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  1. I don't know how I didn't notice in all these years, but, I didn't realize that the wrestlers came out to their own theme song. I think that is a great idea and would love to see PSU incorporate the same thing.

    They do, or, at least, they can. I know Q comes out to his choice of song- I'm not sure if they all do or not. I think they only have a short section of the song.



    I guess I need to start paying better attention. I'm a season ticket holder, and I've never noticed. I'll start listening for it. PSU has definitely done lots of cool things to increase the atmosphere at Rec Hall. The video scoreboards, the intro. videos, etc. Anything they can do to continue to add to the show is welcome in my opinion. I like how Iowa has the long video board in front of the media / scorer's table with the wrestlers faces, records, etc. Plays very well on t.v.

  2. From a Penn State fan:


    Watching live, I though the reversal was incorrect and the non-escape were questionable.


    Though both were split second calls, here is my take:


    1) The reversal was correct. It is obviously a quick and tough call that could go either way, but, Dake has his leg locked in and his arms locked around Taylor's head and arms prior to going out of bounds. Good call by the official.


    2) The escape all happened so quickly that I can see it being called either way. Immediately after Taylor does his roll, Dake lost his lock on the leg for a brief moment. The official "could" have called and escape at that point. However, it was quick and Dake immediately locked back on the leg and maintained that lock throughout. Either you feel David was free for long enough to get the escape after the roll-through, which would have given Taylor the win, or you feel Dake re-established the lock quick enough to maintain control (which this official did). Could have gone either way, and whichever side didn't get the call was going to complain. After seeing this other angle, I'm not complaining.


    As for Penn State fans getting upset with Dake's reaction, it was much ado about nothing. After winning the match to a chorus of views, he quickly raised his hands towards the booing crowd in victory celebration. He then stood waiting for the handshake. He gave a quick wave goodbye to the fans who were continuing to boo, before going over and shaking the PSU coaching staff's hands. He then gave a very respectable interview to FLO. Dake is a good kid and great wrestler. Some don't like his style, but, the way I feel is that different wrestlers have different styles. The ultimate goal is winning, and Dake is tough to beat. Taylor and Dake respect each other immensely, it's time the fans give each wrestler the respect they deserve as well.


    Finally, the all-star match and this scuffle final were chances for the two wrestlers to put together a plan for that one that really matters in March. I'm positive that if you asked Taylor if he would be o.k. losing the first two if it guaranteed him a win in March, he would say a resounding 'Yes !", and Dake would do the same. Now, Dake has a chance to complete the sweep, but, one win by David in the big one would make the other two losses a distant memory. I can't wait to be there in Des Moines to witness it. The atmosphere prior to that match is going to be historic.

  3. The absolute hate and obsession directed at the PSU wrestling program continuously by the same posters is the ultimate compliment for Penn State Wrestling and it's fans. Many want to bring you down when you are on top, which is the obvious agenda of these posters. Iowa had to deal with the exact same thing for FAR longer than Penn State has. Unfortunately, said posters aren't smart enough to realize that their constant negative bias is the ultimate compliment. It's a shame, it's only a few guys on this board who go to such extreme levels, but, they make reading the board almost unbearable.

  4. You can never base generalize one fan base. Most PSU fans, myself included, have the utmost respect for Kyle Dake. Win or lose in Des Moines, Kyle Dake will go down among the all-time greats. I actually like the way Dake handles himself on & off the mat. I have a ton of respect for this kid. Heck, Cael Sanderson & David Taylor have shown nothing but respect towards Dake.


    You have to realize that since PSU's rise, there are some bandwagon fans that have jumped on board. They may be PSU sports fans, but, not life-long wrestling fanatics. When I'm at Rec Hall, I sometimes cringe at some of the ridiculously incorrect references and statements. However, that does not encompass the entire fan base. A majority of the PSU fans that I talk to are knowledgeable and respectful. However, as with any base, there are others who are whiny, excuse-making and can only see through blue and white colored glasses.


