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  1. These are two tremendously talented wrestlers & even though Ramos is 0-4 vs Stieber, I am not convinced that OSU fans aren't secretly afraid that one tiny misstep or flaw in position could be a factor in that record becoming 1-4. Anything can happen....Just look at last years Finals. JO was the favorite & Stieber got him (imo it was a td but the ref didn't call it so it wasn't) so I'm sure the OSU fans are hoping history doesn't repeat itself while Iowa fans do...... In the end we are all the real winners for having the chance to watch these great competitors go at it multiple times. Their match ups are just as good (actually WAY more action even in a low scoring match) as the hype surrounding Dake & DT.
  2. Unfortunately I have Borlie as either the last in or the 1st out. Do you think that they'll go both Kolb & Polizzi & give B1G 10 197's out of 33? Were the Bronze Standard points for the 9th place match that much of a factor?
  3. Not sure on titles but ironically enough, Iowa's last B1G Tourney w/o a title winner was also the last season for Z.
  4. Going off last set of RPI/Coaches Polls, I'm guessing he's either the last one in or first one out. A key in his favor possibly is that Jones (MSU) didn't even make the 9th place match (bronze standard) at Big10's. I would've felt much better had he at least won the consi finals for the ACC bronze standard but we'll know tomorrow.
  5. That's what makes wrestling so great..the differences in match ups. Garnett/Delgado's Midlands Finals match was amazing w/ Delgado's shots, Garnett's stuffs/reshots & then when Delgado started getting in deeper on those singles, Garnett pulls out the ball & chain...crazy match. IMHO, Delgado is the man to beat at this weight & he is just so good w/ his single attacks & scrambles right now that I'm not sure who can stop him.
  6. There is a huge difference. Take the example Perry gave of 1. Waters 2. Garnett 3. Delgado 4. McD 5. Mega Who would u rather be there McD who has to beat Mega and Waters to be in the finals or Delgado who only has to beat Garnett to be in the finals? I understand your point, but I believe you misunderstand mine. The key is that as long as they handle their business, ie wrestle their matches, then whomever they match up with, we will find out who deserves to advance. I'm not blind to the fact that certain seeding matters with regards to a road to the finals, but you can be a 1 seed, 2 seed, or 12 seed but if you run into a hot wrestler & you aren't up to the task, your seed won't matter. Perfect example: J Parks OSU #1 seed & goes 0-2
  7. As to the comparison for Garnett/Mega using Kraisser as a comparison. Jarrod had the flu when VT went down to UNC for that match & it showed. Not taking anything away from Kraisser as I think this young man will be a force in the future in this class, but that was the primary factor in Garnett really not putting up much of an effort. 3 seed 4 seed really shouldn't matter as long as both handle their business & then we'll all find out in the Semi's or Finals...
  8. Did anyone else go straight to reading the quotes & didn't notice the stache change until reading the last line?!?! Hilarious!!! Great job!!!
  9. I agree w/ JB & tomorrow could be very interesting if OU decides to sub someone in at 141 for the forfeit and bump Maple up to 149 against Brascetta...Could make for a VERY interesting dual.
  10. I just wanted to take a moment & thank this group of Hokie Seniors who have been the foundation for where Virginia Tech Wrestling has come over the last 5 years & how they have set a tremendous example for VT Wrestling in the future. This group includes Jarrod Garnett, Jesse Dong, Pete Yates, Dave Marone as well as a couple guys who graduated last year in Matt Epperly & Tommy Spellman. These young men have been the winning-est group in the history of the program & have done so only a couple of years removed from serious concerns that the program may be cut entirely. Now with Coach Dresser and the hard work of these young men, this program is not only nationally recognized, but is one of Virginia Tech's best athletic programs! Tomorrow at 2pm #9 Virginia Tech will face #16 Oklahoma in what will be their last home match inside Cassell Coliseum and I urge everyone in the area to get out to Cassell and show your appreciation for everything these men have done to elevate this program to where it is today.
  11. IMO the duckunder is one of the best "feeling" moves when set up & hit correctly. Kinda like hitting the sweet spot in baseball or a perfect golf swing from the tee. Heavy on the head, heavy on the head, pop, duck & feel the opponent drop as you are already behind & in control. Another reason why I always loved the duck was because as you hit it, you are already in your claw ride from the head pressure.
  12. Disregard that individual. Thanks for posting a site covering it online. I was coming over to post another link w/ the same ustream coverage. http://virginiaduals.org/2013-live-webcast/
  13. The kid is a grinder. Great positions, great gas tank & goes after opponents. Solid in all 3 areas & has it between the ears as well. Check out his post match interviews from Midlands on Flo & GOhiocasts. Just a solid young man.
  14. I've looked all over to see if this years Va Duals would have some video coverage but found nothing. It has been broadcast in the past via USA Wrestling as well as shown on ustream but I can't find anything listed for this year....
  15. Missed this the first time. Gotta disagree w/ Flap & his comments about VT. I guess last years 11th place team finish & consistent improvement over the last few years is still overshadowed by the 2nd place at Nat Duals & only one AA at NCAA's that year. The strength of that team was in the consistency up & down the line up & that in a dual you had 10 straight tough opponents. It wasn't a tourney team & most people understand the difference. Dresser & VT will be just fine come March. Realistic goal for March is a solid top 10 finish & 4 AA's for the Hokies. As far as the runner up finish at Midlands, I feel that was impressive considering they didn't bring a 133 & 184 had a brutal draw.
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