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  1. 125: #2 Nico Megaludis PSU maj. dec. #12 Nikko Triggas OSU, 9-1 4-0 133: #1 Logan Stieber OSU pinned Jordan Conaway PSU, WBF (1:59) 4-6 141: #2 Hunter Stieber OSU pinned Derek Reber PSU, WBF (1:25) 4-12 149: #19 Cam Tessari OSU dec. #7 Andrew Alton PSU, 3-1 4-15 157: #5 Dylan Alton PSU dec. #19 Josh Demas OSU, 4-3 7-15 165: #2 David Taylor PSU pinned Mark Martin OSU, WBF (2:55) 13-15 174: #7 Nick Heflin OSU dec. #5 Matt Brown PSU, 3-2 13-18 184: #1 Ed Ruth PSU pinned C.J. Magrum OSU, WBF (1:51) 19-18 197: #3 Quentin Wright PSU maj. dec. #16 Kenny Courts OSU, 9-1 23-18 285: Jimmy Lawson PSU inj. frf #12 Peter Capone OSU, Lawson up 6-0 at time 29-18
  2. I predict the following finish the season undefeated: Stieber, Oliver, Ruth & Wright (Yes, I had my blue and white tinted glasses on for that prediction 8-) )
  3. I've been a fan of Evans since his Freshman year of high school. I like the edge and physicality that he wrestles with. Unfortunately, I'm a PSU fan, so, I can only root for Evans once PSU is clear of Iowa in the team race. :)
  4. Sorry--I have to disagree with you. Green did nothing on the mat but try not to get turned. Stalls were warranted, and I hate when Iowa fans call for stalling (Happens WAAAAYYYY too much). I think Green has a good chance at winning 157. In fact, if DSJ doesn't, I think Green will. Obviously, results can change, as the matches have been close, but, Alton has had Green's number thus far, just like DSJ has had Dylan's number. It's amazing how talented the Big 10 is. I can't wait to see how 125-157-174 turn out at Big 10's.
  5. Logical PSU fans don't think they have anything locked up by any means. A lot has to go right to win a national championship, and though PSU is the favorite, there are teams just waiting for PSU to make a mistake and open the door for them. I expect the team race to be very competitive.
  6. Thoughts: 125 - Nico continues to improve, which is saying something when you consider that he as a runner-up as a true freshman. Majoring someone as good as Triggas is extremely impressive. 133 - Logan Steiber puts on a clinic from the top position in pretty much every match he wrestles. His mastery from the top position is enjoyable to watch. He goes from one combination to another. He is unbelievably good. He is simply too much for Conaway. 141 - Logan's brother is pretty good as well. Way too much for Reber to handle. 149 - This was a more disappointing match to watch than the Sueflohn loss. In the Sueflohn loss, Andrew gassed, but, in this match, he just never got anything going. I'm a big fan of Andrew, and I really hope he gets it figured out. His talent level is on par with anyone. He is definitely in a funk right now. 157 - I like the look in Dylan's eyes this year. He got sloppy on one takedown attempt, and his legs got tied up underneath of him. I liked his ability to do what it takes to get the win. I'm not sure what Ryan was arguing for on this one. Demas did lock a cradle, but, he was still facing Dylan, and Dylan still had Demas leg locked up. That is not a takedown. 165 - It is cool to see how the really good wrestlers remain calm, when faced with adversity. Taylor gets taken down and ridden out for a bit, and he remained calm as could be. He just went back to work and got it done......again. 174 - Matt Brown continues to lose these close matches against high ranked guys. Despite this, he is still one of my favorites. The effort is always there for Matt. He is so close to turning these results around. He just needs to wrestle under control a bit more and not get over-aggressive and sloppy. He also needs to continue to work on his scrambling ability. I still like his chances in Des Moines. 184 - Speaking of staying calm, cool and collected. I don't remember ever seeing someone make it look as easy as Ed Ruth has over these last two years. It just appears effortless, as he makes quality wrestlers look completely over-matched. 197 - This was a solid effort for 'Q'. His athleticism and scrambling ability make him a tough match-up for anyone. I think he goes out on top, where he deserves to be. 285 - Not to take anything away from Gingrich, but, I think the team does better moving forward with Lawson. Jimmy's starting to improve, and his size and athleticism makes him dangerous against anybody. I really hope Capone is o.k.
