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  1. Hey Flying-Tiger, how about you state your opinion and I'll state mine. I never said I was a spokesperson for anyone, and could care less if you approve of my post. Your responses to Iowa fans, IN MY OPINION, were every bit as obsessive and annoying as SOME of their fans act towards PSU fans. I'll worry about PSU and let Iowa worry about how THEIR coach handles THEIR wrestlers.
  2. Colon has looked great in meets also this year. If the one hour weigh-in isnt hurting I think he will be able to handle that. But i guess we will see I think he blanked Graff 6-0, and I wouldn't be against him in a rematch with DiJulius. A rematch between he and Ramos would be fun.
  3. I've been critical of St. John in the past. I just felt that his style slowed down matches, though there was no arguing his success. This year, I have to admit, that he has seemed to have started looking to score more. He was in complete control tonight. He has taken it up a notch this year, in my opinion.
  4. Grajales would be frustrating to coach. The talent is there, but, he loses match after match due to not having the gas tank and/or the mentality to finish a match. He did the same thing against Suhflohn, and though the end was controversial, Grajales didn't do what he needed to to finish that match. I also give credit to Minotti for a nice win there. He gassed too, but, dug deep when he needed to and got the winner.
  5. I remember watching Colon a couple of years ago at NCAA's and being impressed by his tenacity. I watched him at Cliff Keene, and even though he lost a great match to DiJulius, I was impressed with his style. He had DiJulius very close to going over in the cow catcher at the end of that semi-final. I then watched him absolutely destroy Mark Grey in the consy final. All of that said, I didn't expect him to handle Ramos like that. Like others had said, he was controlling the match prior to sticking him. The cow catcher became the cow catchee. :) I don't know if he will beat Ramos again, but, I hope they meet up, as it will be a great match-up of two similar styled 133 pounders.
  6. Gillman had a fantastic tournament. I was definitely impressed. As for what Iowa chooses to do with Clark, why would we, as PSU fans care ? Not I or anyone else knows Clark's condition. Maybe he is injured. Maybe he has some other issues going on. I don't care. It is coach Brands job to decide to do what is best for his wrestler. After this performance, I'd have a hard time starting Clark over Gillman, if I were Tom Brands.
  7. He could choose that route, but, I just figured he would want to add extra embarrassment by just continuously turning both of them for back-points at will. Then, when they both try to pin themselves, to avoid the continuous beating, Taylor uses one arm on each to lift one shoulder off the mat so that the beat-down can continue...........................Da MagicMan
  8. Trust me, the real PSU fans dislike this thread and especially the title as much as the PSU haters do. SMH.
  9. I think that if David Taylor wrestled both Kyle Dake & Andrew Howe at the same time, the score would be Taylor 42, Dake/Howe 0......................Da MagicMan :D
  10. No problem. I was referring to the posters on this site. Very few PSU fans weren't giving Dake his due. There were a few, but, most were giving the credit that was earned. I still run into the occasional PSU fan who will still insist that Taylor should have won one of those matches, so, your claims aren't baseless, just a bit exaggerated. No big deal.
  11. This is another post exaggerating the PSU love for David Taylor. A large percentage of PSU fans gave Kyle Dake all the credit he deserved for beating Taylor three straight times. However, people like the OP want to focus on the very few who still didn't give the proper credit. Is it really that difficult to figure out why Taylor gets so much love. His wrestling style is very entertaining. He is constantly trying to score, and has gotten bonus points in almost all of his career victories. I think most wrestling fans enjoy that. Penn State fans, of course, are going to love his style. Add in the fact that he is a good student and a good ambassador for the sport, and why would the love surprise anyone ? Kyle Dake beat David Taylor three times, and deserved all of the accolades he got for doing so. He proved to be the better wrestler. Bubba Jenkins pinned Taylor on the big stage. Anyone trying to tell you what would happen if either match-up occurred again is speculating. We only have facts to go by. Taylor lost lose matches and his record and legacy will show that. I also believe that Taylor will go down as one of the biggest point scorers for his team in NCAA Championship history, all while only winning two titles (if he wins again this year). Considering that his team is searching for a 4th championship, I think that is a solid accomplishment, if it pans out that way.
  12. One of the bigger upsets in recent memory. As a PSU fan, I was just hoping he didn't get pinned or teched. I've watched Zain since his Freshman year in high school, so, I know how talented he is. However, I didn't think he was anywhere near ready to pull off this big of an upset this soon in his career. Thanks for proving me wrong, Zain !!!!! My Mom and I were watching in the basement and when Zain got the 2, we were jumping in cheering in a manor usually reserved for Steelers' super bowl wins. Those kind of upsets remind me why I love this sport so much.
  13. Yeah, it really sucked on Saturday. I had my screen open with split screens of all of the Semi-final matches. I would decide which one I wanted audio on. If one match ended early, I could go full screen on the others. I then watched the consy's and finals all from the comforts of my couch. Oh how I miss the days of not having this access available. :roll: Flo provides a great service and is well worth the price.
  14. Anyone know if brackets are posted anywhere ? I"m trying to watch live, but, there is no way of knowing who is wrestling on what mat.
  15. I love Tom Brands, and I'm a PSU fan. Different types of personalities are good for the sport. He & Cael are almost direct opposites in their demeanor, but, both get the job done.
  16. Taylor will score the most points in NCAA championship competition by a 2 time champion in history. It still blows me away how he continues to get pins over guys not named Dake or Jenkins at the NCAA's, when his team really needs it. That is so difficult to do against that level of competition. After he wins this year, I want to see a statistic of career points scored by 2 time NCAA champs. Taylor's numbers will absolutely shatter the next closest guy.
  17. Gonzo, it's o.k. to admit you are a PSU hater. It isn't in question at this point. Guys have certain styles. I would say that Matt Brown's physical/nasty style is what has led to his success. He certainly doesn't have amazing athleticism that many of the top guys possess. I guess that is what make his grit and physical nature stick out. I would put Evans in the same category. That is what I love about our sport. There are many different paths to success. You can be an amazing athlete like Jordan Oliver, Ed Ruth, David Taylor, Logan Stieber, etc. or, you can be a grinder / tough guy like Nelson, Brown, Evan, etc. I love the fact that there isn't only one prototypical style that can lead to success. Some are hybrids of both, such as Kyle Dake.
  18. I'm a PSU fan living in District 3. I haven't missed districts or states in several years. Chance Marsteller is in the argument (with Kolat) as the best PA wrestler I've ever watched. In my opinion, anyone calling him over-rated hasn't seen enough of him. I predict great things from him immediately. I truly think the sky is the limit for Chance, wherever he ends up going. Obviously, as a PSU fan, I will be disappointed if he heads elsewhere, but, I will still be rooting for Chance. From all my experiences watching him and all first hand-accounts I've had from those who know him, he is a great kid on and off the mat. He needs to do what is best for him and his future and I wish him the best of luck.
  19. As a PSU fan, I have to agree that Minnesota's lineup next year is going to be a serious threat. I also really like where TOSU is going to be in two years. It should be fun to watch !
  20. Pretty cool to look back on this match. Their styles were definitely already in place when they arrived to PSU & TOSU.
  21. http://psumemes.com/haters-gonna-hate/
  22. "Official event to determine the best balanced team" :roll:
  23. From the article: "The NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals is not an NCAA-sanctioned national championship event. " http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/arti ... nal-champi
  24. All of you are free to keep your own list of who you feel SHOULD be national champions, but, the 2013 PSU Wrestling Team ARE the national champions..................again.
  25. No, scoring the most points at the National tournament among the wrestlers that you had competing = best team.
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