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  1. They were big recruits but Marshall never had the offense Andrew did. If you recall correctly, many people on here predicted minimal success at the NCAA level for Marshall because of his offense. Again, I am huge Alton fans and I KNOW they are capable of way more. That we can completely agree on. Both Altons were able to create offense against anyone. Against the top tier guys, Marshall would usually win, but, they were often 1-2 point wins.
  2. Not true at all. If you're putting Peppleman in Alton's class by the time they were Seniors, your kidding yourself. He beat Andrew as a sophomore in H.S when Andrew was the one wrestling up a weight from Dylan. He beat Andrew in the semis. By the time they were finishing high school, Andrew was to Marshall what Marstellar is to Garrett. Maybe not quite as much, but not far off. Andrew was the top overall recruit for good reason (some had Hunter Steiber #1 and Andrew #2) You are correct that it was their Sophomore season when Andrew lost to Marshall in the semis. As for their being a big gap between the two, I think you are kidding yourself. Andrew was the #2 overall recruit on intermat, Peppelman was the #4 overall recruit on intermat. Andrew was definitely the flashier talent, no doubt about that, but, Peppelman's resume is quite impressive: 3-time state champion & 4 time finalist, 3 time Beast of the East winner, 4 time Powerade winner, 2 time Super 32 winner. Comparing the difference between Andrew #2 & Peppelman #4 to Marsteller & G. Peppelman is crazy. Marsteller is #1 pound for pound on Flo's rankings, while Garrett is the #24 ranked Junior. I agree that Andrew was a better talent than Marshall, but, I don't think the gap was as significant as you are insinuating it was.
  3. Definitely a disappointment relative to his pedigree (better than his 2xAA older brother at Harvard). But I'm not sure that many guys who watched MPep and the Altons in HS would agree with you that the Altons were the same type of prospects. Even among blue chippers, there is some division of college talent. MPep was never as slick and sophisticated or precocious from his feet as the Altons, and he wasn't as obviously gifted athletically in terms of quickness and explosiveness. He was a force, no doubt, but got a lot of mileage from his mat wrestling. Also, there's this guy named Dake who is forcing Pep to wrestle up a weight this year. Marshall Peppelman was definitely on the same level as the Altons from a prospect perspective. In fact, Marshall dominated Andrew 7-3 in the state semi's during their Junior seasons.
  4. Maybe Iowa just doesn't keep their medals. Did they throw away any of their first place medals ? Oh wait......nevermind. :D
  5. I just don't believe it. It's only perception because everyone is jealous of Iowa. I guess having an entire arena get on their feet and cheer together to drown out SOME of the Iowa fans classless booing of Dake last year wasn't enough to give them the hint. I know, we are all just obsessed and jealous of the Iowa program. :roll:
  6. Great year? What quality wins besides James Green? Lost to guys ranked above him and below him, beat nobody above him (that I remember). It's hard to win 2-1, 3-2 all the time. No major offense. Andrew, well, no need to really explain. 3rd period collegiate wrestling ability isn't an option; it's something you MUST have. I'm not questioning Andrew ability. He's awesome in the first 2 minutes. After a slow start, I thought Dylan really started cruising. I wasn't that disappointed in his loss to St. John, as it was in Iowa, and he wrestled hard, was in deep on a shot and St. John did a great job of countering for the winning takedown. He had nice wins against Green, Demas & Winston. He also had 8 pins and 2 majors entering the tournament, so, he wasn't only winning 2-1, 3-2 all the time. We shall see how it shakes out in two weeks, but, I won't bet against the Altons under the big lights. I think they will both out-wrestle their seeds by quite a bit.
  7. Dylan had a rough tournament, no doubt about it. He had a great year up until this weekend. I liked the way he was wrestling, and I anticipate that he is going to be much better in two weeks. Those lumping Dylan in with Andrew with "gas tank" issues aren't being fair to Dylan. Andrew has definitely not been the same wrestler in the 2nd half of the matches as he is in the first half of the matches. He is as talented as anyone at this weight class outside of Jordan Oliver, but, something is keeping him from wrestling at the same pace for 7 minutes. He actually showed some positive signs this weekend, and he can make all of the talk this year nonsense by turning it on under the big lights in two weeks.
  8. Maybe he likes Minnesota and Iowa better than PSU and was trying to help them out. That is the only explanation I have. He definitely wasn't wrestling to win.
  9. I heard that Ironside came over to tell Byers that he was being too loud during the Brown-Evans match as well. :lol:
  10. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=157&f=2977&t=11357580
  11. From your un-biased opinion it was BS from Byers. :) The Iowa message board agrees. The PSU message board sees it another way. So, Byers gets extremely excited and maybe too loud. I do find the timing of when Ironside decided to get annoyed enough to confront Byers, after Taylor got finished with a 1st period tech fall of Moore. I don't think that was a coincidence. I love Byers, he knows the sport and announces with tons of passion. I wouldn't want him any other way ! Of course, that is from my completely un-biased PSU fan perspective. :?
