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  1. This is the most arrogant post I've ever read from a Penn State fan. So J. Robinson, one of the most successful coaches in the sport's history, Minnesota, one of the most successful programs, and "everyone in wrestling" are all just trying to stick it to Cael and PSU when they say anything positive about the National Duals, the team champions, or the concept of change in college wrestling, which has gotten clobbered over the years to its current state? In your view, anybody who is for change in the sport is anti-PSU. Anybody who wants to try something new because our sport is going the way of the dodo is basically a Cael hater and has it out for the almighty Nittany Lions. Anybody who enjoys watching duals and thinks that wrestling de-emphasizes the team aspect of the sport too much is envious of, jealous of, and hates the great PSU program. What, there can't be people who genuinely believe that the dual format, with the involvement and support of all the top programs and the NCAA, could add value to the sport? Whether you agree with them or not, there can't be people who truly believe Minnesota is the best dual team in the country after beating PSU heads up? That's all just PSU haterade being passed around? Get a grip. Whoa, wait a second. I believe you are putting words in my mouth. Please read the OP's comments. If you want to talk about dual meet team championships, I'm ready to talk. I have said all along, I think their should be a dual meet team champion & a tournament team champion. I think that creates the most excitement and makes the most sense. I've been told that isn't on the table and will never happen. So, I think the next best thing is what has been introduced. Hold the duals tournament and add team points for Nationals based on those results. I think the timing is a bit off, but, I like the general idea. My response had nothing to do with ripping the idea of national duals. It had everything to do with commenting on another post that was obviously made to try to take away from Penn State's accomplishments. You can't simply open your eyes to all of the PSU posts that are seeing everything from their angle and then turn a blind eye to the plethora of posts that are made just to try to annoy PSU fans. I'll admit, they are both all over the board.
  2. Penn State fans, please don't fall for any of this stinky bait. J.Robinson, the Minnesota wrestlers, and everyone involved in wrestling knows how the NCAA Champions will be determined. The same way they've been determined forever, at the National Championships in Oklahoma City. When there is this much envy, jealousy and hate, you know that you are great !!!! Do the Penn State haters really not realize that doing everything in their power to try to take away from what Penn State has and continues to accomplish is the greatest compliment that they can give the program.
  3. You don't have time for that. No, I didn't and I don't !!! At least it didn't happen during the wrestling post-season. :)
  4. I had Bronchitis about 5 weeks ago, and haven't gotten over the cough/sniffles since. I really miss my IPA tastings. I've sucked it up once or twice and gone out for a beer or two, but, I'm missing out. I use an app called BrewGene, which is awesome to track my beers. It not only allows you to rate your beers, gives you the overall ratings and information, but, once it has enough data, it will give you a recommendation on how much it thinks you will like a beer based on your current ratings. Anti-Hero looked familiar, so, I thought I might have had it. However, looking at my trusty BrewGene, I have not. It has an overall 4 out of star rating (which is great on this app) and gives me a 4.5 out of 5 recommendation. Thanks for adding a good IPA to my list !
  5. Man, you're not kidding. These guys don't quit with their whining, do they? One minute they're talking about this being the best team ever, the next trying to justify why they just lost. Sheesh. I haven't tried to justify jack. The only reason I posted responses is because of jack wagons like the two in this post I am responding to. Facts, ref screwed the pooch. The screw up directly impacted the outcome of the individual match and the dual meet. Everything you clowns keep uttering is subjective rationalizations attempting to downplay the significance of the call. The match was an outstanding match, and close and competitive enough one misapplied rule had that much of an impact. You can not participate in that conversation, it is too much fun to rejoice in Penn State losing a dual. As far as Vak - hard to believe freaking Hawkeye wrestling fans would have fallen so far they no longer rejoice in their team's accomplishments, but instead need to gather their joy from wrestling in the distinct, but generally rare moments of Nittany Lion fails. Take it as the ultimate compliment. Iowa fans and some fans of other programs could barely contain their joy after a Penn State loss. It is an awesome compliment. When there is this much hate, you know you are great !
  6. The his history with Retherford is 0-1 :lol: True. And i hope his future is 0-2, then 0-3. But his history is also that of 2X champ. Cant forget about that because of one loss. 2X champ * Corrected. :D
  7. Actually, I have stated that exact thing multiple times. That is why I am not blaming the PSU loss on the missed call. I don't have any idea how those 25 seconds would have played out. No one does.
  8. And, from my house, I text to 3 of my wrestling buddies immediately....."Wait, didn't they get rid of the fleeing the mat technicality". My one friend immediately writes "That is what I thought." Then my nerdiest wrestling rules and stat friend, just kidding sockobuw, texts the rule, which states clearly that it should have been a stall call. Now, how do we as fans immediately at least call into question the rule, while those making a living in the sport have know idea. Seriously, I'm not as bothered that the head ref screwed it up. It happens, but, I agree that it is sad that so man others were oblivious to it.
  9. Watch it again. That locked hands was as obvious as it gets. He had them locked for at least three seconds after the mat return.
