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  1. Definitely think Lugo can be effective at 65kg and I would say this did change my thoughts on Pletcher vs Schaulty. Pletcher just isn't that big, it showed against Lugo. Schnaulty was 70kgs and was a good sized 49 pounder when he won NCAAs. He's walking around 15 pounds lighter than both those guys if I had to guess. So unless this is with real 65kilos weighin Ash will have a size advantage and likely takes it.
  2. Lugo definitely looked bigger than Pletcher - but he certainly looked impressive. He controls the ties quite well and his reattack ability is starting to become his best trait. Was punishing Pletcher for taking bad shots. If he can handle the cut to 65 without many ill affects, he can make some noise.
  3. That certainly was a shocker, but echo the sentiments that he was always classy and fun to watch. Scored points and from the sounds of his interview he's going to make an impact on the next generation. Kudos Nazar...
  4. Per Nolf's IG, it in indeed on a rooftop: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB8rB8ljGXl/
  5. Another board mentioned that JO was on Justin Basch's podcast and JO said he walks around at 174 and Nolf at 177. So there you go, straight from the source.
  6. This has been explained, but my memory ain't what it used to be. Do you have to enter the portal if you want to transfer? If Rivera was 100% into Rutgers does he still have to join this as a formality? Just curious if this is an open situation or not, if you don't have to join the portal the answer would be yes.
  7. I think if 70kg was an Olympic weight, both Nolf and Oliver would be wrestling there. So while Nolf may be a little bigger, it's not a monumental difference like the 20 pounds between their weight classes would suggest.
  8. Will gladly pay that for some wrestling and to support the wrestlers, the RTC and Beat the Streets Chicago.
  9. Indeed, at first I was going to comment that he's in the mix but quite frankly even though he won EIGHTY EIGHT matches in a row he can't reach the top5.
  10. Can we PLEASE not turn this topic political or into a discussion about Covid? There are infinity other places to do so and it always detracts from the topic at hand... That said, from what I understand this event it going on audience or otherwise. The $$ from the PPVs is the big thing...
  11. Not an easy place to recruit, at all. Between that and the salary, one of the toughest jobs in all of D1
  12. I should have been more clear, even if he beats out JB for the spot I think he's back up to 79kg on non-Olympic years. Assuming he sticks around for another cycle. I just think he's no longer comfortable there and only will do it for Olympic years.
  13. After two years of eating and adjusting his body, I bet 74kgs is a real struggle for Dake nowadays. I bet he's actually more comfortable at 79 and would guess he moves back there even if JB retires after this cycle.
  14. Rau is a Greco guy but has competed in freestyle as well.
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