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  1. While they don't need Spencer to win, there's also a chance the they shut out OSU, which would be a once-in-a lifetime achievement. They said on FRL they haven't been able to find a case where OSU has been shut out before.
  2. Not to mention 2020 Kemmerer is better than 2017 Kemmerer, doesn't look good for any era of Joe Smith in this one.
  3. This was not during college: "This had occurred as a result of Fortune trying to make weight. Fortune had been trying to cut down on weight right out of college. His goal was to get down to 211 pounds and he tried to cut down 27 pounds in five days and "ended up killing myself." https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mma/news/tyrell-fortune-once-pronounced-dead-attempting-to-cut-weight/1bbua6ffk4axz1lwcm4sca45go
  4. The only time it was reported that he threw his name in for a coaching gig was the Michigan one. Though I don't know if that was "official" - given that, I'd say he'd take a head coaching job but is very selective.
  5. Love it but may be logistically tricky to find competitors or a freestyle ref. RTC athletes normally don't travel with the team and I'm not sure how keen inter-RTC matchups would be for the competitors. But it could be boring since they know either other so well. But why not give it a whirl
  6. Greer has never had the results at 197 that would indicate an AA like he was at 184. Not saying something isn't wrong with him, but isn't the same guy at the heavier weight. Real Woods to me kind of the opposite of this discussion - most everyone thinks he's better than his ranking but the lack of top guys has him ranked too low even if that's the "correct" call. Some rankers are using the "eye test" to make up for that though.
  7. While I agree with your overall point, no way Tucker is a coin flip against the top4. Maybe Rivera if he's still banged up but Gross, Desanto and RBY he's more than a slight dog against.
  8. Has Gable ever struggled in getting away on bottom? I can't remember a time where he did...
  9. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6280587-2019-final-x-rutgers/videos?playing=6516578&limit=60 Watch the beginning of the video "Bo Nickal Weighed in at 87.7 KG this afternoon"
  10. It's great, nice to highlight Bray, Spey, etc who often don't get a lot of mic time on the main podcast. The recaps are solid too because they have time to mention some of the non-elite duals and wins. Heck, one of the few (only?) times my alma mater (Northern Illinois) was mentioned when Anthony Gibson beat Grant Leeth. Content every day, I love it.
  11. But doesn't your eligibility clock start a year after you graduate? Could have sworn that this has been stated before... If not what's to prevent someone from going to FLWC until they are 26 and then enroll as a "freshman"?
  12. So I consider myself a wrestling junkie but I honestly didn't know who Tanner Cook was. Looks like I need to pay attention to the smaller schools... https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/51408/cook-tanner/profile Interesting someone on that list with three losses, dude gets a lot of falls. Looks like maybe a Cornell recruit and followed Hahn to Brookings? How did he get two Finger Lake years, can't you only take one greyshirt?
  13. What was the story with the recent Townsell to 133? Couldn't make the weight anymore?
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