  10. Ding ding ding. I thoroughly agree that fleeing isn't called nearly enough in folkstyle. I'm a Penn State fan, but also a ref happy to see a ref with balls to call an obvious flee a flee. Alton getting stuck cost Penn State. Ruth not getting bonus. Taylor held to a major. Gullibon still not showing what a 4x PA champ should be. All bigger than Beitz getting called for a flee when he was fleeing. Period. All great points except that fleeing is no longer a technical violation according to the rulebook. It now falls under the stalling category and it should have been a stalling warning if applied correctly. I agree with everything else you posted. Penn State and Beitz had many other opportunities to get it done, but failed.
  11. They should put both Alton's at 157 and figure out a way to rotate them in and out between periods of a single bout. LOL
  12. I'll tell you this. I don't expect Nolf to be at Rehterford's level, but, he could be darn close. His improvement is very noticeable. I hope we get to see Nolf vs. Micah Jordan at Dapper Dan. I wouldn't be shocked if Nolf impresses them enough to get his redshirt pulled. We shall see. Beitz has been much better than I expected this year. He needs to grow into the weight and work on his riding, but, he is legit. Should be interesting. If it helps the team and his brother, I think Dylan would move to 165.
  13. Dude, it isn't hard to connect the hate. When Dardanes grabbed that ankle, he was going to score. Perhaps Beitz knew the rule, and kicked away to flee the mat, knowing that he didn't yet have a stalling warning. If you are saying you would like fleeing the mat to be a point again, I would tend to agree. I'm not sure why they took it out. If you are fleeing to avoid points and it is obvious, and a point should be given. See, we might actually agree on something. :)
  14. No big deal. Congrats on your great day as an Iowa fan. Minnesota beat Penn State.....celebrate good times !
  15. No one can deny that he is exciting. Fireworks one way or another almost every match !!!
  16. I don't think there is a wrestling fan, coach, or participant that wants to see Andrew Alton try to go to 149 ever again. It's to the point now it's only marginally funny. Yes, I know it is so funny and so much fun for you. I find it a shame, and would feel that way regardless of what uniform he was wearing. For a period and a half, he is as good as anyone, but, then he completely gasses out. I don't know what is causing it, like I said, probably a combination of things, but, it is a shame. Well, not to you, for you it is pure joy. You know you are great when one guy can possess this much hate.
  17. I honestly think Andrew's issue is more than one thing, but, I think the weight cut is probably ONE of the things causing his issue. I wonder if they would consider Andrew at 157 next year and Dylan to 165. Pure speculation on my part, but, I'd be curious to see how that would play out.
  18. Trust me, we ALL get your point. It doesn't change. You hate Penn State. You hate Penn State fans. It's what you are all about on this forum. When there is so much hate, you know you are great.
  19. You know you are great when there is so much hate. :) Seriously, today is more of what wrestling needs. A great dual by two great teams with lots of great individual matches and lots of drama. Minnesota deserved to win the dual. Congrats to their fans.
  20. I still think the absolute best thing for wrestling would be to have a Duals Team Champion and a Tournament Team Champion. Hold a duals tournament the week/weekend or two weeks/weekend before conference individuals. Then hold the individual tournament as is. This would offer more opportunity to put wrestling on the big stage. However, I'm told this is NOT an option. I guess the new proposal would be the next best thing, but, they need to work on the timing of things. Right now, it just doesn't make much sense. I do like the general idea though.
  21. In his interview, Cael takes the blame for not pointing out the mistake. I do find it sad that two refs, at least three PSU coaches and the announcers didn't know the rule, or didn't know it well enough to do something about it or mention it (announcers).
  22. Yes, forget the fact that "Fleeing the mat" is not in the rulebook anymore. Call it anyway. :roll: Like I said before, there are many other reasons they lost, and correctly calling it stalling, instead of incorrectly calling a technical, doesn't guarantee that Beitz wins. Dardanes still had time and may have gotten a takedown or forced a 2nd stall call. However, saying that the ref correctly awarded a point for a technical violation that is no longer in the rulebook is stupid.
  23. 5.13 Fleeing Wrestling Area Fleeing or attempting to flee the wrestling area, or forcing or attempting to force an opponent out of the wrestling area as a means of avoiding being scored upon, is considered stalling. Both wrestlers should make every effort to remain in bounds. Fleeing occurs anytime a wrestler avoids wrestling by intentionally going or trying to go out of bounds, by pulling or attempting to pull the opponent out of bounds or by pushing or attempting to push the opponent out of bounds.
  24. I went to Penn State. Today they got beat. Regardless of whether they beat the team that beat Minnie, they still lost to the mustard colored rats. My say means nothing to the Big 10, but they (Minnie) should not have to share that title with any other school. I actually agree with you. Tie-breaker should be head to head. It should be Minnesota's dual title.
  25. I know it will never happen, but, I think there should be a National Duals Champion and a National Tournament Team Champion. I really don't see why that isn't an option.
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