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  1. Dake is on record saying he weighed in quite a bit under 79kilos on day two of worlds last year. I'd be willing to bet that JB has a harder time getting down to 74 than Dake does.
  2. Ah OK gotcha thanks, same as usual then with Flo streaming the plus stuff. I didn't realize these were all the televised duals given how many they are airing. Learning how to read to help, but I'm too old to change now.
  3. Is Flo still getting all the BTN matches? I notice they say FOX Sports app now, did they snatch up the rights?
  4. It's subjective, but Lee Kemp doesn't count to me. IMO the spirit of the question is the best guy who wasn't good enough to make the team because someone domestically beat him out. Beating everyone, qualifying for the team and not wrestling because of a boycott isn't the same as losing to someone in the OTTs.
  5. Going back to, you know, Kyle Snyder - here's an interview Andy Hamilton did with Coach Ryan: https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1571100964938&twSessionId=ihpalpvtla&postId=1689960132&fbclid=IwAR11kqpmACA7KQtbi4pSka1-kPKzbNmeVPf2z8H0-WuYC9PYryfsBGZonXU Great read, Ryan forthright while at the same time gracious.
  6. May I ask where you are getting these #s from? Not saying they are wrong but you are acting like it's common knowledge and this is the first most of us have heard of this. I don't remember any articles/discussions about RTC salaries but maybe I missed it.
  7. Look forward to this every year, and you never disappoint. Thank you, and your review probably has me thinking I was likely a little too down on the Illini going into this year. Not a ton of holes, though not a ton of world beaters. Should be a better dual team than tourney...
  8. Right, but they keep doing these lotteries or whatever like they did this week - maybe the third of its kind? I don't know anyone who has actually gotten in and was able to buy wrestling tickets.
  9. That Cosport site was putting you in the queue before it started, then kicking you out, the main page didn't load, etc. And when we tried to get in the minute it started we were thousands of people of ahead of us. Needless to say like the other one we got nowhere. I know there simply are more people who want to go than tickets but there has to be a better way than this god awful Cosport site where you are pretty much doomed from the beginning and have no chance. Let me ask - did anyone actually get wrestling tix via any of these cosport website purchase windows?
  10. Gwiz trains there occasionally as well and is chaired by Cunningham at foreign tourneys from time to time. Ups the NCAA/medal count...
  11. What can some of the gurus and old timers tell us about Cuestas, Stewart and Tom Martucci? Those are the three names on there I don't really know anything about.
  12. Cool idea - one period greco, one period free: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/October/10/Martinez-v-Bey-headlines-Illinois-RTC-card-at-Casino-Night-fundraiser
  13. Do we know he isn't? Last time I read he's still off the team as the investigation isn't officially over.
  14. And crazy to think he wasn't even the starter on his team at the beginning of the year.
  15. A la Maurice Clarett, getting his Goose on!
  16. Nailed it perfectly nerd, good gravy wrestling fans complain about anything. It was a fun exhibition match in an extensive and enjoyable card, something a little different in a laid back event. Flo tried to get Spencer Lee and Iowa compliance shut it down for some reason. Downey and Rodriguez took this on a week's notice and got a little discussion going in non-wrestling circles. Probably not a ton, but who cares?
  17. So Massa has been injured for 2+ years now? Not being a smart alec, legitimate question.
  18. I really think going Decatur at 133 with Pletch at 141 Hayes 149 and Sasso 157 is the best lineup. Sure Pletch at 133, Hayes at 141 and Sasso at 149 all look great on paper but I think all three would really struggle with the weight. Hayes is on record saying 149 is best for him, Pletch looked great at 143 this offseason and Willie mentioned Sasso had issues getting down to 154 on a recent FRL. While the ceiling is highest with them all at lower weights, I think the weight cut would adversely affect all of them by March. Focus on the wrestling and not the weight cutting.
  19. That dude was a straight up moose, how much weight was Downey giving up?
  20. What about the "other" Gomez, from ISU? There were rumors he was going to wrestle for Mexico and he probably can't make 57. He is pretty darn good at free and wrestling and has an unorthodox style. Heck, let's go full tinfoil - Storr of Michigan is Olympic Redshirting. It's Michigan, maybe he shows up for Belize, Suriname or something like that.
  21. I'm pretty sure he certified for 141, which means he weighed over 133 for certifications. That bodes well for a size bump this year. I think Jordan is vying for 184 and not 174 per the tOSU board.
  22. Didn't Dake said in an interview after worlds last year that he weighed in under 79kilos for day two? A lot can change in a year but I don't think 74 is a huge cut compared to the other US wrestlers cutting down.
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