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  1. According to whichever of the Iowa guys (forget which one) defending DSJ, winning by 4 or 6 points is completely pulverizing your opponent to a pulp, killing them, rendering them unable to compete, dominating them in a fashion only saved for the Gods, beating them senseless, etc. (He posted it about 15 times, so, there are many ways to describe it.)
  2. Yeah, I'm curious as to what it is as well. It may have something to do with his style, as he goes all out off the whistle, usually looking for the fall. However, there are other wrestlers who work hard from the first whistle, who don't gas out in the 3rd. Andrew is talented enough to hang in there with ANYONE, but, I agree that this issue, whatever is causing it, is a threat to hold him back from his potential. I've followed the Altons for a LONG time, and they are two of my all-time favorites. They are both great kids, and I just hope Andrew gets it corrected, whatever "it" is.
  3. JMO, but it seems like a major issue right now. It's not like it's showing at the end of 3. I see some tiring in the 1st. Anyone else? Now, you are exaggerating a bit. I've not seen him tiring in the 1st periods. In fact, in each of his last two matches, he was extremely impressive in the first 1.5 periods. It seems in the middle of the 2nd, you can see some tiring. I'm still in the camp that he will be fine come March, and there is more to it than just not being in shape, which I don't think is the case.
  4. Wow, with DT up 13-2 late in the third, he got reversed to his back and almost pinned. According to those watching (unfortunately, I am not), he may not have lasted much longer and was saved by the 3rd period whistle. Proof again that in this sport, anything can happen. He did hold on for the 13-7 win.
  5. It's called passion for the team he announces for and the sport of wrestling. We need more guys like Byers involved in this sport. He is very knowledgeable about the sport, and he lets his passions show. Honestly, only a PSU hater could find something negative about Byers. He's the best wrestling announcer I've heard, and I would say that if he were the Hawkeyes announcer.
  6. You must lead a sad life....nothing better to do than bitch about anything PSU. Feel bad for you. Especially considering that Byers is an absolutely PHENOMENAL announcer. When you're a two-time defending champion, the haters will always be there.
  7. There should be a dual team national championship AND a tournament team national championship.
  8. Great post. The bickering back and fourth between Iowa and PSU fans gets really old. We are all fans of this sport, and last night's dual was great for the sport.
  9. I'm guessing Cael cares. I even think his wrestlers care and maybe PSU's fans care. I think you might be one of the few who might not care. But really I think you care too. Let me clarify.....I was slightly disappointed last night. I wanted PSU to win and I think every match "counts". However, if PSU three peats in Des Moines, this loss isn't going to taint that championship in any way shape or form. Currently, the championship is decided with tournament format.
  10. I have to agree that Brands does some smart moves. I didn't think of it that way GB, but, you make a great point. Psychologically, telling your 149 & 184 pound starters to not try to win, but, try to avoid a pin, could really hamper their confidence. That is unique strategy, and I like it. I'm in the minority among PSU fans, but, I actually like and respect Brands. His style couldn't be more opposite of Cael's, but, there is definitely room for both to succeed.
  11. It will be tough to win with is style, as he keeps most matches close, but, Kellen Russell proved that you can win that way. However, you are putting yourself in danger each match, so, the odds of getting knocked off increase. DSJ is tough to score on. Dylan had a perfect shot, and was just barely able to get the score last night, and then he gave up the counter takedown when he got a 2nd solid shot. As a PSU fan, I came away from last night thinking that Dylan has a legitimate shot at a national championship. I know he lost, but, I think he is wrestling with some fire in his eyes this year. Hopefully, it rubs off on his brother.
  12. 17000 people in corn country cared last night. it doesn't diminish the accomplishment, but it calls into question whether or not we determine the championship in a way that is best for the future growth of the sport. Like I said, I would like to see two champions crowned (Dual & Tournament Teams).
  13. The championship is decided currently by the tournament at the end of the season. So, PSU lost a dual meet the previous two years and then won the national championship. Who cares ? Does losing a dual meet diminish their accomplishment ? Under the current format, PSU is going for their 3rd straight national championship in March. I wouldn't mind seeing a format where there is a national duals champion and a national tournament team champion, but, that isn't where we are right now.
