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  1. Word of the street is Zadick got pissed off at one of the staff members for putting yard gnomes in and around the practice area, in the weight room. The damn things started popping up everywhere. The finally straw was when one of the summer campers ask him to wear his pointy hat. As the old saying goes, it was on, time to let the fur fly.
  2. I think they should make Willie wear a rainbow shirt for all broadcast to help the show become more culturally diverse.
  3. You kind of proved a long standing fact... Jersey is New York's landfill.
  4. With the help from the 3 inch binder, Tom is rebranding the Iowa program. They are no longer the rip your eyes out, tough kids on the block because now they are having a blast. After last night's match they are even renaming their mascot. From here on out they are no longer to be known as the Iowa Hawkeyes, but as the Iowa Ducks.
  5. Looks like Mudflap found a vintage bottle of Truth Serum.
  6. Maybe they haven't got the Jersey out of him yet.
  7. The whine is strong in this thread. He got his release. Rules are rules. By the way, I am putting some crying towels up on EBay if you gents are interested.
  8. It never helps to have the rejects that couldn't make it as a middle school refs officiate these matches.
  9. Once a orange, always a orange. Squawkeyes getting ready for nationals by playing Duck, Duck, Goose.
  10. A good get for the Squawks, he should get better at his push, push shove, shove.
  11. Speed Walking, now everyone enjoys a good speed walking commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvpKouRTCx0&feature=youtu.be
  12. How many of you think that Frank's haircut is an advantage to him? It seems like the majority of his matches against international wrestlers gets chippy, and he receives a lot of points from it. Do you think the other wrestlers just want to smack the **** out of him because of the haircut? Seems like the hair gets into their heads.
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