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  1. Great write-up / Summary.


    Just wondering why 197 was the only Finals match you didn't comment on. Not trying to stir the pot, but found it odd that you completely skipped that match.


    Completely agree with your comments.


    Didn't even realize I skipped it.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I chose to forget it.  I really wanted Morgan to win it.  However, except for one match last year, his matches with Cox usually looked just like this one.  Cox matches his strength and is just a bit too athletic for McIntosh.  I'll really miss watching Morgan wrestle.  He definitely went up to another level this year.


    On our way out MSG, well to the theater where the PSU party was, McIntosh was on the same escalator.  I had spoken to him before.  I just thanked him for his incredible career and told him I was really rooting for him (against Cox).  He told me that he had zero regrets and that he left everything he had on the mat.  It showed incredible maturity on his part.  Both Nolf and Nickal were visibly upset at the banquet.  They did say the right things "We accomplished our main goal of winning the team title, but, failed to accomplish our individual goal"  The pain was on their faces, just as it was on DT's after his losses to Bubba and Dake.


    Before the finals, I said I'd trade losses by Nolf & Nickal if it guaranteed wins for the Seniors, Nico & McIntosh.  It almost came out exactly as I said.  

  2. As a PSU fan, I'm happy that Dieringer won the Hodge.   He is a Senior and a three-time NCAA champion.  Zain has two more years to try to claim one.


    However, I do have to call into questions what are voters really supposed to be voting on in terms of the Hodge.  If it is based on one season, I'm not sure how it wouldn't go to Zain.  If past performances are a solid indicator, then Dieringer was the correct recipient.  I guess I'm not clear on how the voters are instructed to vote.  I keep hearing them calling it "Wrestling's Heisman", but, if that were the case, it would be based solely on this season.

  3. Wasn't there and they have done the same Friday night.

    It just blows my mind that 2 awesome 285 pounders, a World Champ and a stud going for 3 are taking on Coon and Walz and you could get up and blow out of the arena.


    I was next to PSU fans so it stood out as Hawk fans were directly across the arena.

    It is not like they were the typical HWT bouts.  

    Coon Gwiz was last year's final and Snyder Walz is very appealing.

    To each is own I guess but I just don't get it.


    I'm with you.  No way I was missing those 285 semi-final matches.  I think I'll always be a wrestling fan first, and I like it that way.  I love Penn State wrestling, but, the sport comes first to me.  For example, I think an I-Mar semi with Nolf would have been better for PSU.  However, I was hoping they were on opposite sides of the bracket, because the sport needs I-Mar vs. Nolf finals.  I enjoyed so many matches this weekend that had absolutely nothing to do with PSU.  There is nothing like wrestling at nationals.  From the pigtails until the final match, it is nothing but phenomenal wrestling being done by kids who aren't doing it for the money it may one day bring them.  They are competing at the highest level, in the most difficult sport to train for because they love it.

  4. Man, it's amazing to watch people become so arrogant. I guess this is what the rest of the wrestling world had to deal with from Iowa fans, but it's just not a good look.


    Trust me Vak, the arrogant ones annoy PSU fans too.  For so many years, I heard about how arrogant Iowa fan were.  Now, many PSU fans have become exactly what they used to complain about.  One of them lives on this board.

