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  1. Seriously, a little bias, but, I think we all have a little bias. I have a little bit of a PSU bias and Pennsylvania bias when I pick mine. Overall, it is good work. I'm only through 141 with my brackets so far. Picking NCAA brackets is next to impossible. These guys talent levels are so close. Good job.
  2. Great post !!! I just wish I had more eyes to catch all of the great match-ups right out of the gate !!! I'm also glad I don't have to announce the matches and miss all of the other matches that are going on, right sockobuw ? :D
  3. Forgot the team race for a moment (I know it is difficult to do). Forget your opinion on seeding for a moment (I know it is difficult to do). Now, go take a look at JUST the first round match-ups and how many phenomenal matches are going to take place. If this doesn't have you wanting next Thursday to get here as soon as possible, I question your wrestling fandom. As a PSU fan, of course I want them to win. However, I can tell you this. Even if it all falls apart for PSU, I will not leave Oklahoma depressed. I am a wrestling fan first and a PSU fan second. The sheer number of phenomenal matches that I will get to witness over these three days make it impossible for me to walk away feeling anything but entertained and anxious for next year in St. Louis. I love this sport, and I absolutely LOVE this tournament !!! Thursday truly can't get here fast enough !!!
  4. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I have watched the kid since his Freshman year. If he stays healthy and stays out of trouble (goes for all kids), I still maintain he has a phenomenal career at 165. If he goes to 174, I think his success diminishes a great deal.
  5. I disagree that he will be happier. He will be MUCH less successful at 174 than he would be at 165. Winning makes wrestlers much happier than losing. The kid is short and built like a brick ****house. I believe he excels at 165, but, struggles a bit, in comparison to his talent at 174. What weight he goes is crucial in my prediction of his success.
  6. I know it is a year later, and it is hard to compare results. However, Chance squeaked by Wiercioch in an absolutely phenomenal match by both wrestlers at last year's Powerade. Bo Jordan tech falled Wiercioch at the Clarion open. I think Bo Jordan is going to be absolutely phenomenal. I think if he were wrestling next weekend, he would walk away with the silver medal at 165, if he was on the opposite side of Taylor. Everything I've seen on video, results and some comments I've heard tells me that this kid is the absolute real deal. Ohio State is definitely gearing up for a title run.
  7. How Marsteller will do in college is a heavily debated topic among the PA die-hards. Personally, I think that if he remains at 165, he will have phenomenal success. Of course, he needs to stay healthy and committed, but, that goes for every wrestler. I think he is too short for 174, and could struggle against top college 174's. I like his technical ability. If I had to express one concern after watching him all 4 years at districts and states, it would be burnout. He admitted in an article that he once lost desire for the sport. I noticed this year that he seemed to have a demeanor about him, where he was anxious to get this over with and move on. This is just what I noticed from his body language, I have no inside information or anything. I like Chance. I met him two years ago and he seemed like a phenomenal kid. I will be rooting for him, as long as it isn't at the expense of PSU. Gun to my head prediction, assuming he stays at 165: Without a redshirt (3, 3, 2, 1)......with a redshirt (3, 2, 1, 1). I know these are EXTREMELY lofty expectations, and I've argued with friends, but, I do think he is that good. I predict that the challenges that college wrestling bring will rejuvenate his love for the sport.
  8. He didn't have the flu today Retherford had the flu today. ;)
  9. Did you have the TV on? 8+ shots to maybe one shot from delgado. Id call that constantly attacking 8 shots doesn't necessarily equal "constantly attacking". In this case, I don't think it does. Taking more shots doesn't have to mean "constantly attacking" it can simply mean taking more shots than your opponent. Sorry, I'll just agree to disagree. On your feet, attempting offensive moves is the definition of attacking. Megaludis was constantly making offensive attempts, Delgado was reacting to those offensive attempts, albeit with fantastic strength and technique. Delgado won, he deserved to win. Time to move on.
  10. Retherford got beaten pretty handily by Logan. Steiber is phenomenal. I can't say I'm surprised. I fully expected Logan to come back and get the win. I like that Zain kept working and didn't give up.
