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  1. Ashnault looked incredible, but, I was surprised how poorly Kolodzik wrestled. In the first period, he didn't even take a committed shot. Even when he got down 4-1, it was Ashnault who stayed on the attack. That was impressive.
  2. 125 - Spencer Lee 133 - Steven Micic 141 - Nick Lee 149 - Zain Retherford 157 - Michael Kemmerer 165 - Vincenzo Joseph 174 - Mark Hall 184 - Bo Nickal 197 - Shakur Rasheed 285 - Adam Coon
  3. Yes, the most annoying part of the movie. Schute hits a headlock out of bounds. The ref clearly states "Out of bounds. No takedown" They go to the middle and Louden gets in the bottom position, with Shute on top. Louden stands up and when Shute brings him back to the mat the ref exclaims "Two, takedown!" C'mon Man!!!!!
  4. Hello, I have two tickets in Section 209, Row 12. These are close to dead center. I'm not a big fan of heights, and this arena is built pretty steep, as it gives you a better view. I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in trading their lower level tickets (corners, endzones are fine) for my uppers that are near the middle. I know some prefer to be in uppers for a better view. Obviously, we could take about a fair compensation as part of the trade. I just figured I'd take a chance. If interested, you can PM me, reply to the thread or e-mail me at mvattivo@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  5. "Vision Quest" was the only wrestling movie for my generation. I can't even estimate how many times I watched that movie, let alone how many times I watched certain scenes (Climbing the peg board, all the wrestling scenes, etc) These things have bothered me forever. Obviously, the guys making the movie knew a little bit about wrestling, so, these mistakes were unforgivable. 1. The counter to the double arm bar in practice. It was so silly, the guys were just sort of rolling through it, and Louden and Kooch just did the double arm bar without a counter. 2. Shute hits a headlock as they go out of bounds. The ref shouts "Out of bounds, no takedown" They bring them to the middle of the mat and Louden starts on the bottom. He tries to stand and when Shute brings him back to the mat the referee yells "Two - takedwon". Unforgiveable. 3. The coaches wrestling outfit. https://journeysindarknessandlight.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/coach.jpg
  6. There are two points that haven't been made: 1.) A heavy amount of booing came after Spencer visibly scolded a female reporter for taking his picture as he was headed into the tunnel after the loss. 2.) Spencer was given a huge standing ovation when he was given his medal on the podium. I'm sure there were some idiots making comments to Spencer and his family. There are idiots everywhere. However, I think most of the fan reaction was due to the fact that DeSanto was the underdog who many knew came down a weight to face one of the greatest PA high school wrestlers in history. The "real" wrestling fans appreciated everything about that match and will always remember it. You had one kid put it all on the line with a serious knee injury. You have another kid who dropped a weight to wrestle the best, who happened to tech fall him in last year's final. I have tons of respect for Austin and Spencer, and I think all true wrestling fans feel the same way.
  7. The site is down again. You can't make this stuff up.
  8. Talk about de ja vu.......I just tried to go to flo to watch Cael's interview and I got the 500 error that I was getting yesterday.
  9. I was about to post the same thing. Though I appreciate the apology, I was very annoyed with the wording that only people who signed up for this dual will get a refund. A refund should be offered to EVERY SUBSCRIBER, regardless of when they signed up. This match was offered as part of their service and it wasn't available.
  10. Vak, I don't think any reasonable person can argue with your point. I'm surprised at how much the gap has been closed. Against Collica & Sorensen, it felt like he couldn't get past their defense and get off a solid shot. That was something he was able to do consistently last year. Collica & Sorensen both made it difficult on him when he is on top. That was something I also didn't see last year. Like you said, he is still the favorite, but, after seeing those two matches, I'm definitely concerned that he could go down.
  11. 125: Suriano MAJOR Piccininni (Could be DEC, but, I think Nick pushes and gets the bonus point): 4-0 PSU 133: Brock TECH Carpenter (George will give it his all, as always, and will save us a point): 5-4 OKST 141: Heil DEC Gulibon (I think Jimmy has a shot here, but, Heil is so good at frustrating the opposition and finding a way to pull it out): 8-4 OKST 149: Retherford MAJOR Collica (Again, could be a DEC, but, I think Zain pushes and gets the bonus. Always the chance of a pin with Zain too, against anybody): 8-8 157: Nolf MAJOR Smith (Could be a tech or pin for Nolf): 12-8 PSU 165: Joseph DEC Rogers (Probably the biggest swing match of the dual): 15-8 PSU 174: Hall DEC Crutchmer (Hall is capable of more, but, I think it ends up a decision): 18-8 PSU 184: Nickal DEC Boyd (Could be a major and Bo can pin anyone): 21-8 PSU 197: Weigel DEC McCutcheon (Another swing match. I gave the first to us, I'll give this to them): 21-11 PSU 285: Nevills DEC Schafer (If it is White, bump to a major): 24-11 PSU
  12. Honestly, I know there are is a lot of PSU fan boasting, and I can only imagine how annoying that is to fans of other program. I do have to say that as a fan, they are an absolute joy to watch. Not only because of their talent (which helps), but, they are obviously taught to attack non-stop and to look to score at every opportunity. They also chase the bonus point(s) like madmen and it great to see. Not everyone wrestles the style that is obviously being taught, but, 80% of them do, and it is great for college wrestling. All sports are copycat leagues, and teams are going to continue to try to bring in kids that can adapt to the PSU style. This will be great for our sport. As much as I love PSU, this is the one sport where the sport itself trumps that. I love and support wrestling. At nationals, I, of course, root for PSU first. I then root for homegrown PA wrestlers, PA Wrestling schools, & then, I just appreciate great wrestling, regardless of who it comes from. It's that time of year and I'm getting extremely anxious. I can't wait to meet new great wrestling fans in St. Louis !
  13. I've got a feeling that when St. Louis comes, his loss to Meyer will be a distant, insignificant memory. When Cortez was ruled out, the move to pull Hall's shirt was a no-brainer. Will it be the difference maker in St. Louis, I can't say for sure, but, having Hall's ceiling certainly helps their chances.
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