  5. I thought I'd share my thoughts, for anyone who care to read them:


    • New York was a great host in most areas.  I thought the presentation at MSG was phenomenal.  I loved the intro music for each wrestler and that they played the winner's music after the match.  I wish they would have broadcast the winner's interviews over the arena speakers though.  I thought Jason Bryant was phenomenal as the arena announcer.  Whoever announced with him was great too.  Outside the arena, it's New York City, what's not to love ?
    • What was missing in NYC was having most of the fans meet up at a handful of bars, instead of being separated to thousands and thousands of bars.  Don't get me wrong, I got to meet and talk to some great fans, but, it just wasn't the same as in the other cities in that regard.  The other negative was known coming in, but, the cost of NYC was beyond extreme.  It's drive-able for me, so, it wasn't too bad, but, I'm guessing for those flying in, their NCAA finals budget had to be at least 3 times the norm.
    • As for the wrestling, it was phenomenal from beginning to end.  174's first round defines why I love this event.  EVERYONE at this tournament is there for a reason.  The level of wrestling starting with the pigtails is so high and amazing to watch.
    • I was pointed to an Iowa message board while defending their fans:  https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/championship-finals-thread.113427/   That thread did NOT represent the many Iowa fans I met and talked to this week.  It was quite frankly the opposite of what I heard.  The ones I met, and there were several, were respectful of PSU and what they are accomplishing.  A rivalry is built on mutual respect, and I have a ton of respect for Iowa wrestling and their fans.  PSU still has a long way to go to get to what Iowa has done.  To be honest, my biggest disappointment was with many of the PSU fans and how they acted.  I usually bite my tongue, but, had to respond when one fan let out an expletive laced tirade on Gulibon after he lost.  SOME PSU fans act like everyone needs to wrestle like Taylor, Ruth, Retherford & Gulibon or they are failures.  In the PSU Madison club section I was in, it was if the fans were disappointed Saturday night because we didn't win all five.  I tried to remind them that we had two freshman runner-ups, another runner-up, a 5th place finisher who no one would have ever predicted would All-American, 2 champions and a team title that was won before finals began.  Sorry, but, I'm convinced a large portion of our fan base started following wrestling after Cael won his first title.  Don't get me wrong, like all fan bases, most of the PSU fans were great.  Every fan base has their bad apples, but, they really show themselves when your team is winning.
    • As for the finals, I thought it was one of the best sets of finals ever.  There were so many great stories:  Nico wins the title that he wanted so badly and has been so close to.  I was so proud of the way he wrestled.  I was expecting another double-overtime match, but, he went out and got it done.  Nahshon is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch.  He is lightning quick, and like Nico, he's been close before and finally got it done.  Props to both Gillman and Clark for great tournaments.  I thought 141 was the weakest weight, but, Meredith really made it fun.  I was rooting for the underdog, but, I give Heil props for doing what he needed to in getting it done.  At 149, Zain showed how dominant he has become.  Against a wrestler who is hard to score upon, he made it look pretty easy.  I'm not going to sit here and say that Sorenson's style is something I enjoy, but, he pretty much cruised to the finals and deserves credit for doing so.  Zain was just too much.  157 obviously didn't go the way I hoped, but, I could watch I-Mart and Nolf wrestle over and over again.  I'm not disappointed in Jason at all.  He gave it all he had.  Just a great match between two of the best to ever wear a singlet.  What a great career for Alex Dieringer and he always seemed to do it with class.  Isaac Jordan is an amazing talent, but, Ringer was just too much.  Congrats to him on joining an exclusive club.  174 was probably my biggest disappointment.  I was really expecting a win.  As for Bo trying to throw with a lead, I guess if you live by the sword you can die by it too.  What makes him so great also puts him at risk.  I can't wait to watch him for four more years.   Gabe Dean is just an absolute grinder.  He might not dazzle you with how he gets it done, but, he always does what he has to.  I was impressed with Dudley all year and he had an amazing tournament.  285 lived up to all the hype.  Easily the greatest Heavyweight match I've ever seen.  Gwiz pushed Snyder to the point that he needed to find a way to get it done, and like the champion he is, he did it.  It was an amazing match.  
    • As a Penn State fan, I'm thrilled with another title, and can't wait for next season to begin !!!!

  6. I might get ripped for saying this, but, there are many Penn State fans that annoy the hell out of me too, and I'm a PSU fan.  However, you can't paint with a broad brush.  I will admit that I cringe at some of the comments while sitting at Rec Hall.  There is a large portion of fans who obviously jumped on board the bandwagon five years ago.  They annoy the "true" PSU fans just as much as they annoy other fan bases.  The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who expect everyone to go out and destroy their opponent to the level of Taylor, Ruth, Retherford & Nolf.  They throw out negative comments like "He's wrestling terrible" or "He should be embarrassed"  If I point out to them that the PSU wrestler is wrestling a returning All-American who is ranked higher, I usually get a "I don't care who he's wrestling response"


