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  1. I give you Iran a big advantage of placing higher than the US at 65 :)
  2. Man those upper weights are going to be trouble, keep them away from Americans please.
  3. Good gravy Gwiz was totally helpless there, could not stop from backing up and being pushed out.
  4. It really is the best thread top to bottom on the forums, containing some of the best posters top to bottom on the forums.
  5. Very impressed with Lucas Davidson in a loss, teching Cass once and (EDIT) taking it to three matches. He's going to be giving up size all year but one more hammer at HWT next season
  6. Luke Surber is there, in the quarters
  7. I'm curious why we even sent our Olympians here given the quality level is so low. Don't see what they would get out of this compared to a tournament like Poland, seems like an injury risk for little gain.
  8. REALLY like how Flo now shows who is wrestling and the score on their stream/mat list, separately from Arena. Very handy...
  9. Great breakdown by Bray, thanks for sharing the article @9insoft Man 92kg is stacked, that's quite a top5: Nino Bonaccorsi, Pittsburgh Wrestling Club Rocky Elam, Tiger Style Wrestling Club Benjamin Darmstadt, Spartan Combat RTC Jakob Woodley, Oklahoma RTC Cameron Caffey, Michigan Wrestling Club
  10. LOTS of participation: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7060093-the-u23-field-is-coming-together
  11. Seems like the best way to do it
  12. So what is your "missing weighins" story?
  13. Gantry


    Interesting, what are some of the events they are putting on? Only knew of the event they had during all the covid freestyle senior level events
  14. Maybe he didn't want a volunteer gig (which is I think what BoJo initially took) and there was no spot for a paid job when he retired? Can't remember how that all timed out... But yeah, tOSU going outside the well would make sense but then again this is Logan Steiber so you gotta run with that.
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