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  1. Since this is run by the NLWC I don't ever seem them doing folkstyle in these matches.
  2. He's also REALLY good and controlling on top, even scarier.
  3. At no point did I say he liked Cael, but once again both of them put their differences aside to make it happen and to me that deserves kudos.
  4. Nolf with the tech, Bubba went big but couldn't hit the moves. Kudos to Bubba for coming out and doing the event, say a lot about him and Cael that they signed up to do this. While the internet continues to bicker about what happened like a decade ago, they both moved on and found a way to come together. Good stuff...
  5. Merideth takes it 8-6, but Bartlett was impressive. Should hang his head high in that loss
  6. 6-6 now, man this is a fun one. Some great scrambles
  7. Merideth and Bartlett living up to the hype so far, Merideth up 6-4 at the break. Merideth looks to have a size advantage
  8. Romero looked solid positionally and takes down Porter
  9. Good to hear Kerk was up at 240, if he can get just a little more size without sacrificing speed look out. Well crap, look out anyway
  10. BREAKING NEWS! Kerk is good, 46 second tech
  11. Looks like Beard still gasses, but hangs on to win 10-9
  12. I'm a Marie Kondo "less is more" kind of guy.
  13. There's no doubt in my mind he's top3 this year, maybe more.
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