    It is quite easy to differentiate the true PSU fans from the bandwagon jumpers.  When I'm around the PSU fans, I do my best to ignore the bandwagoners and really enjoy my conversations with the true fans.  When I'm at Nationals and the Scuffle this year, this is my order of who I'm watching:


    1.  PSU wrestlers

    2.  Pennsylvania high school alumni

    3.  Wrestlers on teams in close competition with PSU

    4.  Wrestlers from other PA colleges

    5.  Wrestlers I enjoy watching

    6.  Anyone - It's D1 wrestling, and I love every damn second of it


    I've gone to PA states for 16 years straight now, and many other years.  I love watching the guys that I've followed since high school.  The ones who really fire me up are the ones who really had to work for it and improve every year from their freshman year of high school.  They may not all get to a Jason Nolf level, but, guys like James English and Jordan Conaway come to mind.  


    Of course I'm enjoying the PSU success, I've followed them since the days of Rich Lorenzo, and who wouldn't enjoy their favorite team having this kind of success.  I just wanted to point out and admit that their is a decent-sized portion of PSU wrestling fans who jumped on the bandwagon five years ago, but, there are also a LOT of great PSU fans out there who have been following PA wrestling and PSU wrestling for years and years.

  7. And here I Mar talks about the match. 


    "If he tries to match my pace, it’s going to be an ugly, ugly match,” Martinez said. “I think he knows that because as it’s been shown in the past, if you try to match my pace, or try to match my intensity, I think that I’m better at picking people apart."




    Oops.  I understand IMart had every reason for being confident, but, I've followed Nolf since his freshman year in high school. Nothing he does will ever surprise me.  He is the master of turning ugly situations into his advantage, like with his first takedown.  No way did I think he was pinning IMart, but, it wasn't a fluke either.  The score would have been 11-3 going into the 3rd, if he didn't get the pin.  Wow, that was amazing to watch !!

  8. 2 tremendous young men.  Wilps is applying to medical school, clearly is an erudite, good looking, articulate credit to Pitt.   Brown maintains a sterling academic record and seems to be a solid family man.  


    My congratulations to both if them.  They are set for good lives and are models for those that follow @ Pitt / PSU.   


    Best post in this entire thread.  I'm a PSU fan, but, I root for Pitt 2nd & PA boys 3rd.  These are two outstanding kids with bright futures.  I don't want to speak for Matt Brown, but, I bet he wishes they could have finished it on their feet in OT.  I do too.  Now, the title feels a bit tainted, which makes me feel bad for Brown (Of course, I already feel bad for Wilps).

  9. I was going to say Synon over Sabatello.  Obviously Brewer making the semis would take a couple "upsets", but I see that as quite likely.  


    It wouldn't surprise me at all if Brewer wins the whole thing.  133 was ridiculous to predict.  There are about 7/8 guys capable of winning it all and another 10 guys capable of beating the 7/8 contenders.  (Sorry Sockubow, I stole that from you, but, I felt the exact same way.)

  10. I'm 40 years old, and I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. this entire week leading up to Thursday.  I love this event.  It is among my favorite weekends of the year, no question.

    Anyway, I filled out my brackets.  I tried to keep away from PSU bias, but, I'm sure it still snuck in there a bit.  Here are my predictions:



    1st - Alan Waters (Missouri)

    2nd - Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)

    3rd - Nathan Tomasello (Ohio St.)

    4th - Jesse Delgado (Illinois)

    5th - Joey Dance (Virginia Tech)

    6th - Thomas Gilman (Iowa)

    7th - Sean Boyle (Chattanooga)

    8th - Eddie Klimara (Oklahoma St.)

    R12:  Tyler Cox, Jordan Conaway, Ben Willeford, Dylan Peters

    Conaway:  I have him beating Marquez, losing to Gilman, beating Parker, beating Rodriguez, losing to Delgado in Round of 12.  He is capable of beating Gilman and has already beaten Dance,  I would love to be wrong.

