesota SWEEP!
  21. hummer126

    First time attending NCAAs; tips?

    I'm looking for 3 lower bowl tickets, all session. Please email if you can help me out: hummersh@charter.net
  22. When I bought tickets, they weren't assigning them into sections by team. Sounded like fans would be spread randomly around the arena.
  23. hummer126

    Message From Big Bruce

    Amen . . . advice that's fundamental to success and fulfillment in life. Something we teach our kids, and hope their college experience reinforces.