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  1. Gantry


    That Peterson he hit after being taken down was sweet.
  2. He's not wearing a Mizzou singlet, a red Team USA one EDIT - misread your post, sorry. I'm guessing it's a mistake that he isn't listed as unattached.
  3. Gantry


    Brock Mauller does not look small for 157, I expect we see him there next year.
  4. Gantry


    Josh Saunders drops his first match, he hasn't had the results I was expecting early on - though he's young.
  5. I would suggest watching Robocop and Assault on Precinct 13 anytime as they are bangers.
  6. Impressed how good Feldman is on top as well, despite being a little "small" for heavy
  7. Tough one, I'm going Myles though - do I still get to be Treasurer of the Hamiti Fan Club if I do?
  8. Some good scrambles, Hall out of folkstyle too long and kind of forgot about the danger rule.
  9. Another edge scramble, restart with 14
  10. Low shot hall, scrambled to stalemate
  11. 3-0 Amine after 2, not a ton of action
  12. Shot Hall and Amine gets him on the danger rule, 2-0 Amine after one.
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