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  1. <HomerSimpsonBackingIntoTheBush.gif>
  2. Don't forget last year didn't count, so I think a lot of the people listed are a year/grade younger than listed. Woods/Griffith should have three more years for example...
  3. Can people PLEASE stop responding to NJDan at this point? Put on ignore and move on, it's enough already...
  4. Think I saw they were 16-0 today. SIXTEEN AND ZERO
  5. Agreed, stoked for Yaz. All class, all heart and a true representative for all that Iranian wrestling represents. Great job, can't wait for the next one.
  6. You all came to wrestle today Iran, absolutely amazing performance. Young, hungry guys who wrestle a full six minutes, future is incredibly bright.
  7. Russians just collectively are so freaking hard to finish a single leg on. Fix didn't wrestle bad, just was beat by a better guy. He can win that match though...
  8. Really impressed with J'Den's par terre this tourney, he's turning more than he usually does. Looks like he's been putting the work in there.
  9. My goodness, what a session my Iranian friends! Cox vs Ghasempour will be a fun one, looking forward to it.
  10. Ghasempour is REALLY good, starting to get worried.
  11. He controls the ties so darn well, now that he's attacking more it's just the complete package.
  12. Yanni wants to shoot from space and struggles to create offense off of ties against the better guys. He needs to keep working towards having more of his own offense, plenty of time to get there though.
  13. Agree completely @spladle08 - lots of good to take out of Rivera's performance. Good thing is that he's competitive on his feet and has a good mindset when down. It'll take time but he can have some senior level success once he develops more freestyle habits and positioning.
  14. Good experience for Seabass, needs to learn FS more as he doesn't have the positioning yet on his shots. Yaz quite a bit bigger too, 61 is where he needs to be long term.
  15. Longest surname match in UWW history?
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