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  1. I want to say it was the Penn State board, aka BWI: https://bwi.forums.rivals.com/forums/the-wrestling-room.16/
  2. IIRC from reading another board it is because the Stanford official roster had listed Griffith at 174 initially - after his match this weekend they moved him back down to 165. So the recent Stanford website change likely caused the WresteStat change.
  3. Anyone have more info on Isaac Trumble? That's a real solid win over Bonaccorsi for a true freshman.
  4. Everyone gets an "extra" year regardless of what year they are in school. Either way for my purposes it's just people who are choosing to not use all the eligibility the NCAA gives them.
  5. Yes he did but it was a random social media post, hence the "maybe" category. The OSU wrestlers said they were done in more official interviews.
  6. Just found an interview with Dakota Geer where he is a maybe for taking the extra year. Also know Gable Steveson has said this will be his last year but that is far from confirmed. So I decided to have a "maybe" section as well.
  7. Even with the free year, I have a feeling some of these older, more beat up guys may call it a career - especially those planning to graduate in May/June. I'll try to keep this thread updated and when can bump it when news comes out. Looks like both Kaid Brock and Boo Lewallen have both said that this year is their last for Oklahoma State. Please share any more names. Wrestlers choosing to not take the free year for 2021-2022 Kaid Brock - Oklahoma State Boo Lewallen - Oklahoma State Wrestlers who have talked about not taking the free year for 2021-2022 Dakota Geer - Oklahoma State Gable Steveson - Minnesota
  8. When is Imar back from his injury?
  9. Anyone know what weight the Amos/Brucki match is at? I wonder if Braxton can make 197 at this point comfortably
  10. Roberson may have had the nastiest slide by / drag thingy (don't know the real name) of all time.
  11. Good rundown nhs and agree with just about everything you wrote. I'd have to think this is over 170, I don't even think McFadden can make 74kg anymore.
  12. Oh, interesting. Rumblings he's not coming back or just taking the year off?
  13. What's the deal with Braxton Amos, not wrestling this year?
  14. Has plenty of time to get bigger, guessing also he can wrestle 165 given how much smaller he was than Labs. Future is bright for sure...
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