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  1. Beitz was wrestling smart because he is an inferior wrestler...



    He wrestled just like Gilman, Dziewa, Kelly, Moore, Evans, Lofthouse and Brooks did when Iowa wrestled Penn State.


    Great matches today from Ness and Storley!


    McIntosh outwrestled Schiller, who didn't give that one away. Best overall performance by a Penn State wrestler on the day.


    Mega had a lot of action but probably could have cut and released for another TD.


    Gulibon needs to be careful when he gets his feet caught under his butt (he was lucky a couple of times today - Thorn is the type that could put him striaght to his back in that position).


    Retherford looked strong against a very tough 2x AA in Dardanes.


    Beitz - well, apparently he's "inferior". Regardless, a blown call may/may not have made the difference against a 2013 AA.


    Alton almost got hit with the elevator in the 1st. down 3-0 maybe look to throw there and stay off the legs. Ness is a freak (love his style, always looking to pin!).


    Taylor wrestled for a couple of minutes at most, with no sense of urgency (again) in a dual that Penn State needed a pin or tech.


    Storley did a great job on the counters. I like Brown in a BIG rematch.


    Ruth wrestled really well. Steinhaus looks good at this point in the season and will be a tough draw for anyone at NCAAs.


    Gingrich - meh, heavyweights...


    Excellent job by Minnesota! They are THE BIG 10 Dual Champions.


    Correction, Minnesota is one of THE BIG 10 Dual Co-Champions.

  2. Penn State fans making excuses for losing. I would say Alton getting pinned. Beitz giving up the OT takedown, Brown nearly getting decked twice are the main reasons your beloved Nittany Lions lost sir. Accept it and move on


    I'm a PSU fan, and I do accept that they lost. I can't guarantee that Dardanes wouldn't have gotten a Takedown or forced a 2nd stall call. Beitz also still had every opportunity to win it in the 2nd OT. He failed to do so.


    However, based on the rules, "Fleeing the mat" is no longer a technical violation. A point should not have been awarded, as it would have been Beitz first stall call, if the rule had been correctly applied.


    Congrats to Minnesota. PSU had many other opportunities to win this dual. It was very entertaining, and quite frankly, while I would like to win all duals, it will do little to take away from the excitement that I will feel IF we win our 4th straight title in Oklahoma City. :)


    I have a lot of respect for Minnesota and J. Robinson. Their kids always compete hard and appear to do things the right way. I like to watch them wrestle. Ness has to rank in the top 10 of most exciting wrestlers ever. Win or lose, the fireworks are going to go off.

  3. Just re-watched. Beitz did NOT have a warning. Ref made a 'T' and announced "Technical violation, fleeing the mat, one point red."


    After review he says "No change....stall" and gives the stalling fist signal.


    If fleeing is indeed no longer in the rulebook, as it appears it isn't, a point shouldn't have been awarded.


    If true, how the hell could this have happened? How can the two refs and the scoring table all get this wrong? Pretty messed up. Impacts the match and the dual. What about the psu coaches?


    I'm hoping there is a better explanation. Travesty otherwise.


    Agreed. If the rule I posted is still, in fact, correct, how do two refs, the PSU coaches and the announcers not know the correct rules.


    Also, this is not an excuse. I can't guarantee that Dardanes wouldn't have gotten a TD or forced a 2nd stall in the remaining time. Congrats to Minny on a great win.

  4. Dude I just re watched it. You obviously didn't. The stall wasn't obvious because the ref wasn't on the video when he called it, but the BTN announcers said it. Then after they challenged it, the ref said stall, one point. This is what happened, not my opinion.


    Again, Beitz did NOT have a stall warning up to that point. Ref clearly makes a "T" and awards the point.

    I checked the official scorebook at the half...it was definitely a technical violation, and there was no stall warning at that point...written in ink, by the official scorer.


    Thank you.

  5. That would only be valid IF Beitz had an earlier stall warning. Based on what you are saying (I believe you), he initially called a tech and awarded a point. After review, based on what you are saying, he said it was a stall. If it was a stall, it should have been a warning and not a point. I will rewatch to clarify after the 285. If I'm wrong, I will apologize.

  6. Dude I just re watched it. You obviously didn't. The stall wasn't obvious because the ref wasn't on the video when he called it, but the BTN announcers said it. Then after they challenged it, the ref said stall, one point. This is what happened, not my opinion.


    Again, Beitz did NOT have a stall warning up to that point. Ref clearly makes a "T" and awards the point.

  7. Nope. Beitz did not have a stalling warning. He called a "T" for fleeing.


    If this is true then you're correct.


    He's not right. I just rewatched it.


    I suggest you watch it again, and take notice of two things:


    1). Beitz did not have a stall call to that point in the match

    2). Ref clearly makes a "T" call with his hands and rewards a fleeing point to Dardanes.

  8. Nope, fleeing was the right call.


    Explain what was right about it.



    5.13 Fleeing Wrestling Area

    Fleeing or attempting to flee the wrestling area, or forcing or attempting to force an opponent out of the wrestling area as a means of avoiding being scored upon, is considered stalling. Both wrestlers should make every effort to remain in bounds. Fleeing occurs anytime a wrestler avoids wrestling by intentionally going or trying to go out of bounds, by pulling or attempting to pull the opponent out of bounds or by pushing or attempting to push the opponent out of bounds.

  9. And it's back down again !!!!


    It's worked great for me all day. Sometimes there's a brief lag, but then back to normal. I wonder if the Flo service needs minimum bandwidth to present video. How's your connection today?


    It's worked most of the day for me. Went down for about 15 minutes this morning, but, is down now. My connection is great for everything else.

  10. Hey compared to Robin Fickers, I'm an angel, lol. I was waiting for someone in a black and gold shirt to punch him there...... Peace treaty signed.


    I've been in gyms / arenas where he was there and I was sitting far away from him. Those were fun. A couple of years ago, we were somewhat close to him at the NWCA and that wasn't as much fun.

  11. Well you kind of prove my point. You ignore them but go out of your way to express your displeasure with me. That really doesn't make much sense? Fact is I've seen a lot of good Penn State fans driven off this board over the past few years because of these guys so once and a while I like to give them a taste of their own medicine.


    Fair enough. Perhaps we are both just blowing off steam, as we have to get through another day before watching our boys in the best in-season tournament of the season.

  12. "I never said I was a spokesperson for anyone"


    You sure acted like it. Isn't this your quote "why would we, as PSU fans care ?" Certainly you understand that we is plural and implies you are speaking for all PSU fans. Why don't you take your own advise or better yet when one of the Iowa contingent starts up with the personal attacks against our coaching staff and wrestlers speak up with that opinion instead of acting like an Uncle Tom Brands Penn State fan.


    I don't think you are comprehending my statement. I didn't speak for the "we", I simply questioned why "we" would care what Iowa does with their wrestlers. There is a difference. Look, you have your opinion and I have mine, can't we just leave it at that ?


    Trust me, I read lots of ridiculous attacks on our coaches and wrestlers. I just choose not to sink to that level, and get into an internet battle with an obsessed adult posting like a child. There are a lot of obsessed anti-PSU posters on this board, but, I get equally embarrassed by some of our own when they act the exact same way as those they are critical of on the other side.

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