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    Salata is the best, such an awesome personality.
  2. Gantry


    Serrano peppers are underrated, give them a whirl people.
  3. Holy cow , J'Den has NEVER wrestled a Russian in his entire career?
  4. Gantry

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    So you're saying Waters is still in Columbia?
  5. Gantry


    I'm having a brain fart, who was the previous associate HC?
  6. Three sentence article with SIXTY FIVE individual slides to click. Good gravy Yahoo, get it together...
  7. Gantry

    NC State & Wolfpack RTC

    Which coach was that?
  8. Gantry

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Man, losing all three assistants in one off season is tough...
  9. Gantry

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    He worked in 3 years at tOSU as well. And you can't be sure that Leeth wouldn't have transferred in at a weight up. Heck McKenna transferred in AT his weight. Regardless the situation would have been very similar at Mizzou, don't see how that would have been a better fit. Would have spent most of his career outside his ideal weight, and quite possibly two weights outside it like at Ohio State.
  10. Gantry

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    What's his current venture?
  11. Gantry

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    But he would have been in the middle of Eierman and Leeth/Mauler right? I don't see how that would end up any better for him.
  12. That's pretty great, the COUNTRY he's representing is smaller than the college he's representing. I'd love to know how he has citizenship there, a grandparent maybe? With 30K people it's not an easy task to be a descendant of one...
  13. Gantry

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Heck, why not?
  14. Gantry

    Amine-Micic UofM

    And seriously good on you for taking it and not doing what oh too many posters do here - dig in and keep fighting, eventually ruining a thread.
  15. Gantry

    European Games

    Always good to see more posts from a non-American perspective, thanks! Will keep an eye out for Hemmer...
  16. Gantry

    2020 US Open?

    Yep and I'd say a good one. Second day weighin/performance is very important...
  17. Gantry

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    They banned the move after he graduated right?
  18. Gantry

    Amine-Micic UofM

    And can you Olympic shirt twice? Micic has already done it. Probably nothing against it, but I don't think 2 Olympics has never been done before
  19. Will the Pan Ams have true seconds? Since the match against Cuba is almost always the finals regardless of round, that can be critical.
  20. I hated criteria initially but have fully come around on it and prefer it to overtime. That said, even though it changes nothing they should award an extra point after the match is over to make it simpler for casual fans. Similar to the riding point in college - if the match ends in a tie score, award the criteria point after and make that the final score.
  21. I think so too, it's a huge shift for someone his age and size to go from night before weighins for 5 years or whatever to multiple same day. There's a reason why so many people moved up and so many world champs moved up two weights.
  22. Gantry

    Japanese qualifying system

    Then this is officially the worst qualifying system out there. Good gravy, what were they thinking? Heck, I could get behind defending world champs - but bronze? Come on now, we all know that bronzes medals are often very draw heavy. And again in most weights (maybe all) for women's a bronze is a disappointment. It's just plain stupid...
  23. There is no Final X in Olympic years.
  24. Gantry

    Japanese qualifying system

    Does this apply to the women's team? Let's face it - at a couple weights they likely have two best wrestlers in the world and for all but the heaviest weights bronze is a disappointment for them. It's such a bad idea and there's no doubt it won't get them their best team.
  25. Gantry

    Bellarmine University

    Whoa, D1 wrestling in Kentucky! "Field hockey and wrestling will compete in DI with independent status. "