  11. He took 8 shots to 1 from Delgado. He got in on several of them, but, Delgado is an absolutely phenomenal scrambler. Delgado won and deserved to win. No sour grapes here, but, Nico was constantly attacking on offense, he just wasn't finishing the attacks due to excellent wrestling by Delgado.
  12. Stieber is awesome ! Nothing to be ashamed of for Zain either.
  13. Nico does absolutely need to find ways to finish against Delgado, but, that is easier said than done. He is so strong and is a phenomenal scrambler. Honestly, I don't think Delgado warranted two calls, as he wasn't running or avoiding contact. However, I would have hit him for a warning for a lack of attempting any offense, while his opponent is constantly attacking. Delgado deserved the win, but, I would have liked to have seen a warning on Delgado.
  14. Of course that is it. If a Gopher took 8 shots to another kids 1 and didn't even get warned for stalling, Minnesota fans wouldn't complain at all. :roll:
  15. Hello. I'm looking for 1-3 Club Seats for all sessions for AAA. If you have tickets you are willing to sell, please e-mail me at mvattivo@gmail.com. Thanks.
  16. This forum is getting extremely difficult to read these days. 90% of posts are either PSU fans allowing others to rile them up and acting high and mighty OR non-PSU fans doing everything in their power to take away from PSU's accomplishments. Both are equally annoying, and pretend they aren't doing what they are doing. It got old a LONG time ago.
  17. Please list their total bonus points. Thanks in advance.
  18. Look at the picture again. You are trying to tell me that those hoods just happened to look that way by accident ? If so............. :lol:
  19. I agree 100%. I know of a family that lived near me, and had two solid wrestlers about to wrestle for a school with a poor wrestling program, in a weak wrestling area. He moved to get his kids into a solid program and I don't blame him one bit.
  20. I'm honestly not sure how anyone can defend these kids. Those saying people are looking to play the race card and make this a racial issue, give me a break. It is obvious what they were trying to depict in this picture. You don't have to search or pretend it is about race, it IS about race. The only defense I could see is if the other kids say they did not see the two kids who obviously took the time to make their hoods pointed. That said, it is a group of high school kids. I agree with the punishment they are receiving, and I hope they learn from it. I don't think they should be punished further than what has already been handed down. We all did some stupid and insensitive things when we were young. You have to learn from it and move on.
  21. I'm looking for 1-4 Club Seats for AA & 1-6 Club Seats for AAA. If anyone has tickets available, please contact me at mvattivo@gmail.com. Thanks.
  22. If you want to add more opportunities to fans, without taking away from the biggest event that wrestling has, I think the obvious answer is to have a Duals Team Champion AND a Tournament Team Champion. I know I've been told in the past that this is not even on the table and will never be allowed by the NCAA. My question is why not exactly ? It allows both sides of the argument to get what they want. I think there is a difference between having the best dual team in the nation, proven through a National Duals Tournament, and this is coming from a PSU fan. Yes, the duals as they are now are not drawing in crowds. However, if you took the top 16 teams, held a tournament with the higher seed hosting the event until it gets to the Final Four, and then hold the Final Four at a central location, the crowds will come. I'm all four what I posed above, and the idea excites me. However, I don't want to see this at the expense of the NCAA individual tournament. I absolutely love the NCAA Championships, and if it didn't have the team element involved, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. I don't want to touch anything about the NCAA Championships, as I consider it my favorite sporting event of the year. The only way to allow the duals to reach their peak without taking away from what has worked for years and years is to have two champions. Some years the same team will win both, and that will be a great achievement. There are sometimes differences between who the best Duals team is in the nation and who the best tournament team is in the nation. It is time we reward them both and bring more excitement and fans to our great sport.
  23. No idea why I get pulled into these discussions. Inferiority complex......give me a break. This board is filled with so much envy and hate towards the Nittany Lions, it is hard to read one thread where it doesn't start up. It goes with the territory. Iowa had to deal with it for far longer than PSU has had to. It is the ultimate compliment, but, those that make threads like this one, just don't realize that they are complimenting PSU.
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