    Notes:  Delgado being unseeded really throws a wrinkle into this weight.  Will he be healthy ?  If he loses, will he give any effort in the consy's ?  Those two question could have a major impact on how this plays out.



    1st - Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)

    2nd - Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin)

    3rd - Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)

    4th - A.J. Schopp (Edinboro)

    5th - Jimmy Gulibon (PSU)

    6th - Cory Clark (Iowa)

    7th - Zane Richards (Illinois)

    8th - Earl Hall (Iowas St.)

    R12:  Mason Beckman, Rossi Bruno, Johnni DiJulius, Kevin Devoy

    Gulibon:  I have him beating Delvechio, getting by Beckman, dropping a close one to Taylor, beating DiJulius, turning around an ugly loss to Hall, losing to Brewer, beating Clark for 5th.  If Jimmy gets rolling, he could win this entire bracket.  

    Notes:  In all my years, this was one of the craziest brackets to predict.  There isn't a clear favorite in my mind.  There are 8 people I feel are capable of winning the whole thing, and another 10 that are capable of beating those 8 contenders.  Pure madness.



    1st - Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

    2nd - Mitchell Port (Edinboro)

    3rd - Devin Carter (Virginia Tech)

    4th - Levion Mayes (Missouri)

    5th - Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)

    6th - Josh Dziewa (Iowa)

    7th - Zach Horan (Central Michigan)

    8th - Geo Martinez (Boise St.)

    R12:  Anthony Ashnault, Chris Mecate, Joey Spisak, Anthony Abidin

    Notes:  One of only two weights where I would be shocked with a different champion (165 is the other).  In fact, I feel fairly confident in my top 3 in this weight class.  




    1st - Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern)

    2nd - Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)

    3rd - David Habat (Cornell)

    4th - Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)

    5th - Josh Kindig (Oklahoma St.)

    6th - Hunter Stieber (Ohio St.)

    7th - Zack Beitz (PSU)

    8th - Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)

    R12:  Bryant Clagon, Alexander Richardson, Christian Pagdilao, Gabe Moreno

    Beitz:  I have him beating Greevy, slipping past Villalonga and losing a close one to Sorensen.  I then have him beating Claxton, losing to Stieber and then beating Pantaleo for 7th.

    Notes:  Again, Kindig and Stieber muddy the waters a lot here.  Are they healthy ?  Will they care enough to wrestle from the consy's ?  Tough calls to make.  Tsirtsis isn't fun to watch, but, he is tough to beat.



    1st - Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)

    2nd - Dylan Ness (Minnesota)

    3rd - James Green (Nebraska)

    4th - Ian Miller (Kent St.)

    5th - Brian Realbuto (Cornell)

    6th - Nick Brascetta (Virgina Tech)

    7th - Brian Murphy (Michigan)

    8th - MItch Minotti (Lehigh)

    R12:  Joseph LeVallee, Josh Demas, Cody Pack, Doug Welch

    Notes:  As far as fun goes, look no further than this weight class.  With IMar, Ness, Miler, Green, Realbuto and even Brascetta in the mix, this is going to be a fun one to watch unfold.  We should see lots of action !



    1st - Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma St.)

    2nd - Michael Moreno (Iowa St.)

    3rd - Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)

    4th - Bo Jordan (Ohio St.)

    5th - Nick Sulzer (Virginia)

    6th - Taylor Walsh (Indiana)

    7th - Jackson Morse (Illinois)

    8th - Pierce Harger (Northwestern)

    R12:  Ethan Ramos, Tristan Warner, Cooper Moore, Nick Moore

    Notes:  If I could only bet on one champ, I would take Dieringer.  I just don't think he is going to lose.  I don't think Logan will either, but, I see it as less shocking if Stieber loses.  The battle for 2nd will be interesting with both Jordan's, Sulzer & Moreno all capable.