  7. I think it probably both BRGuy. I think they will be the most out of shape and mentally weak team to ever win their third consecutive national title. :roll:
  8. The effort is always there for Matt. He needs to learn to control his aggression and to improve in scrambles. If he does both of those things, he can beat anyone at this weight class. This weight will be tough to predict for nationals, and Matt's finish is equally tough to predict. I believe he has a ceiling of being a champ and a floor of not placing.
  9. Agreed. In a situation like this, where McD beat Meagludis who beat Delgado who beat McD, you go to past accomplishments. 1. McD 2. Megaludis 3. Delgado
  10. I have never seen a fanbase in any sport whine and play the victim like most of the Iowa fans do on this board. I truly hope the majority of fans on this board don't represent the fan-base. I haven't been posting long, but, I've learned the following from Iowa fans: 1. You have zero right to be excited about current success because your success doesn't compare to Iowa's dynasty. How dare you celebrate and enjoy your teams current success. It is a slap in the face to Iowa, who did it longer and better than you. Living in the past is more important than living in the present. Do not get excited about your team's current success, you don't deserve it until Iowa fans tell you that you do. 2. Everyone who says anything borderline negative about Iowa is simply jealous of their past success, which again, is more important than anything currently taking place. You haven't earned the right to say something negative about Iowa, until Iowa fans tell you that you do. 3. Back when Iowa was winning their championships, the current tournament factor was a perfect indicator of what team was the best. Even if Iowa lost a dual, they proved to be true champions in the NCAA Tournament. Now, winning an NCAA tournament after losing a dual leaves your championship tainted, and the way to decide the championship is through dual meet success. You don't have the right to state your opinion on what should decide the national championship until Iowa fans tell you that you do. 4. Saying that you think a guy might end up reversing a loss later in the year is a sin of the highest order, and you will be subject to future jokes for your attempted prognostications. You don't have the ability to predict a future change in outcomes until Iowa fans tell you that you do. 5. Winning by 4 or more points is completely dominating your opponent into oblivion. For you to call those matches competitive is delusional, they are beat-downs of the highest order. You can't decide what determines competitive matches, Iowa fans are the only ones who have earned that right. P.S. Booing Dake at the national championships was a right that only Iowa fans have earned. How dare the rest of the arena come together and drown out their boos with a standing ovation, essentially telling them that what the rest of the nation thinks their fan bases behavior. The rest of the countries fans haven't earned the right to judge Iowa fans until Iowa fans tell them that they have earned it.
  11. As a PSU fan, I'm certainly not going to whine about McDonough dropping to the leg in O.T., because Nico had the opportunity to do the exact same thing, and he did attempt to. The difference was that McDonough was able to kick away for the escape. I didn't mind Nico's strategy to get the first warning. However, on the restart, he has to try to turn away and kick. He knows that McD isn't going to get hit again in that short time if he turns into it again, looking for the call. I loved the way Megaludis wrestled McDonough from their feet. Nico was definitely the aggressor and given more time on the clock, I believe he would have gotten a takedown (twice). However, up to this point, he still hasn't scored offensively on McDonough. I hope he is building up to a win in Des Moines. I'll never doubt him again, as I didn't give him a chance in hell against Sanders last year. Sanders dominated him in the dual and BIGs, but, Nico proved me wrong. That was my favorite moment of the tournament last year.
  12. Awesome picture. I get excited just thinking about watching that match on the big stage ! Can't wait !!!
  13. You are right. Remember last year, when the PSU fans were booing Dake, and the entire rest of the arena got on their feet and drowned out the PSU fans, as a collective message, telling them that they are a-holes ? I find it downright hilarious that an Iowa fan is criticizing PSU's fan-base. Seriously, that is the definition of irony.
  14. I got ripped on the Penn State board for supposedly sticking up for Dake. Sorry, but, the fact is that I actually like and appreciate Kyle Dake. I've watched his interviews and watched him wrestle, and I don't see anything out of line. Of course, as a PSU fan, I hope that Taylor puts it to him in Des Moines, but, that doesn't change the fact that I have a lot of respect for Dake. I also have a ton of respect for the Iowa wrestling program and I like Brands. I don't understand why fans of a team have to find a way to dislike their closest rivals. Especially in a sport like this, where I personally have extreme admiration for every kid who puts in the time and dedication that wrestling requires.