  12. Wow, the PSU-Iowa rivalry is really getting great. There is nothing better than a great rivalry. This thing is hitting epic levels now. We have announcers battling one another, fans yelling at announcers, fans yelling at each other.........all things that make rivalries great !!! We have annoying PSU fans on the message boards, who are overjoyed with PSU's recent surge and rubbing people's noses in it. Then you have annoying Iowa fans on here that feel that no one should celebrate any achievements because you will NEVER be like the great Iowa program. As for me, I'm a PSU fan and I LOVE the rivalry. I root against the Iowa wrestlers with all of my blue & white bleeding blood, but, I have so much respect for them and their program. Hopefully, the fans don't let it get out of hand, because I believe that this rivalry is here to stay, and I love it !
  13. Nate Chatman, and, I agree, he is a great official.
  14. Well, Taylor did get a reversal in their last match (as did Dake), so, it is possible that Dake could get a takdown early in the 1st period, only to have Taylor reverse him and possibly ride him out for the remainder of the period (He rode him well last match), thus making the score 2-2 with Taylor having significant riding time. :) Yes, a take-down by either would be a big advantage, but, I believe everyone's point was that a takedown by Dake or Taylor doesn't necessarily guarantee a victory, which I agree with.
  15. There isn't a sport out there that requires more dedication, determination and toughness than the sport of wrestling. Our fan-base may be small in comparison to other sports, but, those who get a taste of this great sport usually stay passionate about it for life. Once you've experienced the sport, it is impossible to not have complete admiration for EVERYONE who chooses to compete in it. The wrestling community is a family, and I'm confident that they will do everything possible to right the wrong that is being done by the IOC. Taking this sport away from the Olympic games would be a travesty. This video speaks for itself: !
  16. I got a text from a friend at Sectionals, and Chance is walking around in a PSU hat and PSU Wrestling sweatshirt. It could mean nothing, and he could be wearing Iowa gear tomorrow, but, it was enough to get my hopes up a bit. :D
  17. Neither Stieber or his coach are having him avoid anyone. He was injured. Steiber and Ramos are on a completely different level at 133, in my opinion. I think they both cruise to the finals in Des Moines, where I think Logan comes out with the victory. I really enjoy watching him, especially on top. He flows from one pinning combination directly into another. He also seems like a really good kid from what I have seen. P.S. Despite all of this, JO still had 2 in St. Louis. :)
  18. At least you've covered a precise range of scenarios. He has shown nothing to indicate he could become an NCAA Champion. If he can't put together 2-3 matches in a row against top guys then winning a title is no wheres near the ceiling. Big 10's will be his chance to turn the tables as there will be plenty of opportunity there. I pointed out his ceiling / floor, as I think it is somewhat unique in it's space between each level. Though he has lost 3 of them, all his matches are close enough to believe that he COULD turn them around, so, yes, I stand by his ceiling of being a champ. That is obviously the best case scenario, and not one I would predict. If asked to predict where he would finish, I'd have Brown 4th if the tournament were to happen this weekend.
  19. NOOOOO !!! Run away, run away.......they are going to be coming after you with pitchforks in hand !!!!
  20. Sorry--I have to disagree with you. Green did nothing on the mat but try not to get turned. Stalls were warranted, and I hate when Iowa fans call for stalling (Happens WAAAAYYYY too much). I think Green has a good chance at winning 157. In fact, if DSJ doesn't, I think Green will. ----- I would include Welch and Alton in the mix. Welch has always kept it close with StJ, and I think split matches with Alton last year. Alton, likewise has kept it very close with StJ. If Alton had a better gas tank, he would be tough to beat. Dylan Alton is unfairly being lumped in with his brother in regards to his gas tank. I haven't seen him gas at all this year. He also showed a very solid gas tank at NCAA's last year. He got out-scrambled by DSJ, he didn't gas out.
  21. I think every PSU fan doubts it. Obviously the guy was giving his predictions tongue and cheek, as he said something about it being obvious that he was a PSU fan. Based on your previous reactions to anything related to PSU, I'm not surprised you got sucked right in and took him seriously. :roll:
  22. Based on those predictions, I would say "Yes, you are definitely a PSU fan." If I were predicting right now, I would have Ruth as a champ with confidence. Mega, Wright, D. Alton & Taylor are definitely reasonable possibilities for championships as well. I highly, highly doubt we get championships from all of them, but, that sure would be fun. Here is the range I would have them in right now: 125 - Megaludis (1st-4th) 133 - Conaway (6th - 0-2 at Nationals) 141 - Pearsall (8th - 0-2 at Nationals) 149 - A. Alton (2nd - Not placing at Nationals) 157 - D. Alton (1st - 6th) 165 - Taylor (1st - 2nd) 174 - Brown (1st - Not placing at Nationals) 184 - Ruth (1st - 1st) 8-) 197 - Wright (1st - 3rd) 285 - Lawson/Gingrich (6th - 0-2 at Nationals)
  23. So, right after I posted a message accusing you of always 'ripping' PSU & Cael, you write this message complimenting a PSU wrestler AND Cael. As Gilda Radner used to say....................."Nevermind" :)
  24. Do you ever make a post where you aren't either a) Playing the Iowa victim card while defending Iowa or b) Taking a jab at PSU/Cael ?
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