    1st - Robert Kokesh (Nebraska)

    2nd - Matt Brown (PSU)

    3rd - Mike Evans (Iowa)

    4th - Logan Storley (Minnesota)

    5th - Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh)

    6th - John Eblen (Missouri)

    7th - Blaise Butler (Virginia)

    8th - Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech)

    R12:  Mark Martin, Zach Brunson, Kyle Crutchmer, Cody Walters

    Brown:  Man, do I want to see Matt win this.  He is everything you want out of a wrestler.  He works hard and give 100% all the time.  I just feel like Kokesh has his number, just like I feel that Brown now has Evans/Storley's number.  Again, I hope I'm wrong !  I have Matt beating Renda, Martinez, Epperly (by a solid margin) and Evans (Convincingly again) before losing a close one to Kokesh.

    Notes:  This is where seeding just doesn't work.  The four best wrestlers in this bracket are all from the Big Ten.  Even if they don't finish top 4, I strongly believe that if you wrestled this tournament over and over, they would finish top 4 more times than not.



    1st - Gabe Dean (Cornell)

    2nd - Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh)

    3rd - Nate Brown (Lehigh)

    4th - Blake Stauffer (Arizona St.)

    5th - Jack Dechow (Old Dominion)

    6th - Taylor Meeks (Oregon St.)

    7th - Sammy Brooks (Iowa)

    8th - Domenic Abounader (Michigan)

    R12:  Lorenzo Thomas, Brett Pfarr, Victor Avery, Hayden Zilmer

    McCutcheon:  I have him beating Fiegner, losing to Stauffer, beating Reyes, losing to Pfarr to finish 2-2, which would be solid.  I just don't think Cutch has the consistency yet to medal.  He got a decent spot where if he got on a roll, who knows.

    Notes:  I'm looking forward to Brown vs. Thomusseit in the quarters.  I think Brown is under-rated and I have the winner of that falling to Gabe Dean.  Dean isn't the sure thing I thought he would be coming into this season, but, I'm guessing he steps it up when it counts.



    1st - J'Den Cox (Missouri)

    2nd - Morgan McIntosh (PSU)

    3rd - Kyven Gadson (Iowa St.)

    4th - Kyle Snyder (Ohio St.)

    5th - Scott Schiller (Minnesota)

    6th - Nathan Burak (Iowa)

    7th - Conner Hartmann (Duke)

    8th - Max Huntley (Michigan)

    R12:  Abram Ayala, Alex Pollizzi, Shane Woods, Jace Bennett

    McIntosh:  I LOVE the way McIntosh is wrestling, and everyone, including Cox will need to bring their 'A' Game to beat him.  I have him beating Nye, Studebaker and Hartmann (close) before slipping past Gadson.  Again, I'd love to be wrong, but, I think J'Den under the big lights will be just a bit too much for Morgan.

    Notes:  Schiller/Snyder, Cox/Snyder, McIntosh/Hartmann, Gadson/Burak, McIntosh/Gadsen, Cox/McIntosh.......I have a lot of solid match-ups, which should be close.  It should be interesting to see it all play out.



    1.  Nick Gwiazdowski (NC St.)

    2.  Bobby Telford (Iowa)

    3.  Mike McMullan (Northwestern)

    4.  Adam Coon (Michigan)

    5.  Austin Marsden (Oklahoma St.)

    6.  Conner Medberry (Wisconsin)

    7.  Jimmy Lawson (PSU)

    8.  Blaize Cabell (N. Iowa)

    R12:  Ty Walz, David Mellon, Spencer Myers, Michael Kroells

    Lawson:  I feel like Jimmy is wrestling for both he and Gingrich this weekend.  I hope he gets on the stand and think he will.  I have beating Aiken-Phillips & Kroells before falling to Gwiz.  Then, I have him beating Mellon, losing to Medberry and beating Cabell for 7th.

    Notes:  Telford and McMullan are the biggest threats to dethrone the defending champion, but, I just don't think they get it done.  Gwyz figured out last year how to attack these guys quickly from the side to avoid getting buried under them.  


    I'm not going to through and add up all the points, but, looking at my predictions, here are my team predictions:

    1.  Missouri

    2.  Ohio St.

    3.  Minnesota

    4.  Iowa



  11. I've been trying to get someone from ScottTrade Center to let me know what is included with Club Seat Tickets at the NCAA tourney, and, sadly, they don't seem to know.