    My point is that it is the same with EVERY single fan base in the country. The ones who get noticed and are the most out-spoken are the ones who are being talked about the most. Therefore, there group will be the most vocal in defending their team, sometime without using the best tact.


    Just my $.02

  5. I'm a Penn State fan and when I watched the match live, I thought the reversal was a horrible call. However, after watching it again, it is very close, but, I believe the official got it right. Dake got his right leg hooked inside of David's left leg and had the merkle locked prior to going out of bounds. It is very close, but, I can definitely see why the reversal was called.


    I still believe that David clearly had an escape at the end though. First, Dake lost his lock on the leg and the re-gripped. Second, at the end Dake is flat and barely touching Taylor. That is not control.


    All in all, all this does is add even more anticipation / excitement for the re-match in Des Moines. The energy in that place is going to be special. I can't wait to be there for it !!!!

  6. Gulibon's wrestling for 3rd at the Scuffle. Nice job Jimmy!




    He had a barnburner of a match to beat highly-touted Grey (Cornell greyshirt) in overtime. I thought it was one of the best matches of the Scuffle so far.



    I've been watching constantly the last two days, and I agree that this match was one of the best of the Scuffle. What Gulibon did to win this match against a wrestler as good as Grey is pretty amazing.


    Gulibon was down by 2 with about 40 seconds remaining. He gets the takedown and looks to ride-out the remaining 30 seconds to send the match to OT. On a scramble, he gives up a locked hands and an escape, so, he is now down 2 again with 15 seconds left. He battles to get the tying TD and send the match to OT, where he converts on the winning TD. Amazing effort !!

  7. From the Penn State team, though facing Megaludis, Taylor & Ruth can be embarrassing, in regards to pain, I think the guy you don't want to face is Matt Brown. That guy is simply relentless with brutal strength and a physical style. He doesn't just beat you, he inflicts pain on the way. I think he is easily the most under-rated wrestler on the PSU team. I think he is going to be tough to beat.

  8. I was 70-21-2 in my Pennsylvania high school wrestling career. I was a state qualifier in AAA as a Senior. A large portion of my wins were by fall, and too many of my losses were by fall. :)




    Without a doubt, my best move was what I used to call a bar-and-chancery, which is really just one arm under the chin, and the other arm under the opponents arm and across his back throw. Andrew Alton uses it a lot (and much better than me). It really is like a cement mixer finish without the mixer. I would sometimes hit it from my feet with a back trip, but, usually used it as a counter to a double-leg attempt. My 2nd go-to was a straight double-leg takedown. I wish I had been better at an outside single, ankle pick, and duck under, but, I usually stuck with my main two moves.




    I was good on top and was an old school type rider. A tight waste and bar arm was my best move. I would also jump over and run a bar and half quite a bit. Against some fish, I could use the tight waste and arm bar, knee in the side and tilt. Even got some pins out of that. I rode legs a bit, and scores with some out of it, but, often got in trouble with it for being too high.




    This was, without question, my weakness against top-notch opponents. I started from an odd position, with my right leg curled underneath. It was unconventional, as it had me almost in a sitting position, but, it was legal. I would then sit, and either stand if pressure was pushed into me, or try to get hand control and turn out. Too many times, those initial moves didn't work, and I got myself in trouble. I wish I could do it all over again. I spent too much time trying to conserve leads on the bottom against good kids, instead of trying to get out and score more. Too many times, that got me in trouble.


    Good thread....brings back some great memories. :)

  9. As a PSU fan, let me just say that I have tons of respect for the Iowa program. I watched enviously for years and years, as they have dominated the college wrestling scene. Their wrestling style has always been frustrating to root against, but, impossible to not respect. I would never count Iowa's wrestling program out of anything. They are what we Penn State fans are trying to get to. They set the standard, and I'm excited that Penn State appears to be following the blueprint. I look forward to battles with Iowa year after year.

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