  14. Congrats to the Iowa fans. They did everything they needed to do in the toss-up matches to get it done. I'm a bit disappointed with some of the PSU efforts, but, I have to hand it to Iowa, their kids have a lot to be proud of. P.S. We'll see you guys in March. :)
  15. If 'homer' means more accurate than you in 99% of every contest in which we compete against one another, then, yes, I'm a homer. :)
  16. take off the blue and white glasses homer I think that is a bit harsh. The only "homer" pick here is Mega ove McD...which while it would be an upset...hardly warrants being criticized as a "homer" in this way - as if he is going off the rails with his picks to predict a win for PSU. Especially when he also predicted only a dec for Q and only a Major for Taylor...as well as bonus against Conaway and a loss in key toss-up matches with D Alton and Brown. Far from a "homer" prediction here. Exactly. It's people like "sockubow" that ruin the internet. ;)
  17. 125: Megaludis decision McDonough 3-0 PSU *Gut feeling, though I think McD turns it around in Des Moines* 133: Ramos major Conaway 4-3 Iowa *Conaway has so much heart, but, Ramos is just too much* 141: Ballweg decision Pearall 7-3 Iowa *Ballweg better on his feet, which makes the difference* 149: Alton decision Kelly 7-6 Iowa *Alton is capable of pinning anyone, but, Iowa is well coached* 157: St. John decision Alton 10-6 Iowa *Two similar styles. I've got DSJ here, with Dylan winning in Des Moines* 165: Taylor major Moore 10-10 *Once again, Moore will be coached to avoid Tech & Fall* 174: Evans decision Brown 13-10 Iowa *Two weeks ago, I had Brown. Now, I've got Evans winning a close one* 184: Ruth fall Lofthouse 16-13 PSU *Cradle gets locked, back-bridge roll-through and the fall* 197: Wright decision Burak 19-13 PSU *Burak impresses me. Keeps this one close* 285: Telford decision Ginrich 19-16 PSU *3 point win for Telford* This is going to be a great dual. Two extremely well-coached teams, and Iowa with home-mat advantage. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.
  18. Enough of the "this is only being brought up because it is Iowa". It is being brought up because punches were thrown. It would be brought up regardless of who was wrestling. The Iowa "we get picked on" defense is just as old and tired as those who obviously spew extra hate towards Iowa because of their success in the sport. St. John threw a cheap jab into the MSU wrestler's face. The MSU wrestler then completely lost it. I was shocked that they let them continue to wrestle. Even though St. John threw the cheap shot, the MSU wrestler's response was completely over the top, and he should have had a flagrant misconduct charged. Giving un-sportsmanlike penalties to both wrestlers wasn't enough in this instance, which is likely what led to 174. I've followed Evans since his Freshman year in high school. He has a physical, "on the edge" style that I appreciate it. He was getting some extra pushes in at the edge of the mat, but, nothing too big. It certainly didn't deserve the response by the MSU wrestler, who basically threw a punch at Evans during the one tie-up where the ref stopped the match. I honestly think that Evans face gauge should have been called as unsportsmanlike, and I'm guessing there was some intent, but, Evans was likely ticked from being punched earlier in the match. So, MSU isn't without fault, as both of their wrestlers were just as guilty, if not more than the Iowa wrestlers. However, the Iowa defenders acting like their wrestlers were just innocently targeted are reaching. DSJ threw a cheap shot and the MSU kid lost it. At 174, the MSU kid threw some cheap shots, and in my opinion, Evans retaliated with a couple of claws to the face. I thought the official failed to maintain control and is much to blame for what occurred.
  19. Is Ness sick or hurt? When you wrestle his style, this is going to happen from time to time. I've seen other matches this year where he was losing to un-ranked wrestlers only to eventually hit them in an elevator or cradle and get the pin. This time, he just never got the pin, and his loose style got him in trouble twice.
  20. I still believe that Matt Brown will be your 174 pound national champ (yes, through my blue and white tinted glasses). However, based on results, I'd have to rank him in the 6-8 range.
  21. My top 10 PFP (Based on eye/test, opinion) 1. Ed Ruth 2. Kyle Dake 3. David Taylor 4. Jordan Oliver 5. Logan Stieber 6. Matt McDonough 7. Dustin Kilgore 8. Kendrick Maple 9. Chris Perry 10. Quentin Wright
  22. I'm actually fairly confident that Ed Ruth would beat them both. I think Dake would be a big tougher match-up problem, as he is for most, because he is tough to score on. However, It is my personal opinion that Ed Ruth is the best wrestler in the country. I have a hard time seeing anyone beating him.
  23. DSJ having Demas leg means absolutely nothing when a cradle is locked up by Demas. I've watched Ed Ruth and many others get takedowns/reversal, back points and pins all while their opponent was holding their leg. Heck, Matt Snyder had a couple of them with that exact circumstance at the Southern Scuffle a few days ago.
  24. And a pin, right? Scribe is right. People who like to go back and rewrite history by changing one isolated event fail to factor in that it would trigger other changes that would result in the same original outcome. Yes, he is right about that, but, wrong to assume that he knows what would happen in that alternate occurrence.
  25. If I was evaluating the officials, getting it wrong after the video would bother me a lot more than missing the call in live action. In live action, calls ARE going to be missed in all sports, because things happen so fast. Getting it wrong AFTER watching the video makes me question whether the official even knows the rules of the sport he is officiating.
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