    I had club seats in Philly, and there was a bar and food included, and you had a waitress/waiter who actually would take orders from your seat.  


    Has anyone had club seats in St. Louis before ?  If so, what was included, if anything (Ability to enter early, alcohol availability, food, etc) ?  


    Thanks in advance for any information that anyone has.

  12. I've already purchased Club Tickets for all but Session 4, but, I now have an opportunity to buy a suite ticket for a decent price, and I was considering getting it and selling my club seat.


    Question for those of you who have had a suite ticket in St. Louis in the past.  Do they take food and drink orders like they do in the Club area ?   Is alcohol served like it is in the club area ?


    If anyone could help me out before I make a decision, I would appreciate it.  Thanks !

  13. Moss 0-4 in those losses

    Conaway 1-3

    157 1-3


    Still worth it. If you wanted to see PSU go for it this year, then blame the Alton bros


    Worth what ?  The redshirts.  Yes, I believe it is.  Also, I trust that the coaching staff knows better than you and I what is best for his team.  I believe he has earned that trust.

  14. I honestly don't know how people expect these threads to be answered.


    Congrats to you and whatever team you root for on Penn State losing four of their last eight dual meets.


    As for Penn State, I was never expecting a national championship this year.  I would just like to see continued improvement from the kids.  That is happening with some of them, and not so much with others.  I still believe that the future is bright.

  15. This is the fan base where a high majority of them booed Kyle Dake, and got the rest of the arena to drown out their boos with applause.


    All fanbases have their share of annoying fans.  With success, the amount of annoying fans increase.  Sadly, they make the whole group group look bad, as every group has a lot of awesome fans as well.


    I'm a PSU fan, and every match at Rec Hall I cringe at comments from some of the fans that either know very little about wrestling, but, shout the loudest or are just simply rude.


    I've met awesome Iowa fans and annoying Iowa fans over the years.   It is likely the same for all fanbases who have experienced success.

  16. I'm a PSU fan, and I'll be there on Sunday.  I hope I'm wrong, but, I'm worried it could get ugly for our Nittany Lions.  Here are my predictions:


    125:  Gilman dec. Conaway:   Jordan seems to be coming out of a brief slump,and he is capable of beating Gilman.  However, with blue and white glasses off, I'll give the edge to Gilman.   3-0 Iowa


    133:  Gulibon dec. Clark:  I think this one is a true toss-up.  I'm going to give Gulibon the edge in front of the home crowd.  3-3


    141:  Dziewa dec. Moss:  This could be a major, tech or pin, but, I like the improvement I've seen in Moss.   6-3 Iowa


    149:  Sorenson dec. Beitz:  Like Conaway, Beitz is coming out of a brief slump and just had a big win over Pantaleo.  I expect this match to be closer than some might expect.  I'll take Sorenson in a close one.   9-3 Iowa


    157:  Alton dec. Kelly:  I have no idea if Dylan will be ready.  If he is, I'll take him by decision.  If it is Frey or Law, Kelly by at decison.  9-6 Iowa


    165:  Moore major Hammond:  Garrett has been struggling a bit recently.  I expect Moore to win this one handily.   13-6 Iowa


    174:  Brown dec. Evans:  This is obviously another toss-up.  Again, I'll give the edge to Brown in front of the home crowd.  13-9 Iowa


    184:  Brooks dec. McCutcheon:  Brooks really impressed me against Pfarr.  McCutcheon is strong and can usually keep matches tight.  This could potentially be bonus, but, I'll give Brooks the decision.  16-9


    197:  McIntosh dec. Burak:  Another solid battle here.  I'd like to see McIntosh get on his offense earlier and more often.  I'll give him the edge again at home.  16-12


    285:  Telford dec. Lawson:  I really like the way Lawson has wrestled this year, but, Telford is extremely tough.  I'll go with Telford by decision.  19-12


    So, I have it somewhat close, but, if Iowa wins the toss-ups, it could get ugly for the home team.  I hope I'm wrong, and can't wait to watch it on Sunday !

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