  15. penn state cant be invincible if they just lost to a team head to head they may beat ohio state maybe they would be able to beat oklahoma state and probably would win a close one with minnesota but all of these teams could beat penn state and penn state is not that much better of them we all know penn state has ruth and taylor who will stack up bonus and the reality is taylor will probably lose to dake but score more team points than dake and aalton who is only ranked 8th will probably score as many points as the 3rd place finisher even if he only finishes 8th so where will these points come from even though they are taking losses? aalton will score more points against a lock haven kid than vonohlen even thouhg vonohlen will beat aalton and taylor will do better against caldwell than dake would even though dake will control a match with taylor and beat him again so yeah i stand by what i said i determine the best team by how they stack up to another team not by how they beat up on weak wrestlers on other teams not even in contention. how does penn state beat iowa and oklahoma state for a national title? they dont show up to the national duals and they have their wrestlers pound on chattanooga northern illinois princeton buffalo and drexel why dont they just beat up on iowa or oklahoma state one on one to win i thought wrestling was a mano y mano sport why hide a national championship in some convoluted team scoring mechanism against hundreds or random pairings or random teams and their athletes when penn state lines up their team and dominates another team head to head and is the undisputed best team capable of beating any team one on one they will be the best team but right now the best team is debatable much like it often is in baseball basketball football soccer and every other sport and there is nothing wrong with that it doesnt mean penn state is not a great program Hey BRGuy, how about this. You go ahead and grab a pen and mark an asterisk beside the national champions that yo don't think deserve it. Heck, go ahead and write down who you think the national champion is. You can even pull the list out over and over again and smile about the results you have come up with. The fact is, no one cares who you think the National Champion is. The rest of the wrestling world will go by what is established, which is the NCAA tournament in March. The fact is that at that tournament, each team has an equal chance to score bonus points against these "weak" opponents that you point out. So, go ahead and keep your own list, but, I'll go ahead and enjoy my time in Des Moines, where they will crown this year's and individual and team National Champions.
  16. In Pennsylvania, several years ago, they went to the two state championship team formats. One for the dual meet champions, which is decided by a team dual tournament. Then, the team champion of the State tournament is deemed the Tournament Team Champion. This works great, and is what I'd like to see the NCAA go to.
  17. It's really not that hard to figure out. I think every match "matters" to an extent. I mean, both teams and all wrestlers are trying to win every match they wrestle. However, they really have no impact on the National Championship under the current format, so, the result of a dual has very little impact on who is standing on top as the national champion in March. As a Penn State fan, I was disappointed with the loss, but, it will be long forgotten IF PSU wins their third straight title in March.
  18. 125: Nico by Fall over Delgado 133: Conaway decision Thomas 8-6 141: Pearsall decision Rodriguez 2-0 149: Alton decision Ervin 6-3 157: Alton major Nora 14-6 165: Taylor decision Polz 13-7 174: Brown decision Blanton 6-4 184: Ruth by fall over Dallago 197: Quentin decision 4-2 285: Lawson decision Lopez 9-4 PSU 37 Illinois 0
  19. He had legs in and was working hard for the tech. He got too high and was pulled over onto his back. 125: Nico by Fall over Delgado 133: Conaway decision Thomas 8-6 141: Pearsall decision Rodriguez 2-0 149: Alton decision Ervin 6-3 157: Alton major Nora 14-6 165: Taylor decision Polz 13-7 174: Brown decision Blanton 6-4 184: Ruth by fall over Dallago 197: Quentin decision 4-2 285: Lawson decision Lopez 9-4 PSU 37 Illinois 0
  20. He had legs in and was working hard for the tech. He got too high and was pulled over onto his back.
  21. I've listened to him for years, and never heard him "try to make it seem like more is going on then really is". The guys just loves the sport and team he announces for. Like I said, I wish there were more like them. The sport could use guys like him announcing the matches that are on t.v.
  22. Character is shown with how you respond after getting knocked down. What an answer by PSU today. They shutout the 8th ranked team in the nation, getting big wins from Nico, Conaway & Brown. For those always attacking Cael, I think getting your team to respond this well two days after what had to be a devastating loss, shows that he does a good job of motivating his guys. I was worried about a major letdown today. Instead, it was the opposite.
  23. I'll never forget that moment in my whole life. A large portion of the Iowa fans (not all) began booing Dake loudly during his interview. At the point, the entire arena (outside of Iowa fans) stood up and almost tore the roof off to drown out the Iowa fans. It was a great moment, as it was the entire rest of the wrestling fans basically telling that large portion of Iowa fans that they are a-holes. I know Iowa fans probably don't want to hear it, but, that is what it was. Once again, I realize it wasn't all Iowa fans booing, but, it was a large portion of them.
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