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  1. Gabe Dean is really really good, imagine if he stayed with it the last few years.
  2. Definitely Kerk vs a high level guy.
  3. That Dillon vs Waller match IIRC is a big reason why the OT & tiebreaker rules changed, including how they called the stalemates and stalling in rideouts. Though my memory isn't what it used to be...
  4. What's up with Synder again?
  5. Give me O'Toole over Jacques, and even if he loses I think he can move up and beat out Mocco. So he's starting either way this year, assuming a season of course...
  6. He's a top6 AA out of the gate for sure, with zero knowledge of his top and bottom game. Curious if 197 is going to be a tough cut as he's a big boy. He controls the ties so well and nobody gets in on him. Even without step out points the stall edge call will help him for sure in folk.
  7. 8 inch or 5.25? None of that 3.5 inch sorcery I hope, in my house floppies actually flop!
  8. What's the weight allowance? Lots of tough cuts to 65 so I'm thinking they get maybe 3+ kilos?
  9. Here's the list: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6822968-all-rosters-set-for-flowrestling-2020-rtc-cup-pres-by-tmwc-on-dec-4-5
  10. The rumors are pretty strong that Ed Ruth may be joining the NC State team and participate.
  11. What contract did DT sign? It doesn't even make sense that there is a contract as they have no event, agreement, provider, sponsor, etc. Was all just a DT social media joke thing?
  12. Don't forget Deringer, put him at 86 and Amine against Warner. I wouldn't favor Abounader over Warner and I definitely wouldn't say Storr and Lugo are a toss up, but those are nitpicky. Fun matchup/ discussion on paper. And even though I would probably pick Lee if you put a gun to my head there's no way he's a guarantee over a proven senior level guy in Micic - especially if he's getting 2 kilos or whatever.
  13. I was pretty confused why Elam went 92 this weekend, this was 2kg with day before weighins. He just did 86kg at Senior Nationals, which I know also had an allowance. If he didn't want to do 194 for this with a night before weighin that has to be a sign that 184 isn't in the cards for him this year.
  14. Always good to get Macey Kilty on a card, she is a point machine. I thought Brucki was taking the year off for an injury? Regardless of that @nhs67 maybe he's offically no longer part of the NJRTC since he went into the transfer portal? Only a guess...
  15. Definitely, the future is bright. Edmond goes BIG and is a blast to watch, he wasn't even on my radar.
  16. Interesting thanks, don't you have to be an American citizen to wrestle an event like this since you'd be representing the US at worlds?
  17. I never even heard of this guy, what are his credentials?
  18. Regarding Gadsen, at first it seemed like a knee to the groin but on replay that didn't happen. Tweaked it without any direct contact from Moore, and he was in a lot of pain even well after the match ended. I think Ech at 141 is the actual plan after that Henderson match, while obviously quite muscular he isn't all that big - Henderson was noticeably bigger/taller and moved him around the mat. It's what a lot of people have been saying but I didn't believe it until yesterday. Agree about Berger, was really impressed with him. Also handled McKenna, though obviously had a big size advantage there. He's mentally tough as heck, keeps getting better and trains with JB every day. JB finally confirmed what we all knew about his weight - it's REALLY hard for him to get down to 74 and affects his performance. I hope this win (no matter what happens with Dake) gets him back for another cycle or couple years up at 79. Cutting weight sucks, cutting that much weight in your 30s even moreso. Go up, have fun at a non-Olympic weight for a couple years and see where it takes you.
  19. Fun event, one of these every weekend please.
  20. If I had a nickel for every time I was worried about JB after being down in the first.... Always finds a way, that's why he's the legend
  21. And man, I knew Zahid was really really quick but he was as quick as Burroughs despite being bigger and much longer. Really impressive speed from Zahid in the first.
  22. Nobody makes second period adjustments better than JB, like ever.
  23. JB wore him down and figured out his attacks, Zahid needs to know when to stop shooting - I know that's how he's so good but it was killing him in the second when he got tired.
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